Etsy Statistics: A Detailed Look at the State of the Online Marketplace in 2024

By Danica Djokic

February 6, 2024

Anyone who has ever been on a hunt for unique handmade items, vintage treasures, and local artisan products has most likely heard about Etsy. This creative online marketplace started out in 2005 as a project by a group of enthusiasts from Brooklyn, New York. Etsy has soon become an online refuge for artists and artisans from all over the world. 

The platform has grown into a $33.75 billion business from very humble beginnings. If you’re interested in learning more about this eCommerce giant and its journey to the top, check out our Etsy statistics below.

Top Etsy Statistics: Editor’s Choice

  • With a market cap of over $17 billion, Etsy is the 12th largest online marketplace globally.
  • Etsy’s annual net income in 2021 reached $493 million.
  • As of 2020, Etsy has 1,209 employees.
  • 97% of Etsy sellers run their shops from home.
  • 62% of sellers on Etsy are from the United States.
  • In 2020, 81% of Etsy sellers identified as women.
  • With a 25% seller share, Home & Living is the most popular category on Etsy.
  • 71% of Etsy sellers consider it important to grow their business sustainably and responsibly.

General Etsy Stats

To better understand this eCommerce platform and its users, we’ve compiled a list of some general Etsy statistics. Read below to learn about the number of active buyers and sellers, the revenue Etsy has generated over the years, and the best-seller categories of products available for sale.

With a market cap of over $17 billion, Etsy is the 12th largest online marketplace globally.


With a market cap of $17.90b as of March 2022, Etsy scores above JD Health, Zalando, and Rakuten, to name a few prominent companies.  Etsy traffic statistics have increased majorly during 2020, boosting profits significantly. Nevertheless, the market is still dominated by eCommerce giants such as Amazon, Alibaba, Meituan, Jingdong, and Shopify.

There were around 7.5 million active sellers on Etsy in 2021, a nearly 75% increase on 2020.


Back in 2019, there were almost $2.7 million active sellers on Etsy. Only a year later, the figures went up over 60% to around 4.3 million people worldwide, only to balloon by nearly 75% to 7.5 million in 2021. As testified by many Etsy sellers, statistics have never looked so good. The reason behind such a steep surge is most likely the COVID-19 pandemic which forced many people to start selling online exclusively. 

The number of active Etsy buyers reached 96.3 million in 2021.


Compared to 2019, when some 46.3 million people bought goods on Etsy regularly, 2020 has brought a surge of over 75% for a record 81.8 million active buyers on the platform. This was then followed by a smaller but still impressive 17% increase to 96.3 million users in 2021. Judging by the Etsy buyer statistics, people have heartily embraced the online shopping model forced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of 2020, Etsy has 1,209 employees.


We can get valuable insights by tracking workflow within a company. Etsy has been growing steadily over the past few years, and the growth was followed by an increase in the number of employees. The 2020 sales boom saw the workforce increase by 14.49%.

These Etsy updated statistics do not include an additional 205 workers employed at Reverb, its daughter company. Most of the employees are based in the United States, but the company also has offices in Ireland, Germany, Canada, Australia, and more.

Etsy Demographics

Let’s take a closer look at the demographic stats and facts, as they provide insights into the target market for a product or service. Additionally, they can help identify new markets or assess the potential impact of changes in the economy or population on a business.

By understanding the demographics of its customer base, a company can make better decisions about where to allocate its resources to maximize growth. 

62% of Etsy’s sellers are from the United States.


Etsy seller statistics show the distribution of its sellers on a global level. As of June 2020, some 62% of Etsy’s merchants were from the United States, while the remaining 38% come from other countries. The majority of them are from the UK (30%), followed by Canada (11%), Australia (7%), and  Germany (7%).

Most of Etsy’s US sellers come from California (14%).


The figures from June 2020 indicate that 14 percent of the US Etsy sellers are located in California. During the measured period, Florida and Texas both contributed 7%, while Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Washington had a 4% share of the total US seller market each.

As of December 2020, 47.7% of Etsy employees were female.


We highly appreciate Etsy’s gender awareness and diversity politics, especially nowadays when women were only 5% of the CEOs appointed globally in 2020. Namely, the eCommerce giant has been trying to increase the number of women in leadership positions and on its Board of Directors.

As of December 2020, 47.7 percent of its employees were female, along with 45.3% male workers and 7% that were classified as ‘other.’ Statistics on Etsy’s global corporate demography indicate that the board positions are equally occupied by both males and females, with a 50-50% ratio. 

In 2020, 81% of Etsy sellers identified as women.

(Statista) (Etsy)

The figures certainly show how one-sided the sellers’ market is, probably because women dominate the handmade arts & crafts niche.

When it comes to Etsy users, statistics on the sellers used to favor women even more in the past. According to a report from 2015, as many as 86% of the sellers on the platform were female.

71% of Etsy sellers consider it important to grow their business sustainably and responsibly.


Sustainability and value-driven manufacturing practices are essential to Etsy’s community, as reflected in the items being sold on the site. This new approach to business resulted in self-organizing into online support groups. Nearly a quarter of Etsy sellers worldwide joined one of more than 10,000 Etsy Teams worldwide, where they can seek and provide support and collaboration opportunities. 

97% of Etsy sellers run their shops from home.


2020’s  Etsy statistics reveal that 97% of sellers run their shops from home. At the same time, 69% of respondents had started their Etsy shop as a way to supplement their income. For many Etsy sellers, their businesses are their primary source of income, and 69% of them consider their shop a business. More than half (55%) are multi-channel sellers. 

Revenue and Sales Statistics

Although Etsy’s sale statistics recently didn’t quite match the boom in 2020, the company is still going very strong. The pandemic has brought about a renewed interest in handmade and vintage items, increasing the platform’s popularity significantly in recent years.

With a 25% seller share, Home & Living is the most popular category on Etsy.


Looking at the best-selling items on Etsy and their generated revenue, Statista compiled a list of the most popular categories among handmade Etsy sellers worldwide as of June 2020. 

According to Etsy sales statistics by category, home and living is on the top of the list with a 25% seller share. This is followed by art and collectibles, which accounted for 21%, jewelry with 15%, and clothing with an 11% share. 

The least popular group of products were pet supplies, electronics & accessories, and shoes, which accounted for only 1% of sellers each. 

In 2020, Etsy was the eighth largest retail website in terms of online traffic.


The big dog among eCommerce websites,, had almost 3.68 billion visitors per month in 2020 followed by with 1.01 billion visits on average each month. eBay, Rakuten, and Samsung also scored highly on the list. 

With a monthly traffic average of 289.33 million visits, Etsy statistics had even top sellers jealous, contributing greatly to the platform’s huge revenue increase during that year.

In 2020, Etsy generated $1.7 billion in total revenue.


The revenue of the online marketplace amounted to $1.7 billion in 2020, which represents a surge of more than 100 percent compared to the year before. Etsy had a market capitalization of $7.46 billion in 2019, just seven years after its official launch. According to industry experts, marketplace revenues (including sales listing and transaction fees), third-party payment processor fees, and seller service revenues are the company’s main revenue streams. 

Etsy’s annual net income in 2021 reached $493 million.


Looking at the Etsy sales statistics for 2021, there was a massive increase over the $349 million it made in 2020, which itself dwarfed 2019’s $95.89 million. The company is clearly doing something right, and at this rate, the future of eCommerce on the platform is looking very bright.

Top sellers on Etsy earn $10,000 per year or more.

(The Verge)

Amid the many stories from Etsy’s sellers regarding their earnings, the conclusion is that the most successful merchants earn $10,000 or more on the platform. Etsy shop statistics vary wildly between the various categories on the site, though. According to some top sellers, they get charged a flat 12% advertising fee that they cannot opt out of. This fee is 15% for other sellers, but that charge is optional.


How do I find my Etsy stats?

Etsy provides a “Shop Stats” page for every seller, including information on their sales, traffic, and listing activity. You can find your shop’s stats by going to Your Shop > Shop Settings. Under the “Options” tab, you will see a link to the statistics tool for your Etsy shop with data on sales, traffic, and listing activity.

Are Etsy sales declining?

No, not really. In 2020, the company’s net profits went from $95.89 to $349 million. 2021 saw that number increase to $493 million, so things are only getting better for both the company and its sellers.

How many Etsy sellers are there?

According to Etsy’s statistics on sellers, the best time to list your store was probably in 2019. The number of active Etsy sellers skyrocketed from almost 2.7 million in 2019 to around 4.3 by the end of 2020 and an estimated 7.5 million in 2021.

Who is the top Etsy seller?

CaitlynMinimalist was ranked the top Etsy seller by Marketplace Pulse. The owner is a jewelry designer who has been selling simple, minimalist style jewelry on the platform since 2013 and has amassed 1,544,400 sales so far. According to recent Etsy statistics, CaitlynMinimalist tops the list of successful shops with over 30k sales per month.

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