Small Business Packaging Ideas: Tips, Tricks, & Inspiration

By Julija A.

June 19, 2023

When running a modern SME, it’s essential to gain every possible advantage over the competition. Employing the best small-business packaging ideas is one of the most effective ways to make that happen.

Whether you’re shipping clothes, toys, electronics, or beauty goods, this guide to packaging design for small businesses will enable you to finally unlock the full potential of your shop.

Why Packaging Ideas Matter

While exploring packaging ideas for your small business, every SME should keep the primary benefits of having a personal packaging solution in mind.

Customer experience statistics show that people are willing to spend more with businesses that deliver excellent services, and personalized packaging for a budding eCommerce platform is a great example of excellence. The right materials and designs can have a massive influence on how your company is seen as a whole. Considering the value of a great first impression, getting this aspect right can be hugely rewarding.

Other stats to highlight the importance of mastering the small business packaging aesthetic include:

  • 3 in 10 businesses report increased revenue after improving their product packaging.
  • 81% of consumers have purchased an item because the product packaging caught their attention.
  • 61% of consumers say they are more likely to buy again from a luxury brand if a product arrives in luxury packaging.
  • 4 in 10 consumers will share photos online if the packaging is exciting and unique.
  • 7 in 10 consumers agree that product packaging influences consumer decisions.

Suitable packaging can turn a brand from bland to grand while simultaneously making a statement about your USPs, product quality, and company values. At a time where eCommerce is thriving, consumer expectations are growing, even when dealing with local firms, so you shouldn’t waste any time getting in on the action.

Top Tips and Packaging Ideas for 2022 and Beyond

ECommerce is a complex industry, so there are many factors to consider before embracing new small-business packaging ideas. It’s important to recognize that there is no one right solution for everyone. A number of variables will determine which packaging choices are right for your company:

  • Are you a luxury brand?
  • What’s your sales volume?
  • What industry are you in?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where are you located?
  • Do your products need improving first?

With consumer demands and habits evolving faster than ever, now is the time to invest in the correct shipping supplies for small-business ventures. Not all of the following ideas will be applicable to your company, but those that are can become an essential part of your strategy for 2022.

Tip #1. Adopt Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

Two-thirds of all consumers take eco-friendly packaging into account when choosing products. Therefore, one of the best ways to improve your brand in 2022 is to go green. Aside from impressing customers, your employees can feel good about working for an eco-conscious company.

Cute packaging boxes made from cardboard can be customized with logo stickers or prints to make the designs look less bland. Corrugated cardboard, recycled paper, and plant-based materials are also very popular. Compostable and recyclable packaging will make customers feel happier about their reduced carbon impact, and they will associate that happiness with your brand.

If you are planning to adopt eco-friendly packaging materials, you should couple them with smarter courier choices, too.

Tip #2. Try Cheap Customized Materials for Clothing

Shipping clothes can be difficult, as you need to protect them, but unnecessarily large or heavy packaging is not the way to go. As such, you probably think you’ll have to stick to tried and tested options, like cellophane. However, cute packaging ideas for a small business that sells clothes involve switching the plastic for something with a professional and unique vibe.

Custom tissue paper and inner packaging are cheap and cheerful ways to wrap individual items. It will protect them while also aiding the personalized brand experience, even more so if you use custom logo tags. These are another inexpensive idea for adding an extra something-something to your products without expensive customized outer packaging.

Using cute branded (or at least color-matched) tissue paper may also increase the likelihood of your customer sharing snaps to social media, giving you free exposure.

Tip #3. Make Your Words Count

They say a picture says a thousand words, but the reality is that the text on your packaging is the first thing people will read when receiving something. They will read the name of your business along with any slogan. You can make a big statement with just a few words. Something like “let the magic begin” or “open for a surprise” works well.

Of course, the exact wording will depend on the products you sell. Toy packaging, for example, should display different wording than a beauty box. As well as building excitement, your words can celebrate things like “made from 100% recyclable materials” or “made with love and sustainable materials.” Choose the font size and color, so they feed into your branding, and your packaging will help your small business stand out from the crowd.

Tip #4. Opt for User-Friendly Packaging

Consumers demand fast results: In fact, 44% of them will wait two days maximum for a delivery, while under 25% will wait four days. As you can probably imagine, they don’t want their patience tested further with fiddly packaging. Even though they might protect the products better, durable plastics may actually distract from the experience of opening your goods.

Therefore, it’s wise to choose creative shipping boxes with easy-opening features. Lose unnecessary cable ties or sealed plastics if it can be helped. Corrugated cardboard with flaps that fold and support each other’s weight can work well. You can seal the outer parts with tape if required, but use it sparingly.

Thanks to 3D printing, it is also possible to print packaging materials designed specifically for your products.

Tip #5. Be Compact

Size matters, but bigger isn’t always better. Whether picking a product up from the shelf or receiving it at home, an unnecessarily bulky package can detract from the quality of the product. Moreover, eco-conscious consumers will think it’s a waste. It is, therefore, far wiser to focus on compact packaging.

Custom packaging can be made specifically with your products in mind. From jewelry packaging boxes, to art or toy packaging, this will reduce the amount of internal packaging needed. It also helps keep your parcels user-friendly, and the matching of products and wrappers shows a sense of professionalism.

As a side note, compact packages are easier for workers to load onto trucks, so if you have bigger shipments, you’ll be able to send more products in one go. Perfect, right?

Further Reading


The best packaging designs and materials won’t deliver success on their own. After all, you still need to create the right products and promote your brand.

Nevertheless, the best small-business packaging ideas can help your products stand out on the shelf or social media, while building stronger customer connections. The right packaging choices can additionally drive business efficiency, not least from a financial perspective. If there’s only one aspect of product design and branding you need to upgrade in 2022, this is it.


How do small businesses wrap packages?

Small businesses can wrap packages in multiple ways, depending on the size. Packing items in branded boxes is a particularly popular method, especially as you can add shipping stickers to them. Alternatively, you can put your personalized packet inside a bigger box to prevent cosmetic damage. In this case, placing logo stickers outside the packaging can excite users as soon as their delivery arrives.

How can small businesses improve packaging?

Packaging solutions for small businesses may be improved in many ways, depending on the industry. In addition to creating a more attractive visual display, firms may wish to consider eco-friendly packaging, different packaging sizes, and easy-open features. Ultimately, if your packaging is aligned with the demands of your target market, success is assured.

How can I ship a small business for cheap?

Shipping costs can be a significant expense for a small business, especially when selling affordable goods. To cut them, you can try using lighter packaging materials to bring the weight down. Compact packaging is another wise move, especially with digital instructions instead of printed versions. Finding the right courier with flat fees and partial-truckload offers would help too.

How do you package small items?

Small items can often be the hardest to send, so you might want to make custom packaging for your small business. Alternatively, using the smallest boxes available in combination with light filler materials like foam and air cellular bags helps protect fragile items without increasing costs too much. If custom boxes aren’t an option, logo stickers for packaging can help you promote the brand.

Should I include extras in my packages?

Adding extras to packages can be an excellent way to show your gratitude and establish a greater sense of value for money. Small items, like earrings, may be added to jewelry packaging, while stickers or tiny figurines can be added to toy packages. You might also want to include leaflets, thank you notes, and discount code vouchers for future purchases, too.

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