What Should Be Included in a Press Release for a Product Launch?

By Bojan Jovanovic

July 20, 2023

When launching a new product, one of the best things companies could do is write and publish a press release containing all information about the product and the launch.

So what should be included in a press release for a product launch? Why do brands even have to craft them? We answer these questions and list some examples below.

Keep reading to get all the deets!

Why Are Product Launch Press Releases Important?

Press releases are a strategic communication tool that generates excitement, builds anticipation, and garners media coverage. They effectively convey key information about the product, its features, benefits, and availability, plus provide the following:

  • Product buzz and awareness—a well-crafted press release creates a buzz around the new product, attracting the attention of journalists, influencers, and potential customers, thus generating awareness and excitement for the launch;
  • Increased brand credibility—a press release lends credibility and legitimacy to the product launch; by providing accurate and relevant information, it positions the company as an industry leader and builds trust among the target audience;
  • Media coverage and publicity—a compelling press release increases the likelihood of wide media coverage and can lead to interviews, reviews, and feature articles, amplifying the reach and visibility of the product; after all, journalists and media outlets often rely on press releases as a source of news;
  • Changed customer perception—a press release allows the company to control the narrative surrounding the product launch; highlighting the unique features, benefits, and value proposition influences the perception among target consumers;
  • Improved SEO and online presence—press releases boost any brand’s SEO efforts; when distributed through online channels, press releases can generate backlinks, improve rankings, and drive organic traffic.

As you can see, you can achieve a lot with minimal effort and expense! So never neglect the impact of a well-written press release for company announcements.

Product Launch Press Release Template

The elements to include in your product launch press release are the following:

1. Company Logo

Include the company’s logo at the top of the press release for branding purposes—it should be large enough, clear, visible, and aligned with the company’s visual identity.

2. Headline & Subheading

Your headline should be concise, grab readers’ attention, and convey the essence of the launch—for additional context, you can also write a subheading beneath it.

3. Dateline

Before getting into the first paragraph, press releases must include the dateline, which is a brief phrase containing the location, date, and time of the news source—this information helps establish the timeliness and relevance of the announcement.

4. Introduction: Product Launch Announcement

The intro is continued right after the dateline (in the same line) and answers all the main questions regarding the product release, including who is behind the launch, what the product is, when and where the event takes place, and why this product is launching.

5. Importance of the Launch

In the subsequent paragraph, PR writers often talk about the impact of the launch on the company’s consumer base. They talk about how the product will address specific needs and problems and be an upgrade to other similar products or services.

6. Product Features, Benefits, and Availability

Reserve one paragraph in which you’ll summarize the features and benefits of the product or service and the timeframe after which it’ll become available for purchase. If applicable, mention any pre-order options or exclusive deals to create a sense of urgency.

7. Quotes and Additional Info

Mention related partnerships, collaborations, or upcoming events connected to the product. Also, don’t forget to add quotes from important stakeholders that speak to the product’s quality and effectiveness, thus adding credibility to it and the company launching it.

8. Conclusion & Call to Action

Summarize the information provided and stress the key elements of the product launch and how it benefits customers. Also, add a brief call to action to motivate readers to check out the product or service when it finally launches.

9. Boilerplate & Contact Info

Finalize your press release with a short, standardized paragraph describing your company and its dealings at a high level; also, add the company name, representative name, phone number, and email address at the very end for contact purposes.

Product Launch Press Release Examples

Want to see how all these elements come together in a press release? Check out these handpicked examples to find inspiration when writing your news releases.

1. Apple M2 Chip Product Launch

Apple might have the best press release game in town, as evidenced by one of their recent releases covering the unveiling of their M2 chip, in which the brand highlights the product’s exceptional performance, capabilities, and applicability.

From start to finish, the press release focuses on the SoC’s (System on a Chip) key features and advancements over the previous generation chip, thus positioning it as a significant breakthrough in the tech industry. For instance, the main areas of improvement mentioned include speed, power efficiency, and AI process.

The release includes quotes from Apple executives, emphasizing their excitement about the M2 chip and its potential to elevate user experiences across various products. It also mentions the integration of the M2 chip in upcoming devices, though specific details may vary depending on the time of the announcement and the release of new products.

Readers can also find graphs supporting Apple’s claims, as well as information about other Apple innovative technologies that will complement this product. All in all, this news release showcases Apple’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries and enhancing user experiences with its innovative hardware solutions.

2. Tesla Model X Electric SUV Launch

Tesla offered a more succinct press release after unveiling the Model X—their first all-electric SUV near the end of 2015. Unlike Apple’s approach, Tesla only briefly talked about its features, expected price, and the customer base it aims to reach.

By relying on quotes from important stakeholders, such as CEO Elon Musk, the press release strived to provide a credible and informative report on Tesla’s newest innovation. Furthermore, it highlighted the vehicle’s unique design elements, such as the falcon-wing doors and panoramic windshield, designed to contribute to its futuristic and distinctive appearance.

The press release then proceeded to talk about the company’s goal of attracting more women to the brand and the price at which customers were able to purchase it before offering a snippet of their future plans to release a cheaper alternative.

Furthermore, we read about the Model X’s impressive performance capabilities, including its acceleration and range, and features like Tesla’s Autopilot system and advanced safety technologies. Finally, the press release covered the SUV’s interior, highlighting its spaciousness, customizable seating options, and advanced infotainment system.

Finally, we got three brief paragraphs talking about the future sales forecasts and the brand’s plans until 2020, one of which was to introduce a new car.

3. Converse Limited-Edition Capsule Collection Launch

Nike is another company that efficiently uses press releases to stir interest in its products. In this instance, we read about the latest innovation released by Nike’s subsidiary Converse, a limited edition collection created in collaboration with Liverpool FC. The goal is for these brands to get access to their respective markets, thus boosting each other’s reach and impact. 

The collection is described as having nine pieces contained in a so-called lifestyle capsule, which is meant to celebrate the diversity among Liverpool’s fans. Some of the items contained in the capsule are Chuck 70s, a varsity jacket, Run Star Hikes, a tracksuit, etc.

By bridging together the iconic style of Converse with Liverpool FC’s rich football history, Converse is alluding to the city as a whole and its accepting fans—the majority of them are from different backgrounds, and yet they are joined together by their love for Liverpool.

Near the end, we are offered a quote by LFC defender Andy Robertson who says that Liverpool FC is open to absolutely everyone and the club wanted to show their fans that.

The last two paragraphs include both Converse’s boilerplate, details about the capsule’s release date and location, and a very brief call to action to visit Converse’s site.

4. Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch

Let’s look at another tech giant’s press releases. In this case, we got Samsung—Apple’s main competitor in the mobile phone sphere. And similar to Apple’s reveal we talked about, Samsung also published a press release about the launching of an innovative product—the Galaxy Fold, a new breed of a mobile device that fuses the smartphone with a tablet.

After the introductory paragraph covering the product’s specs and purposes, we are immediately given a quote by the CEO of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Division. DJ Koh proudly hails his team’s efforts to innovate in a space that has not seen innovation in a long time, ultimately creating a new device that unlocks new possibilities.

Then, we are given a run-through of the innovative new design language Samsung used to create this phablet, including new display materials, a hinging mechanism, and new design elements, before being introduced to the various software novelties. The release emphasizes the immersive viewing experience, multi-tasking capabilities, and seamless transitions between different screen sizes.

Near the end, we get a summary of what this new device can do before reading a very detailed product specifications list, which will satiate the curiosity of any tech connoisseur.

5. Coca-Cola New Bottle Launch

Last but not least, let’s see how Coca-Cola does press releases. Spoiler alert: it does them very well. After all, it’s a 19th-century company that has mastered the art of PR.

One of their recent press releases discussed the introduction of a new prototype Coca-Cola bottle made entirely from plant-based sources, highlighting the company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental footprint.

The press release also touches upon Coca-Cola’s future goal of net zero carbon by 2050, which is the main driving factor in innovating its packaging. That same paragraph also elaborates on the company’s partnerships necessary to reach those goals.

We learn that the bottle is made from renewable materials derived from plants, such as sugarcane and other plant waste, and that Coca-Cola aims to create a fully recyclable bottle that reduces reliance on traditional fossil fuel-based materials.

The release emphasizes the company’s dedication to sustainable packaging solutions and mentions its ambitious goals to use more recycled materials, reduce packaging waste, and support a circular economy.

Bottom Line

Congratulations! Now you know how to craft the perfect product launch press release that will undoubtedly garner the right attention from both the media and the general public. Just remember to follow our guide, keep your release within a single page, and answer all important questions first before providing additional information and quotes. Finally, find a press release distribution service with the best reach and wait to reap the benefits.

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