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TruthFinder | Reviews by SmallBizGenius

ByJames MacMillan
March 15,2022
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These days you don’t need to be a PI to perform background checks. You can turn to a growing list of companies that scour public records to produce easy-to-digest background reports on your colleagues, neighbors, and even family members. 

TruthFinder stands out from the crowd thanks to its level of accuracy and its reliance on various sources. According to TruthFinder reviews, there is no better option when you want to find out whether someone you’ve just met has a criminal record.   


Pricing starts at $27.78. See review for more details.

pros thumb up Pros
  • A range of search options
  • Regular reports
  • Mobile apps
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Easy to use
cons thumb down Cons
  • No individual reports
  • No free trial


Before you start using TruthFinder, you need to know that this isn’t a consumer reporting agency and doesn’t comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. That means you cannot use the information provided by the service to make hiring decisions, screen tenants, or approve loans.   

That said, TruthFinder relies on a standard set of tools to dig up sensitive details, including a person’s employment history, education background, property ownership information, and criminal and arrest records. In addition to checking millions of public records, TruthFinder will also review social media accounts.   

Record Check

Most background checkers rely on public records to gather information for their clients. This gives them access to birth certificates, addresses, criminal convictions, driving offenses, and other details. 

Some of this information is found in court documents, but going down to the courthouse and getting these documents yourself can be a time-consuming process. TruthFinder speeds things up by accessing online databases while ensuring that the information you’re getting isn’t outdated.    

Online Information

Moreover, the TruthFinder site reviews a person’s online activity, which includes checking social media accounts. If you feel that some of these practices are too intrusive, bear in mind that the person being reviewed willingly made all of this information available to the public. 

Also, if you’re a TruthFinder member, you don’t have to worry about data breaches or having your personal details end up in the wrong hands; this service provides all of its clients with dark web monitoring.    


An important service offered by companies like TruthFinder that’s often overlooked is the option to do a background check on yourself. We recommend using this feature so that the TruthFinder website reviews your online details, and you’re aware of what potential clients and employers are seeing.

Reverse Phone Lookup

We’ve all received calls from unknown numbers before. Sometimes, you can afford to ignore the call, but other times it could be a collection agency or a colleague trying to get in touch with you about an emergency at work.  

TruthFinder’s reverse phone lookup reviews everything about the caller and gives you much more than just the name associated with a number. You can get an address and sometimes even social media accounts. If you upgrade to a background check, you get access to relevant public records.


TruthFinder’s interface is intuitive and easy to use. Simply type in the name, city, and state of the person you want to do a background check on, and the site will take care of the rest. 

To accelerate your TruthFinder review, you can also enter the person’s age and the names of any known relatives, which narrows down the search. The initial search may produce multiple results, so you’ll have to select the correct one. 

Even if you only offer limited data, TruthFinder’s powerful intelligence platform will begin sifting through millions of public records until it identifies the person you’re looking for. The entire process takes no more than 10 minutes to complete.        

TruthFinder also offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, and many online TruthFinder reviews applaud the service for enabling users to log in through their Facebook account. 

The Android version is especially popular, enabling you to conduct searches while on the move. It’s also handy if you wish to use the reverse phone lookup feature, as you can simply copy the number and find out who called you.   

Regardless of which device you decide to use, there is nothing complicated about this service. You can locate a person and gather information about them without having anything more than a name. 

TruthFinder delivers quick results, and you’ll get everything from the person’s criminal history to their digital footprint in a clearly outlined report. Online reviews for TruthFinder confirm that users tend to get the exact information they need.

Customer Support

Although TruthFinder is fairly simple to use, there’s always a chance you’ll face difficulties. The FAQ section on the website doesn’t exactly offer a wealth of information, and you won’t necessarily find the answers you’re looking for. To get more information, you can turn to customer support agents who are available by phone from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. PST. You can also shoot them an email.  


Not knowing whether your background check will go undetected may be holding you back from conducting one. But our TruthFinder review confirms that the people you enquire about won’t be notified about your search. 

Another great aspect of TruthFinder’s reliability is its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB is a nonprofit organization that accredits companies on how well they deal with customers and resolve complaints. TruthFinder reviews by BBB are an acknowledgment of its trustworthiness and highlight the level of satisfaction among its many customers. 


TruthFinder isn’t expensive, but to use any of the company’s services, you’ll need a monthly subscription. For those who aren’t interested in performing multiple background checks each month and prefer paying for individual reports, this might be a deal-breaker.  

For the rest, TruthFinder pricing starts at $27.78 per month or $46.04 for two months. These are more affordable options than with competitors such as Instant Checkmate. Also, individual reports with some of the competition can end up costing you more than TruthFinder charges for the entire month. So, if you need at least one background check per month, TruthFinder is a cost-effective option. 

You can run as many background checks as you want with your subscription, and most of the features are included since there is no tiered pricing. The only extra feature you’ll need to pay for is the reverse phone lookup, which costs $4.99 per month. According to some online reviews about TruthFinder, this is especially useful if your business is on the receiving end of calls from unknown numbers. 

There is a slight issue with transparency because you can only get the exact price by running an actual background check. And since there is no free trial, you’ll be asked to sign up before getting the results of your search. 

Such practices may not be ideal for generating positive user reviews for TruthFinder. Potential customers should be given the option to explore the site and its services before having to sign up. Moreover, a detailed price list should also be displayed before anyone uses the service.

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TruthFinder is an affordable and reliable online background checker. After carefully examining the service, we can safely say that it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. With TruthFinder, you’ll get accurate and comprehensive reports on your background checks. Online reviews of TruthFinder confirm that everything about the site is straightforward, and the information provided is easy to digest.

Will TruthFinder notify the person?

All TruthFinder searches are anonymous. In other words, the subject of your search will not be notified about your background check. According to online reviews on TruthFinder, this is one of the cornerstones of a good background checker.

How does TruthFinder get your information?

TruthFinder gathers information from public records and social media accounts. You can get data from millions of public records in just a matter of minutes. There is nothing unethical about the way TruthFinder gathers data because all of this information is available to the public.

What is the best search engine to find a person?

Having researched and tested various background checkers, we found TruthFinder to be the best. TruthFinder reviews public records and checks the person’s online activity. The data collected is presented in a coherent report.