Writing a New Website Press Release: Template & Examples

By Milos Djurovic

July 20, 2023

Press releases are a powerful PR tool used to inform your customers about anything important related to your company and the products and services you offer.

For instance, when launching a new website, a press release will help you spread the word and get all your customers on board as soon as possible.

Find out how to write one, and check out several examples below.

Why Should You Put Out Press Releases?

If you deliver the right press release at the right time, you’ll be able to reap several benefits. For instance, in addition to drawing attention to your products, services, or company changes, you’ll also generate a boost to your brand awareness. In turn, you’ll establish relationships with similar businesses and increase your web traffic.

When it comes to launching websites, the SEO benefits are profound: you’ll start generating backlinks as your press release is shared across news platforms, you’ll improve your rankings, your organic traffic will grow, and you’ll build your online identity.

New Website Launch Template

Press releases follow a certain template, regardless of why and where they are used. For instance, your new website press releases must contain these elements:

  • Headline and subheading—you only have a few words to be as informative, engaging, and SEO-friendly as you can; headlines are meant to capture readers’ attention and invite them to read your text, and to help them make that decision, you can further elaborate in the longer subheading found beneath the main title;
  • Dateline—the first thing you should put down after the title is the dateline, which is a brief phrase identifying the location, date, and time of the press release;
  • Introduction—the very first paragraph should give readers an overview of the product launch and answer all important questions, including the person or organization responsible for the launch and the date when it goes live;
  • Subsequent paragraphs—after the intro, you should provide further details about the launch in the following couple of paragraphs; in this specific case, you can talk about the goal of the new design and the benefits it will offer visitors;
  • Stakeholder quotes—quotes by the key actors involved in the release are an excellent addition; the company leaders, product designers, or PR managers can add further credibility to the launch by sharing their thoughts;
  • Conclusion & CTA—at the end, you can summarize the relevant information and build anticipation for the product by introducing a call to action;
  • Boilerplate & contact details—beneath the main paragraphs, you should add your company boilerplate, i.e., a few standardized lines describing your business and operations; then, finalize the entire thing with your contact details.

While you should include most of these sections in your press releases, you can modify and rearrange them to fit the style of your organization and the news you are releasing.

Website Launch Press Release Examples

Still unsure how to put all these elements into a coherent press release? Check out the following three examples to draw inspiration and generate the necessary buzz.

1. New Watermelon Website Launch

This press release written for the launch of Watermelon.org is a great example of the kind of text PR managers need to put out when releasing a refreshed product.

The heading is brief, informative, and accompanied by a highly engaging subtitle, including action verbs like “reformatted”. On top of that, the introduction ticks all the boxes since it highlights the reason for launching a new site and the launch date.

The post then swiftly moves on to the benefits of the website written in bulleted lines—a great way to offer information in a press release without making it too lengthy. The release also includes statistics and efficiently conveys the website’s objective.

2. South’s Redesigned Website Launch

Press Release Example 2

Now, let’s look at a more graphically-rich press release that not only tells us what was changed but also shows us via rich images accompanied by tags.

After the introductory paragraph, in which we are informed about the release date and the collaborative effort it took to redesign the website, we get to read about all the changes that were done over the course of a single year.

The content is engaging, informative, and clear and would have served its purpose even without the attached graphics showing the updates. You immediately get an insight into the purpose of the changes and the evolution of the home page and the students’ landing page.

After listing all these updates, the press release concludes with a call to action that invites readers to share their questions and comments via a feedback form.

3. New Tekra Website Launch

Press Release Example 3

For our final example, we’re showing you a press release written by Tekra’s PR team with the goal of informing the public about the launch of their new website.

While shorter than the other two, this press release does a good job of conveying all relevant information, starting from the news source and the goal of the redesign.

The phrases we are introduced with at the start include ‘a user-friendly experience’ and ‘improved navigation and functionality’, which testify to the goal to make the new website approachable, richer, and accessible. Then, we get a glimpse into the different features added to the site and how they’ll improve the overall user experience.

The last two paragraphs give us additional context and information regarding the brand’s motivations to redesign its existing site, which prevented easy access to the company’s full product portfolio. Now, you can also find all products offered by vendor partners.

Lastly, we end on a single-line call to action that invites you to see the new site.


Crafting a high-quality press release for your website is critical to its success and exposure. If you are new to the PR game, you can utilize the above template to provide as much information as possible. Then, you’ll only have to find a reputable and all-reaching press release distribution site to get your news in front of as many stakeholders and journalists as possible.


How long should a website launch press release be?

Like most press releases, you need to keep yours no longer than one page and stick to the facts. That way, you’ll entice readers to read it thoroughly.

When to launch a website launch press release?

Naturally, the best time to write and publish a new site press release is after the new website design is complete and your company is about to launch the new URL. However, you should still release the news a couple of weeks before the site goes live.

How to write a new website launch press release?

Here’s a brief step-by-step instruction on how to write a press release:

  1. Come up with a compelling headline;
  2. Write an informative introduction highlighting the launch date;
  3. Create a well-structured body explaining the goals and benefits of the website;
  4. End with a mention of your contact details.
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