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SugarSync Review

ByDanica Jovic
March 15,2022
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SugarSync is a cloud service that enables secure file synchronization and sharing. This file syncing and sharing service allows you to save, edit, and view your documents using multiple devices. 

It can be used by both individuals and businesses, and in the 20 years since its founding, SugarSync’s list of clients has included BestBuy, Lenovo, France’s Orange S.A., and South Korea’s KT Corporation. 


Automated online backup Protected Folders option allows you to rollback an entire folder to a previous date Uses TLS to protect your data transfers

pros thumb up Pros
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Supports unlimited number of devices
cons thumb down Cons
  • Expensive cloud storage
  • Limited number of file versions

The most recent additions to the list of SugarSync products are native mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. In addition to mobile clients, the company has effective customer support and smooth integration with other apps.  

SugarSync is widely regarded as one of the best cloud storage providers because it’s easy to install and use and it includes all the features you need to secure, share, and manage your files. However, the service doesn’t come cheap. 


We begin our SugarSync review with the list of the most important features. The software’s sync option comes with automated online backup and file versioning, which means that you can restore the latest version of your file at any time. 

SugarSync’s Protected Folders option allows you to rollback an entire folder to a previous date, while the Shared Folder Plan grants you access to folders that other SugarSync users shared with you. The shared folders can be accessed through the software’s desktop, mobile, or web applications.

File Sharing 

When it comes to file sharing options, the SugarSync app doesn’t differ much from Google Drive or similar cloud storage providers. The collaboration tools are also limited, and you cannot use additional password protection for shared files.

Still, there are some really good things about SugarSync’s sharing options. We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to share folders with other people. You can share a folder with your colleagues, family, or friends by clicking on the add user icon. To add more than one user, just type in the email address of each person you wish to share the folder with. 

In the SugarSync vs Google Drive contest, the former is much better when it comes to sharing large files. You get the option to create a public link with a folder you want to share. The link can be shared via social media platforms, email, and even your blog. 

Another great sharing feature allows you to share folders with people who don’t have a SugarSync account. You invite them via email to sign up for a free Shared Folder Plan. The signup process is quick and simple, and the guest only needs to provide a name and email address. 

During our SugarSync for business review, we found that once you share a folder with other people, you can give individual files edit or read-only permission. Unlike other software providers, SugarSync doesn’t have the option to create links with expiration dates. Also, you cannot send requests to your team members to upload files.

But the software allows you to make changes to the list of people who have access to the shared folder at any time. Simply click on the folder icon, followed by the Share option, and remove the name of the person you no longer wish to share the folder with.

Backup, File Versioning and Restoration 

Unlike cloud storage services, the SugarSync backup service detects changes in your files, makes copies, and ensures that they are continuously backed up. The backup process is simple and straightforward. Once you download SugarSync, simply select the files you wish to sync and backup. Unlike some of the other software providers, SugarSync will not allow you to backup external drives or USB devices. 

SugarSync online backup saves five versions of your documents, photos, videos, and other file types. If you lose a file, you can easily restore copies from the cloud. Only the latest version of a file counts towards your storage limit. 

In addition to file restoration, SugarSync gives you the option to restore entire folders. The option exists in case your computer is attacked by ransomware or other viruses that can compromise sizable portions of your data. The SugarSync Protected Folder stores your files and allows you to recover the entire folder with a single click. The software saves 12 versions of the folder. Moreover, you can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups and decide which copy of the folder you wish to restore. 

One of the things we really like about SugarSync is the automated photo backup on Android phones. Every photo or video you create can be uploaded to the cloud and automatically synced with other devices. All you have to do is go to the SugarSync login on your mobile, go to settings, and enable automatic photo backup, choosing the destination folder. SugarSync will upload and sync your photos only when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

SugarSync Security

SugarSync employs advanced security measures including end-to-end encryption. The software secures your files with AES 256-bit encryption and uses TLS to protect your data transfers. 

TLS ensures that files are safely uploaded to the cloud, shielding them from potential breaches  and malicious attacks. TLS also uses client-to-server authentication, meaning that it checks the identity of both sides. 

The 256 SugarSync encryption key is another great security feature that we came across in our SugarSync security review. TLS protects your data during the upload/download process, whereas the AES 256 encryption secures your files while they are stored on the cloud. 

The notable weakness in SugarSync’s armor is the absence of two-factor authentication. Other cloud providers like Google Drive and Dropbox have this extra layer of protection that prevents anyone from accessing your account even if they steal your password. 

Platform Availability and User Interface

Today major cloud providers like Google Drive, Box, and Mega are highly focused on delivering software that is compatible with all operating systems, including iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux. SugarSync inc has software versions for almost all systems and devices. There is a SugarSync app for Windows and Mac, and there are also easily downloadable mobile apps for Android and iPhone. However, you won’t be able to install SugarSync on Linux because the app is not available yet. 

Our SugarSync review also examined the software’s visual design, which is all about simplicity and functionality. The software includes a modern interface, and each feature has an icon that tells you its function. 

You can use SugarSync through the web browser. When compared to the desktop version, the design of the online interface is a bit outdated but still easy to manage. In some SugarSync reviews, users complain about the upload speed and claim the web interface is hard to use. But we found both of those to be perfectly adequate. 

SugarSync has two options for uploading files onto the cloud. You can click on the upload button, or you can use the old-fashioned drag and drop system. The first option works perfectly on both web interface and desktop client. As for the drag and drop option, there is some room for improvement. In the SugarSync vs Dropbox competition, the latter’s drag and drop system was much easier to manage. Unlike SugarSync, Dropbox doesn’t require you to place the icon directly over the folder when moving the file to the cloud. 

Installation and Usability 

SugarSync is designed to allow you to upload files onto the cloud, and sync those files through multiple devices. SugarSync is easier to use than competitors like GoodSync thanks to its simple installation process and user-friendly interface.

When you decide to download the SugarSync desktop app, the site will automatically identify  the OS you are using and offer to install the corresponding version of the software on your computer. The SugarSync download process takes only a few seconds. To create the SugarSync account, you need to type in your email address and come up with a password. You’ll then get a verification email from the provider. 

All SugarSync features are listed on the left side of the screen. We used the My SugarSync folder to upload files and see how everything works. The files can be arranged either as a list or a grid. You also have the option to organize files by size or by date.

With this cloud storage, you can review your activity. The software displays all the items that you uploaded and the dates for each one as well as the history of deleted items.

If you wish to test out the functionality before purchasing the software, you can try the SugarSync free version first. It comes with 5 GB of cloud storage and is available for 90 days. 

Pricing Plans 

If you are satisfied with the SugarSync free version, you should consider one of the paid plans. There are two options to choose from. You can purchase SugarSync for personal use or choose SugarSync for business. 

There are three SugarSync pricing plans for individual users. Each one includes sync and online backup features, version controlling and restoration of files, and TLS security features. Furthermore, each allows you to install mobile apps free of charge. This is a really good offer because you can use both Android and iOS apps to upload photos, videos, and music from different mobile devices. 

The main difference between each of the plans is the amount of storage.



100 GB


250 GB

$9.99/ month

500 GB


When compared to other cloud storage solutions, SugarSync is on the expensive side. For example, Mega’s monthly subscription starts at €4.99 with 400 GB of storage. 

Unfortunately, the SugarSync business plan is also expensive, costing $55/month. A business user gets all the features that come with the personal plans, with the option to create three SugarSync accounts. The cloud storage capacity is only 1 TB. 

Customer Support 

Even when working with software that’s highly efficient and easy to navigate, you’ll still encounter situations when you need knowledgeable support agents. Luckily, SugarSync customer service agents are easy to reach and can handle any SugarSync problems that may arise.  

On the company’s website, you’ll see the SugarSync help button on the bottom of the screen. You can either leave a message or start a live chat with one of the agents. We didn’t have any trouble reaching SugarSync support via live chat, but if you need a really quick response, you can always call. 

The site also has the Help Center section where you can get information about the most commonly asked questions. The section is divided into three parts: Get Started, Popular Articles, and Account Info. These pages include different guides and articles about how to use the software or how to cancel your SugarSync  subscription. You can also learn more about buying additional cloud storage. 

So, is SugarSync a safe provider? To help you answer this question, check out the numerous sections on the site that offer plenty of information about all of SugarSync’s features.

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What is SugarSync?

SugarSync is cloud storage and online backup software. It enables fast and easy file sync and sharing services for both individuals and businesses.

Is SugarSync secure?

Yes. SugarSync uses the latest security tools to protect your files during transfer and while they are stored to the cloud. The only thing missing is an extra layer of protection in the form of multi-factor authentication.

Is SugarSync offline?

SugarSync syncs and backups your files only when you are online. But you can make changes to the files even while working offline. Once you are connected to the internet, all of the files will be updated with the changes you made. This is just one of the many reasons that users consider this the best cloud and sync service on the market.

Who owns SugarSync?

Since March 2015, SugarSync has been owned and managed by J2 Global.

How do you use SugarSync?

SugarSync can be used through a web client or desktop app. Additionally, you can download the mobile app for Android or iPhone. There is no SugarSync for Linux users, but all other operating systems are supported. The SugarSync interface is intuitive and easy to use, so you won’t have a problem with uploading your files on the cloud. To find out more about SugarSync functionalities, we suggest you read our SugarSync review.