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ZipRecruiter | Reviews by SmallBizGenius

ByDragomir Simovic
March 15,2022
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ZipRecruiter was founded in 2010 and has since helped nearly two million businesses find their perfect job candidates. A large part of the company’s efficient service lies in its proactive AI system that quickly matches you with the right people. ZipRecruiter has an extensive database of more than 25 million resumes all waiting to be discovered. In addition to that, your job gets posted to over a hundred online boards and gets promoted on Google. 

There are thousands of positive ZipRecruiter reviews on the web recommending this service. Our mission is to find out exactly what it is that makes it so special. Here is our take on the company with all the intricate details you need to know.


Four day trial available. Subscription plans start at $249 a month. Read more about the company in our full review.

pros thumb up Pros
  • Proactive candidate searching
  • Distribution to 100+ sites
  • Huge internal resume database
  • ATS integration
  • Premade screening questions
  • Great job posting app
cons thumb down Cons
  • Lack of cost transparency
  • Some outdated resumes

Main Features

Let’s take a look at some of the main features ZipRecruiter has to offer within its subscription plans.

Distribution to 100+ websites

One of the biggest advantages this company has in the ZipRecruiter vs Indeed duel is your ad’s reach. Once you create a new job posting, it gets distributed to hundreds of websites including Jooble, JobRapido, Better Jobs, and Job Hero. In addition to dedicated job posting boards, ZipRecruiter will also make sure your ad gets promoted on platforms like US News and ranks highly on Google. That way even job seekers who don’t have accounts on any of the aforementioned websites might stumble upon it online.

Access to resume database

With a slightly more advanced subscription, you can also get free access to the site’s huge database of resumes. ZipRecruiter employer reviews suggest that this is a great way to handpick your candidates. According to this recruitment website, the database includes more than 25 million resumes across all industries. You can browse through it yourself or let the company’s software do that for you. It can automatically find suitable candidates and send out invitations.

Numerous templates

To make the job creation process a bit easier, ZipRecruiter provides you with more than 500 description templates. These are fully customizable and can save you a lot of time. This is an excellent option for companies who are constantly on the lookout for new talent and don’t need to worry about creative, individual descriptions. In that same manner, you can choose from a host of premade screening questions to help ZipRecruiter review applications automatically. It’s another time-saver that brings you only qualified job seekers.

Mobile app

With every subscription plan, ZipRecruiter offers its dedicated job posting app. It allows you to create online job postings, review candidates, and make all types of adjustments from your mobile device or tablet. The ZipRecruiter app for employers works on both iOS and Android devices with almost all of the functions you get in the full browser version. The only difference is that you can’t delete your account via the app, but that’s not something you’ll need to do more than once anyway.

Job ads

How effective is ZipRecruiter at finding people outside of job posting platforms? Well, with the highest-tier subscription – the one reserved for enterprises with more than 5,000 employees – there is the option of creating job ads. According to the company’s internal data, these ads can reach around 30 million potential candidates in a month.

ATS integration

Unlike many of its competitors, ZipRecruiter offers seamless integration with ATS (applicant tracking system) software. There are more than 40 ATS partners to choose from, and you can also add new ones if they’re not on the list. Reviews for ZipRecruiter often point this out as the main benefit because it makes the hiring process easier for prospective employees. They can set everything up directly from the ATS they’re already using.

Subscription Plans

There are three types of subscriptions that can be customized to your specific requirements. The system is based on so-called slots, where each slot represents one potential job posting. You are never limited by actual job titles. If you find someone and close that posting, you can open a new one in its stead right away.


The Standard plan is what the company calls an easy and budget-friendly way to hire people. The price starts at $249 a month for a single job slot. If you want three slots, it will cost you $409 a month. So, is ZipRecruiter good value for money? Well, it depends on your business’s needs. A single slot is enough to hire a few people sporadically with a good reach through more than 100 websites. 

If you check the help section on the jobs site, it will probably tell you that this plan is mainly for entry-level company jobs. However, that’s not necessarily so. It may not be as efficient as the two more expensive plans, but it could be enough for your business. This is just the company’s way of upselling you.


According to ZipRecruiter, the Premium plan gets you twice as many candidates as the Standard one. You get a bit more exposure and free access to the platform’s extensive database of job seekers’ resumes. ZipRecruiter reviews show that this is indeed a much more efficient option, but exactly how efficient depends on your involvement. Namely, with this plan, you need to put the work in and handpick your favorite candidates. 

Your posting will also get pushed through job alert emails in your relevant industry. The cost of one slot in the Premium plan is $349 a month, $100 more than what you pay for the Standard plan. A three-slot plan costs $579.


At the Enterprise level, the entire hiring process becomes a lot more automated. The company’s AI system works proactively to find you all suitable candidates within your industry. Numerous reviews of ZipRecruiter emphasize the fact that with this plan your ads have the potential of reaching more 30 million candidates each month. This combination of good reach and proactive searching yields excellent results. 

If you’re in need of a large number of employees at short notice, this plan will be great value for you. The one-slot option costs $599, but chances are you’ll be better off with a few more slots. For example, the three-slot plan will cost you $829 per month, which saves you a huge chunk of money in the long term.

Free Trial

ZipRecruiter free trial reviews warn you about one important aspect of the service you should be aware of: no matter what plan you choose, the company will offer you a free trial option lasting four days. Once this period ends, you’ll be automatically pushed into a pay-per-day system. If you’ve been going with the Standard plan you’ll have to pay $16 per job per day, while the Premium plan costs $24 per job per day. Do the math and you’ll see that this is a lot more expensive than what the plans would cost without the trial.

So is there a solution to these problems with ZipRecruiter? Yes, you can simply contact the customer support and the agents will help you switch to a regular plan. As long as you react in time, you won’t be affected by this issue. Still, it’s not great that you have to keep your eyes peeled when dealing with the company.

Job Seekers

Although the company’s emphasis seems to be on the employer’s side of things, ZipRecruiter still relies on its vast database of job seekers. It is free to create an account and upload your resume to the website. The site provides you with an easy-to-use interface where you can search for jobs online, look at salaries, or get alerts for specific industries. 

ZipRecruiter reviews for job seekers on the site show inspiring positive experiences, but also direct you to outside sources for a more objective look at the service. Besides waiting for invites and applying for specific positions, job seekers can use the so-called Super Apply function once every week. Essentially, this feature puts them at the front of the queue and notifies the employer that you’re extremely interested in the position.

With the free account, future employees can also get a mobile app, which makes the whole job-finding experience much easier. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices and, naturally, comes completely free of charge. Many users in their ZipRecruiter app reviews compliment the fact that you can get alerts as soon as the employer sees your application. It’s comforting to know that your resume has ended up in the right place.

The Company’s Reputation

ZipRecruiter has been accredited with the BBB since 2012 and currently holds a perfect score of A+. However, it’s worth noting that, despite this high score that ensures its reliability, the company actually has a very low score from customer reviews. Most of these are ZipRecruiter complaints about the billing method and the misleading trial period, which we mentioned earlier. This seems to be a burning issue that the company needs to resolve as soon as possible.

Now, the negative reviews on the BBB seem to be in the minority and contrast starkly compared to reviews elsewhere. For example, at TrustPilot, a renowned platform for user evaluations, ZipRecruiter holds an outstanding 4.5 score based on more than 7,700 reviews. Similarly, Capterra rates the company with 4.2 stars out of five based on experiences from 8,500 users. There are at least half a dozen reputable evaluation companies that include mostly positive ZipRecruiter reviews. Simply by looking at the numbers, it’s easy to determine that this is a reliable company.

ZipRecruiter Customer Support

A good company needs to have a strong customer support team capable of answering any questions you might have and providing solutions to your problems. ZipRecruiter can offer you support in a number of ways.

First off, there’s the website’s help center, which is full of guides, tutorials, and a list of questions customers frequently ask. The page is well-organized and easy to navigate. Before you decide to try your luck with a live agent, it might be a good idea to go through the help center first. You might even learn something about the site you didn’t even know you needed.

Does ZipRecruiter work now or do you still have problems? To get some more answers relating specifically to your account, you can fill out a contact form on the site, call the provided phone number, or use the live chat service. The third option is usually the fastest since the agents will respond within a couple of minutes.

Now, regarding the company’s representatives – they are friendly and knowledgeable, but often come across a little too salesy for our liking. To get the right answer, you need to be persistent and focused, because with every chance they get, the agents will try to upsell you. We can’t give the agents bad marks for this in our ZipRecruiter review since it’s their job. However, we’d definitely appreciate it if they were a bit less sales-focused.

Is ZipRecruiter better than Indeed?

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, so it comes down to choosing specific features that you need or opting for a more affordable option. Indeed functions as a social network platform and will allow you to post your jobs for free. This is one of its main benefits, but it might not offer the most effective approach. With Zip, recruiting efforts go way beyond the original website for jobs. Your posting goes to over a hundred different recruiter sites and gets promoted on Google. In terms of reach and exposure, ZipRecruiter is a much better choice as long as you don’t mind the price.

How does ZipRecruiter work for job seekers?

The website allows its users to connect with potential employers by setting up their own profile. Creating an account is quick and uncomplicated. You just need to provide some basic information and the platform will immediately respond with the best possible employment opportunities. You can check out ZipRecruiter reviews by job seekers on the website or go beyond that to make sure the experiences are genuine. The site also stands out with its special ZipRecruiter Super Apply feature that directly notifies the employer when you’re interested in a position. That way, you can stand out from the crowd once a week for the position you really want.

Does ZipRecruiter charge a fee?

If you’re a job seeker, the service comes free of charge. If you’re an employer, a small business, or an enterprise, you’ll have to pay according to your chosen pricing plan. The company isn’t as transparent about its costs as it should be. To get an exact quote for your business, you’ll have to contact its representatives. According to reviews, prices start at $249 per month. The custom price you’ll get from the company will depend on various factors, including your industry, your location, and the number of jobs you need to post.

Can anyone see my ZipRecruiter resume?

Only the hiring managers at the companies you apply for can see your entire resume along with the application. This is done to help secure your private information and ensure that your current employer doesn’t see you browsing around. However, if you choose to be included in the resume database, other hiring managers can find your CV at any point. Even then, they need to be logged in to do so, which means it’s still fairly protected. ZipRecruiter for job seekers reviews still recommend opting for this database because it drastically improves your chances of getting shortlisted and hired.

How do I remove myself from ZipRecruiter?

You can easily delete your profile by going to the account settings and clicking on the delete button. Once you do it, your account will be deleted within 72 hours. During that period, you can cancel the process at any time if you happen to change your mind. Business owners and employers can also easily remove users from the account in a similar way. All you need to do is go to the account settings and pick a specific user to deactivate. ZipRecruiter reviews don’t highlight any problems regarding the deletion process.