4 Press Release Examples for Students [Template & Tips]

By Milos Djurovic

July 20, 2023

Writing a press release targeting students is a great strategy for delivering important news about events, initiatives, faculty changes, and other happenings that affect them.

But how do you write one? Do you follow the same guidelines as other press releases? The answer is: more or less, yes. Keep on reading as we show you a few examples. Moreover, we’ll provide you with a handy template to up your press release game.

Why Use Press Releases for Students?

Press releases are a powerful tool to engage students, inform them about relevant updates, and encourage their involvement in various activities. Moreover, they announce new programs, highlight students’ achievements, and share opportunities for growth and learning.

Press releases tailored to students can effectively capture their attention, generate interest in faculty-organized events, and motivate them to do better in class.

Student Press Release Template 

So, what are the elements of a press release for students? They are the same as any other general press release, really. You will typically have to include the following:

[Your Name] [Your Title/Position] [Your School/Organization Name] [Your Contact Information]
[City, State] – [School/Organization Name] is pleased to announce [the event or news being announced in the press release]. This exciting development is a testament to our commitment to [core concept or objective], and it will greatly benefit [target audience or beneficiaries]. [Include a captivating sentence or two that grabs the reader’s attention and entices them to continue reading.]
Expansion of Information
[Provide further details about the event or news mentioned in the introduction. Elaborate on the background, purpose, significance, and any additional relevant information. Use this section to engage the reader and provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.]
Core Concept
[Highlight the core concept or objective behind the announcement. Clearly explain why this development is important, how it aligns with the school’s or organization’s mission, and how it contributes to the overall goals. Emphasize the value and impact it will have on the target audience or beneficiaries.]
[Include quotes from important individuals related to the announcement. These could be key stakeholders, experts, school officials, or any relevant figures who can provide valuable insights or perspectives. Quotes should be concise, impactful, and supportive of the core concept being discussed.]
“[Insert quote here.]” – [Name, Title/Position]
“[Insert quote here.]” – [Name, Title/Position]
[Summarize the key points discussed in the press release. Reiterate the significance of the announcement and its potential benefits. Provide any important dates, deadlines, or calls to action for the reader. Encourage the reader to engage, participate, or seek further information.]
About [School/Organization Name]
[Provide a brief overview of your school or organization. Highlight its mission, values, notable achievements, and any relevant background information. Include key statistics or accolades that showcase the school’s or organization’s credibility and expertise.]
[Optional: Include a paragraph with general information about your school or organization, such as its founding date, location, notable alumni, etc.]
For media inquiries or additional information, please contact:
[Your Name] [Your Title/Position] [Phone Number] [Email Address] [Website URL]

Note: This template is a general guide, so you should modify it (if necessary) to fit the style guidelines of your organization and the event you are announcing.

Tips for Writing Press Releases for Students

In addition to studying the above free template, press release writers should also consider the following tips and tricks to make the most out of their publications:

  • Keep it concise—students are some of the busiest individuals out there, and their attention span is reserved for their studies; therefore, it’s crucial to keep the press release short and to the point (don’t exceed a single page);
  • Keep it direct—use clear and straightforward language to communicate the key message; excessive jargon or complex terminology confuses readers;
  • Use small paragraphs—breaking the content into small paragraphs makes it easier for students to read and digest the information; each paragraph should focus on a single point or idea, making the text more scannable and engaging;
  • Build credibility—if possible, include supporting information such as data, statistics, or quotes from credible sources, which ultimately helps the text’s credibility and adds weight to the information presented in the press release;
  • Craft a compelling headline—the headline is the first thing readers see, so it needs to be attention-grabbing and clearly convey the main message of the press release; make it concise, intriguing, and relevant to the target audience;
  • Simplify the core angle—students are more likely to engage with a press release if the core angle or message is understandable and relatable; simplify complex concepts or initiatives into clear terms that resonate with your audience.

By following these tips, you can craft a press release that effectively captures the attention of students, communicates the desired message, and helps them on their journey.

Press Release Examples for Students

What should a good press release look like, then? Below, we list and analyze four separate press releases informing students of certain pressing issues. Read on!

1. U.S. Department of Education Report Release

image source

The U.S. Department of Education PR team sure knows how to release a well-written and detailed press release that covers all important topics and uses clear and direct writing. Also, it effectively communicates two key pieces of information that are relevant and significant to students and the education community.

Firstly, the press release reveals a report on state school diversity—a topic that directly affects students of all races, as they are the ones in this educational environment. The report provides insights into the current state of diversity in schools and sheds light on the importance of fostering inclusive and equitable learning environments. The press release captures students’ attention by addressing an issue impacting them.

Secondly, the press release announces a new grant opportunity launched in an effort to create more socioeconomically diverse schools. Innovative local efforts that can achieve those goals will be accepted for the program. 

This opportunity may prove extremely valuable for educational institutions seeking to promote diversity and inclusion, thus creating a positive impact on the experiences of their students as they’ll be placed in an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Overall, the press release effectively targets students by addressing topics that directly affect them. By doing so, it engages and empowers them, making it a good example for a press release tailored to their interests and concerns.

2. NAF Partners with Next Gen Personal Finance

image source

This press release announces the partnership between the non-profit NAF (National Academy Foundation) and Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) to increase access to personal finance education for students from underdeveloped communities.

Firstly, the press release clearly communicates the collaboration between two prominent organizations, NAF and NGPF, highlighting their shared goal of expanding access to personal finance education. The partnership itself is significant, as it serves an important need in students’ education: to equip them with essential financial literacy skills.

The press release effectively outlines the purpose and objectives of the partnership, emphasizing the benefits it will bring to students and educators. It explains how the collaboration will provide resources, curriculum integration support, and professional development opportunities to NAF academies and their students, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful approach to personal finance education.

Additionally, the press release includes quotes from key individuals, such as NAF’s CEO and Next Gen Personal Finance’s founder, thus lending credibility and providing firsthand perspectives on the importance of the partnership.

All in all, this press release effectively communicates a valuable collaboration aimed at enhancing personal finance education for everyone. It highlights the significance of the partnership, provides relevant details, and includes authoritative quotes, making it a good example of a well-constructed press release.

3. Work-Based Learning Report

Titled “Work-Based Learning: Critical Infrastructure for a Future-Ready Workforce”, this press release talks about the release of NAF’s latest policy paper with the same name.

The goal of the publication was to examine the impact of work-based learning programs on the development of students and to identify the corresponding pitfalls and opportunities—it effectively highlights the importance of work-based learning as a critical educational component that helps develop a capable workforce that is prepared for the future.

In subsequent paragraphs, the release also offers a quote by Tiffany Barfield, a NAF Senior Director, who provides a glimpse into the thought processes behind the organization’s efforts to explore and promote work-based learning initiatives.

In summary, this press release offers a succinct and compelling overview of the topic concluding with the statement that schools and districts will have to develop a strong foundation upon which students will be able to improve their skills and employability.

4. Lenovo and NAF Announcement

Last but not least, we’ll look at yet another NAF press release (they do write good releases, right?) that covered a 2021 announcement that took place during the NAF Next virtual conference. The announcement in question praised the winning team of the “Fan Favorite” competition, during which participants had to create a mobile app.

The press release also elaborates on the organizer of the competition, i.e., the Lenovo Scholar Network, and the design and aim of the winning app. Called “Destigmatizing Healthcare”, this innovative app was created to provide a bounty of information on sexual and mental health to students from all backgrounds, plus resources to further their research.

We are also informed the winning team was awarded state-of-the-art Lenovo products to help them on their quest to provide tech solutions for their wider community.

The press release highlights the collaboration’s significance between Lenovo and NAF to promote interest in various STEM subjects among students from lower-class communities and enable them to succeed academically and professionally.

Near the end, we are also introduced to the remaining contenders and their apps, all of which were trying to help users in their quest to find the information they need. To wrap up the release, NAF provides a couple of quotes from Lisa Dughi as well—NAF’s CEO.

The press release is concise, engaging, and focuses on an exciting initiative that involves students, technology, and community participation. Overall, it effectively conveys the partnership’s objectives and invites engagement from the audience.

Bottom Line

Impactful, timely, and informative press releases help students understand the latest happenings in their university surroundings and direct their time and efforts to get the most out of their studies. By understanding the key components outlined above and following the provided examples, PR managers will help students reach these goals, which will undoubtedly unlock more opportunities and experiences for students in the near future.

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