Are Press Releases Still Relevant in 2024?

By Bojan Jovanovic

February 6, 2024

In this digital age of social media and viral content, you may wonder: “Are press releases still relevant in 2023?” The answer is: yes! Well-crafted press releases come with many benefits, including better reach, brand recognition, credibility, and increased traffic.

Keep on reading as we go over five important reasons why press releases still hold value in generating buzz, capturing attention, and conveying your messaging.

5 Reasons the Press Release Still Matters

So why are press releases still worth it in this fast-paced digital environment? From building credibility, as they are released by businesses themselves, to managing PR nightmares and boosting your SEO, you’ll learn why press releases still matter below.

1. They provide better brand exposure

The main benefit of press releases is the reach and brand exposure they offer to companies looking to improve their image and tap into new markets and audiences. 

After all, they are typically distributed by wide-reaching news release services across various channels, from social media and search engines to other relevant sites.

When published on reputable news pages, they can be seen by potential customers, investors, industry experts, and other interested parties, and they may even be shared by these key actors, which further helps your organic traffic grow and boost your profits.

2. They boost your credibility and media coverage

Instead of trusting third-party reports, customers, the media, and stakeholders wait for companies to publish an official press release. After all, no person or organization can speak about a certain product or service better than the company that develops it.

Concise, transparent, and informative news releases help businesses build their authority and credibility in their field of expertise. Then, because of their trustworthiness, media outlets will start relying on your press releases as a trusted source of information, lending further popularity to your brand and building trust among your target audience.

If you continue issuing highly informative and credible press releases, you can position your brand as an industry thought leader and expert. By sharing insights, research findings, or innovations through press releases, you can establish your organization as a go-to source for industry-related information and enhance your reputation.

3. They help your SEO efforts

Press releases can enhance your website’s SEO initiatives since they are the perfect PR tool for incorporating relevant keywords and backlinks in your press releases, thus improving your search engine rankings and increasing organic traffic to your website.

Once optimized with up-to-date SEO practices, press releases will help search engines find, index, and rank all your previous and subsequent content, which in turn will put your website front and center near the top of the SERPs—there’s no better way to find and attract new customers. That said, never overdo it with keywords and links!

4. They are very cost-effective

There’s no reason to worry about your budget if you are considering putting out press releases since they are extremely cost-effective. You only need a well-written short statement that follows the 5 Ws of journalism and a press release distributor.

Most distribution services charge a minor monthly fee to get your press releases in front of as many people and sites as possible. Best of all, they even offer writing and editing services that help you compose the perfect and SEO-optimized press release.

Additionally, they will continue providing long-term benefits as they remain accessible online—they’ll keep on providing visibility for your operations and generating organic traffic. In contrast, traditional advertising requires continual investments.

5. They can manage PR crises

Perhaps one of the best-known uses of press releases is managing PR crises. Professionally written press releases successfully address and resolve any public smearing campaigns, inaccuracies, scandals, or other issues about businesses and their dealings.

Public relations managers utilize press releases to take control of the narrative, provide the actual facts and evidence, and prove the truth behind events. That way, they can manage the public’s perception and retain a positive image during challenging times. Also, they have an opportunity to reveal the steps they’ll undertake to rectify the situation.

Wrapping Up!

Why press releases are important

Despite the rapid evolution of digital media and multichannel communications strategies, the press release remains essential for sharing news and announcements with the public. After all, businesses only boost their credibility and relevance by putting out clear, concise, and informative messages that can be shared and quoted by journalists, bloggers, and other media professionals—an approach that results in boosted reach and visitor numbers.

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