Press Release Examples for Events: 5 Top-Notch Choices

By Harsha

July 18, 2023

Are you part of a company’s PR team and are looking to optimize your press release game? We got you covered, as we’ll give you both a free template and writing tips.

On top of that, we included five excellent examples of top-notch press releases for your events that you can study and use to improve your writing skills.

So keep on reading and start taking notes!

How to Write a Press Release for an Event?

If you have a good command of the language, writing an event press release is relatively easy since you mostly have to follow already established writing norms.

In addition to abiding by certain press release templates and writing rules, you also have to provide the needed information by answering the five Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. That way, every interested party will know everything there is to know.

However, you must ensure all relevant information is provided as soon as possible (in the first paragraph). Include your supporting data, quotes, and extra details in the remaining paragraphs, which should use direct language and not extend beyond one page.

After properly writing and formatting the press release (which we go over below), consider adding visuals and finding the right media outlets to cover your event.

Event Press Release Free Template

When crafting a press release for an event, PR managers are advised to follow a conventional press release template that includes certain common elements, such as:

  • Company logo—usually placed near the top, the logo is important for boosting your brand recognition, credibility, and professionalism; moreover, it conveys your brand’s character and style
  • Contact information—you must include the company name, the contact representative name, and their phone number and email address;
  • “For immediate release”—they often include the following wording “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” followed by the actual release date;
  • Headline and sub-headline—concise, clear, and direct headline, plus a subhead beneath it providing a bit more extra information;
  • Dateline and intro—you should start the first paragraph with the location of the press release source before continuing with answering the main questions, i.e., who organizes the event in question and where and when it’s taking place; you should also write a few words about the goals and community benefits of the event;
  • Paragraphs with extra details—once you provide the above information, you can also write a bit more about the event to generate a buzz, such as the event program, the catering, or even whether celebrities are expected to join;
  • Spokesperson quote and statistics—if available, you should include direct quotes from the main stakeholders and provide up-to-date statistics regarding the event and its focus to build the brand’s trustworthiness further;
  • Boilerplate message—provide a short bio about the company, when it was established, its mission, and current operations.

Try to cover all the elements listed above to ensure your message is impactful and grabs the attention of as many attendees and other interested parties as possible. 

Tips for Writing a Press Release for Your Event

Even if you closely follow our event press release template, making the right impact is not guaranteed since you must also keep track of the things covered below.

1. Identify Your Target Audience 

You must first determine your target audience and the ideal attendee. By doing so, you will be able to create an appealing press release that will capture greater interest. After all, your goal is to tailor your text to the preferences and interests of your target audience.

Note: Pay special attention to your audience’s demographics, including age, gender, and location, to gain information about what might interest them.

2. Follow the Format Closely

The template outlined above is more than a simple guide since the entire industry and the media abide by that or a similar format. On top of that, the template will help you fill out the press release quicker since it breaks it down into manageable sections. PR managers only have to provide the necessary information when required.

3. Check the Story Angle

While you know why the news you are revealing is interesting and worthy to be shared, you must frame the story from the right angle so your audience finds it thrilling as well. For example, you must show how your event will help solve certain issues the community encounters or offer your audience an alternative to what’s already out there.

4. Avoid Flowery Writing 

Facts, figures, and direct quotes should be the most important elements of your press release. Flowery, descriptive language only adds to the text length and makes it harder for your readers to get the information they need or want immediately. Also, stick with using active instead of passive language as it conveys directness and urgency better.

Event Press Release Examples

You can create press releases for different types of events. Below, we shared various event press release examples that you can review to understand the standard outline and get an idea of what the perfect press release must include to make an impact.

1. Charity Event Press Release Example

First, we’ll cover a press release for a charity event organized by Dynamic Marketing Inc with the title: “Dynamic Marketing Inc Announces Charity Event at East Windsor Bowl in Support of Kids’ Chance”, which aims to improve children’s lives in the community.

Charity Event Press Release Example

The headline is the first thing that stands out in this charity event press release as it provides a complete picture of the event without being too long. After all, it succinctly summarizes who’s involved (Dynamic Marketing Inc), what the purpose of the event is (charity), where it will be held (East Windsor Bowl), and who benefits (kids).

The first paragraph elaborates with extra details, such as the type of business holding the event, the date it takes place, and the ultimate goal. Then, after a few paragraphs detailing the brand’s history and the reasons for the event, we are offered a quote from the company’s Executive Director, who emphasizes their commitment to the event.

Toward the bottom of the press release, we find a call to action inviting everyone to join forces and donate to help kids in need before ending with a few boilerplate messages about the company, the non-profit organization, and the media contact person.

2. Fundraising Event Press Release Example

Let’s look at a similar fundraising event with the name “Sankofa Reproductive Health & Healing Center hosting a fundraising event Friday evening” organized by the aforementioned center with the goal of highlighting maternal deaths.

Fundraising Event Press Release Example

Straight away, we can notice several differences. First, the press release is quite a bit shorter and does not include certain elements found in the one before, and second, the title is subpar since it does not tell us anything about the goal and location of the event.

Then, in the first two paragraphs, we are introduced to the host of the fundraiser, the goal of the event, and the causes that led to the need to hold such an event.

In the final two paragraphs, we first get the exact time of the fundraiser and what it exactly entails. In this case, guests enjoyed a live musical performance, a fine dinner, and a wine bar. Plus, an auction to raise money by allowing the guests to bid.

3. Post-Event Press Release Example

Some companies also have reporters publish post-event press releases to cover recent events. For instance, after Apple talked about the iPhone 14, an article titled “Apple unveils iPhone 14 with emergency satellite messaging, Ultra watch” covered it in detail.


The main purpose of any post-event press release is to summarize the main reveals during the occasion and provide the details the public needs, as well as a few quotes from important stakeholders. This press release example shows how to do that well!

After a couple of initial paragraphs introducing us to the matter at hand—the launch of the new gadgets—we are provided with details about the product, including its price, specifications, and how it is expected to work in a variety of situations.

Near the end, we are also informed about the current state of Apple’s stock and how the unveiling is expected to affect it.

4. Pre-Event Press Release Example

Now, let’s look at a great pre-event press release, i.e., the classic press release brands publish to inform the public of an upcoming happening. Titled: “Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday concerts getting a theatrical release”, this press release hooks us from the get-go.

Pre-Event Press Release Example

The headline for this press release is perfect: reveals the main actor and what he’s planning to do in the near future. In this case, Willie Nelson will have his 90th birthday concert that took place in Los Angeles released theatrically in a limited run.

In the second paragraph, we get the details of the event titled “Long Story Short: Willie Nelson 90”, including the exact date and what we’ll expect to see—performances from Nelson and other acclaimed artists, such as Neil Young, Snoop Dogg, and more.

After another paragraph describing part of Nelson’s storied career, we get information about where the film will be shown and where and when customers can get tickets.

5. Conference Press Release Example

Last but not least, let’s take a look at a conference press release with the title “Historic UN conference marks watershed moment to tackle global water crisis and ensure water-secure future”. Read on as the UN shows us how to get it done.

Conference Press Release Example

The headline immediately describes the main topic of the conference: provide a future in which everyone has access to clean, drinkable water. Then, the first paragraph tells us the location, date, and results—an agreement to advance the agenda.

The second paragraph is just as important since we get details on the conference participants (10,000 individuals), the hosts (Netherlands and Tajikistan), and the profiles that were present, everyone from world leaders to young people and scientists.

Then the report goes over the actions that will be undertaken to reach the goals and an explanation as to why clean water is a basic need and right for every single human being on the planet—supported by statistical evidence.

Near the end, we have valuable quotes from important stakeholders before we read through a snapshot of the main commitments made during the conference. Typically, the press release ends with links to the relevant authorities and their contact information.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these five first-rate press releases and our brief guide on how to write one will help you craft an informative and compelling press release for your current and all future events. In any case, remember to be concise and tailor the announcement to your audience. Then, find a quality distribution service to maximize your impact. Good luck!

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