How to Write a Restaurant Opening Press Release in 2024?

By Ana Mladenovic

February 6, 2024

Are you about to open an exciting new restaurant and are looking for the best way to spread the word? Crafting an informative and detailed press release is the way to go!

Below, we tell you exactly what a good press release contains, list several tips and tricks for making the most of it, and explain the benefits it provides.

Let’s get cooking!

Restaurant Opening Press Release Template

Since press releases are official and factual statements issued to inform the public and stakeholders on particular matters regarding a company, they tend to follow a certain template. So let’s check out all the elements of a good restaurant opening press release:

  • Easy-to-spot logo—placed on top of the page, your restaurant logo must be front and center as it’s an integral part of your brand identity; furthermore, it lends a professional touch and speaks volumes about the brand’s character and style;
  • Contact information—before getting into the press release, you must also provide your company name and contact information (email and phone numbers);
  • Headline and sub-headline—you must include a short headline and, preferably, a short sentence underneath it to emphasize and summarize the release; the main headline should be short, catchy, and engaging so it’s not overlooked; 
  • Dateline—the first line of news releases indicates the location (city and state/country) and the date of the press release or news source, which helps all parties to pay attention and identifies the relevance and timeliness of your story;
  • Intro—immediately after the dateline, continue with the introductory paragraph (a couple of sentences) that sums up your news; in this case, the name and location of your newly-established restaurant, the cuisine you’re serving, the opening date, and your professional background to instill credibility in your establishment;
  • Several body paragraphs—after the first few lines, you have a chance to elaborate on your restaurant’s menu, provide information about any special offers and attractions, and further entice potential customers to dine there;
  • Press release quote—direct quotes from the owner, manager, chefs, or food critics lend further trustworthiness about a place of business and its offering;
  • Mission statement—you shouldn’t also forget the mission statement, which should describe the restaurant’s overall goals, how it stands out from the rest, how it contributes to the community, and what it expects to achieve;
  • Call to Action (CTA)—the last step is your open invitation to all potential customers to visit your restaurant and fully experience its cuisine and ambiance; you can also provide a link to your website so customers can explore the menu.

These vital components will ensure your press release is impactful and grabs the right kind of attention. Moreover, it should conclude with a final note that reemphasizes your unique offerings and provides contact information for those seeking additional details, which is an effective call to action for journalists, influencers, and potential customers.

Tips on Writing a Good Restaurant Press Release

Crafting a compelling restaurant press release requires careful attention to detail, in addition to the strategic approach you would apply by following the above template.

For instance, the first thing to remember is the text length since you want your press release to be informative, engaging, and, most importantly, concise. If you can’t fit everything on a single page, you must take a closer look and cut insignificant portions.

Then, you should also take care to use an active instead of a passive voice. When delivering your messaging this way, you increase your chances of engaging the reader and creating a sense of immediacy that the passive voice often lacks.

You should also decide on the language tone you will be using, which should echo your branding. For example, a playful tone works better when opening a family-friendly diner, but fine-dining establishments require a more professional tone.

Last but not least, honesty is the best policy. In this sense, you should always be open about the goals of your business, what you hope to achieve, and how you expect to change people’s lives in your community. Then, you should stay true to your word.

Restaurant Opening Press Release Examples

Now, let’s look at some excellent examples of press releases that grabbed the media’s attention and generated buzz around restaurant openings. By analyzing them, you will gain insights into the strategies they employ to stand out in a competitive market.

1. Belgian Beer Café

How to Write a Restaurant Opening Press Release?

The press release for the Belgian Beer Café grand opening in Dubai effectively employs storytelling and detailed descriptions to capture the reader’s imagination. Immediately, it paints a vivid picture of the unique atmosphere and experience patrons can expect, alluding to the romance and charm of 18th-century Belgian bars. The press release also underscores the authenticity of the dining experience by describing its tantalizing menu, which includes an array of Belgian dishes and boasts an impressive selection of Belgian beers.

Additionally, the communication has a palpable passion, reflecting the restaurant’s dedication to honoring Belgian history, culture, and culinary delights. The call to action at the end of the release encourages potential guests to explore further, providing a clear pathway for engagement. This press release stands out by creatively turning a restaurant opening into an immersive, time-travel experience that entices the senses.

On the other hand, the press release does lack certain elements that we outlined above, such as the company logo, contact information, or even a quote. On top of that, the press release is lengthier than needed, which may cause readers to skip it.

2. Toshi

Restaurant Opening Press Release Example 2

Unlike the Belgian Beer Café, Toshi’s press release describes a high-class dining experience for Dubai residents and visitors looking to try Pan-Asian cuisine. That said, it mimics the previous press release in terms of the language tone, text length, and its power to invoke vivid images of the delicacies offered by the different Asian peoples.

After the enthusiastic announcement of Toshi’s opening, the press release eloquently describes what the restaurant offers to everyone, from single diners and couples to business people and large families, all of who can embark on a culinary journey across a range of Asian cuisines, from Chinese and Vietnamese to Japanese and Thai foods.

Moreover, it paints enticing images of its all-you-can-eat buffet, à la carte selection, family-style dining, and live cooking stations, which create a vibrant and contemporary ambiance strewn with traditional Asian influences. The press release highlights this innovative and immersive concept but also pays attention to the restaurant’s talented and attentive staff, who are there to give you the best dining experience in your life.

Unfortunately, Toshi’s press release also lacks the same elements as the one before, including a logo, contact information, a quote, and even a good call to action.

Benefits of Writing a Restaurant Opening Press

Delivering the right press release on time comes with many benefits, ranging from building brand awareness to improving your SEO efforts. Let’s check them all out:

  • Putting the word out—as a powerful publicity tool, press releases are the staple tool of any PR manager looking to draw attention to certain products and services;
  • Generating brand awareness—after spreading the word, you can expect your brand awareness to be boosted by word-of-mouth free marketing too;
  • Delivering your message—restaurants who want to inform the public about their menu, offer, or general experiences can do so via the concise press release text;
  • Building industry connections—the coverage you get from news release platforms will help you establish relationships with other similar businesses;
  • Increasing your web traffic—in addition to boosting your in-person visit, you’ll also see an increase in your web traffic; if you set up a digital order system, you’ll further boost your sales since orders made via the internet are on the rise.

Considering all of these benefits, we can quickly conclude that they more than justify the minimal effort and resources needed to write and publish a press release.

Bottom Line

Well-crafted press releases create buzz, attract customers, and elevate your brand. Best of all, they are easy to write as long as you follow the template provided above. Whatever you do, try to captivate with a catchy headline, showcase your unique selling points, and maintain the right tone throughout. Then, you can distribute it via a credible press release service to reach the most potential customers, influencers, and journalists possible.

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