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Harsha Reddy

As someone who’s turned his passion for SEO into a career, Harsha knows a thing or two about succeeding in today’s digital-oriented market. He’s also aware that helpful resources for up-and-coming businesspeople can be both hard to find and unreliable. 

Harsha created SmallBizGenius so he could share his wealth of experience with fellow entrepreneurs who are just getting started in increasingly competitive industries. Now, as the site’s editor-in-chief, he leads a small but dedicated team of expert writers. Harsha’s passion for small business is matched only by his firm belief in the restorative powers of a good nap. 

Our Team 2
Marko Miljkovic

Marko Miljkovic is SmallBizGenius’s very own content strategist. A digital marketing expert, financial enthusiast, and entrepreneur extraordinaire, he takes joy in analyzing the latest economic trends and translating them into engaging content. With his extensive knowledge of small businesses and startup trends, Marko seeks to empower SmallBizGenius readers to make the right financial moves. Marko is a fitness and nutrition expert who loves spending his free time cooking up delicious dishes for his friends, playing basketball, and listening to his favorite 90s tunes.

Our Team 3
Andriana Moskovska

Besides being a regular contributor to several tech and digital marketing blogs, Andriana is proud to call herself SmallBizGenius’s community manager. Her mission is simple: to connect small business owners with the best tools and resources to help them thrive. When she’s not working, Andriana likes to go for walks with her two pet dachshunds and binge-watch documentaries, usually not at the same time.

Damjan won’t tell you how to run your business, but he will try to advise you on how to save your money and avoid financial ruin. As a staff writer at SmallBizGenius, he focuses on finding the most consumer-friendly services available and provides advice to both established and fledgling businesses out there.

Danica’s greatest passion is writing. From small businesses, tech, and digital marketing, to academic folklore analysis, movie reviews, and anthropology — she’s done it all. A literature major with a passion for business, software, and fun new gadgets, she has turned her writing craft into a profitable blogging business. When she’s not writing for SmallBizGenius, Danica enjoys hiking, trying to perfect her burger-making skills, and dreaming about vacations in Greece.

Dragomir Simovic is a staff writer for SmallBizGenius, where he regularly contributes well-researched, engaging content about the latest trends in the finance industry. As a successful entrepreneur and freelancer himself, he knows the ins and outs of running a small business and is eager to share his insights. When he’s not analyzing the latest finance news or thinking up startup strategies, Dragomir likes to play the guitar, discover new indie games, and sample craft brews – responsibly, of course.

Ivan is an energetic ambivert with a passion for creative writing, music, languages and technology. He loves writing about small businesses and startups, and is on a constant mission to help you make the most informed choices about the various aspects of running your own business. In his free time, he enjoys playing and listening to music, biking, cooking, reading novels and playing video games.

Ivana is a staff writer at SmallBizGenius. Her interests during office hours include writing about small businesses, start-ups, and retail. When the weekend comes, you can find her hiking in nature, hanging off of a cliff or dancing salsa.

Julia A. is a writer at SmallBizGenius.net. With experience in both finance and marketing industries, she enjoys staying up to date with the current economic affairs and writing opinion pieces on the state of small businesses in America. As an avid reader, she spends most of her time poring over history books, fantasy novels, and old classics. Tech, finance, and marketing are her passions, and she’s a frequent contributor at various small business blogs.

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