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Site123 Review

ByDanica Jovic
January 25,2022
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Site123 is an online website builder from Site123 Ltd of Be’er Sheva, Israel. Launched in 2015, the tool offers free services to individuals and business users. Today, Site123 has one of the largest and fastest-growing user communities in the world.


Additional services including domain registration, hosting, eCommerce tools, and SEO Works entirely through your web browser The latest security technology protects your files on the cloud and during data transfer

pros thumb up Pros
  • Fast and simple website creation
  • Many templates
  • Integration with numerous apps
  • Wide range of eCommerce tools
  • Free plan
cons thumb down Cons
  • Limited design features
  • Basic SEO and marketing tools


Like the writers behind countless Site123 reviews on the Internet, we will praise this tool for its simplicity and the speed with which you can get a website up and running. As the tool’s name suggests, it guides you through website creation in three easy steps:

  1. Sign in to Site123.
  2. Choose a template.
  3. Name your site and start customizing.

Whether you’re looking to create your first blog or you need an online presence for your business, you will find creating a site with Site123 a breeze. You don’t need to be a designer or have any coding experience to create a website. Like other create-the-best-website platforms, Site123 has a library of templates for your use.

The company also offers services such as website domain registration, web hosting, eCommerce tools, and SEO support. Moreover, the system supports integration with dozens of other applications, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Analytics, Bing, Linkedin, Quora, and LiveChat. 

Ease of Use 

The first thing we are going to cover in our Site123 review is the user interface and usefulness of the website builder. The whole idea behind Site123 is to provide a platform that ensures fast and simple website creation so users with no technical know-how can focus on their business. To meet this goal, the Site123 team loaded the platform with hundreds of industry-specific themes that you can choose from. 

The themes handle lots of details so you don’t need to waste time creating a website from scratch. You can focus on content and how you will use the site to promote your business. 

This ease of use does have a price: flexibility. If you have a technical background, you may find yourself unhappy with the way Site123 ties your hands.

With the Site123 website builder, you don’t need to install anything on your computer. Just go to the web page and sign in with your email address or Facebook account. Registration is fast and straightforward, requiring only your email address and a password. 

The very next thing you do is choose a theme that is relevant to your business – and you are, within a minute, deep in the design process for your new website. Hundreds of themes related to dozens of niches are available – from blogging and business to restaurants, eCommerce, the auto industry, health, and sports. 

As you design your site, you’ll also be offered an opportunity to create pages for your CV or your portfolio. 

The Site123 platform works entirely through your web browser. When you want to change or update your site, you simply use your browser and log in. 

After you have selected a theme, you’ll be asked to name your website and select the language you want to use. Choosing the right name is crucial, as the name becomes your default domain name. It can help you rank better on Google and attract customers. Site123 will notify you if the site name you’ve chosen is available as a domain name. If you have already registered a domain, you can skip this step. 

All of this is spelled out in a video that Site123 shares with you immediately after you register. The YouTube video is helpful. It offers clear instructions on how to create a custom website with the Site123 editor. If you like it, you’ll be glad to know that the company has created a whole library of videos to teach you how to make a free domain on site123 or how to use its SEO tools. 

User Experience and Functionality

Site123 combines simplicity and features into a simple, easily navigable platform. The layout is well organized with the features positioned just where you expect them to be. On the left side of the screen you’ll see all the features you need for creating the website – Homepage, Pages, Design, Settings, and Domain. A navigation button leads to the dashboard and site123 login page. From here, you can access different projects, monitor site activities, and add a new website if you want. 

Unlike similar products, this website builder doesn’t use a drag-and-drop system. Instead, you must upload content. Selecting design options is simple and straightforward. Once you choose a template, you can start adding content, change the position of the text, set buttons, and add forms. Note that the templates are already made so you just need to add content. You cannot change the templates or layouts. 

For your homepage, you can choose a background photo from the gallery or upload your own image. The Site123 image editor is not particularly powerful. This online website builder allows you to manipulate opacity and change the tone of photos, but that’s about all you can do.

To customize your theme, click on the design icon and choose from the options that are displayed. You can change the font and the color scheme, for example. As for the rest of the options, there is a customization button with a dropdown menu that displays the options. You can manage the content inside the header, for instance, and decide which elements you want to show on your home page – a phone number, email address, social media, and so on.

Before publishing the site, you can check its appearance by clicking on the preview button. Site123 mobile and tablet buttons are at the top of the screen. At any time, you can see how your site will look on mobile devices. This web builder automatically optimizes your site for mobile platforms so you don’t need to do any additional sizing or coding. 

Changing the website structure is a breeze too. Several choices are available, depending on your needs. For example, if you have a complex site with more subpages, you might pick the structure with a navigation section on the homepage. Features 

In addition to the creative tools and features of the website builder, Site123 offers many other services that help users manage and promote their websites. We investigated each of the services and features, including domain options, hosting services, SEO tools, Google Analytics, and integration with social media apps.

Web Hosting and Backup Services 

The first feature we want to mention is the web hosting service. Hosting providers normally charge for this service, but it’s included with your Site123 subscription plan. 

Best known as a top website builder, Site123 also offers excellent cloud hosting services. The company provides outstanding performance and fast loading times thanks to its network of powerful data centers around the world. The servers use the latest security technology to protect your files on the cloud and during data transfer. 

As for backup and restoration services, they are limited, but they ensure that you never lose your files and web pages.


Picking the right name for your business is crucial, since the domain name can make you or break you. It’s the first thing about your business that many users see. And it’s an important part of SEO strategy. 

Site123 reviews the name you choose for your site and emails you a list of available domain names. If you already have registered a domain, you can ignore the email and direct Site123 to install your site at your existing domain.

If you want to purchase a domain via Site123, you’ll find the registration fee paid for the first year with any of Site123’s premium contracts. The Site123 dashboard lets you check available domains and customize your domain name to fit your business needs. For instance, you can change the domain level from .com to .academy, .store, or .blog if that is more relevant to your business.

SEO Tools 

Site123’s SEO tools are not the best, but this website builder does provide basic tools for creating and implementing an SEO strategy. SEO is a strategy for making your site come up higher in results pages generated by Google and other search engines. Having a good SEO strategy is crucial, and it must be implemented from the start or as soon as you start creating your website.

Although the Site123 SEO and marketing tools are not comprehensive, they still can help you set up an SEO-friendly site. The platform allows you to add meta descriptions, use keywords, and define image meta tags. All of these can help you boost your position on Google search engine results pages. 

No experience with SEO? Don’t worry. Site123 has guides for learning SEO implementation strategies. 

Google Analytics 

When looking for the best DIY website builder, you should see if each candidate supports integration with software platforms that analyze performance – preferably Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics is a free app that allows you to track the traffic on your site. You can analyze different things like who is visiting your site, how long each user stays on it, did you have conversions, and many other factors. 

Additional Tools

Site123 stands out from its competitors because of the long list of additional services and products it offers users. In addition to hosting, creating, and managing websites, Site123 has business website tools and plugins. Here are some of them:

Cookie consent plugin

Activate the cookie policy to inform your website’s visitors that you collect non-personal information about their visit. Cookies help you acquire insight into your visitors and their interests, and they’re helpful to your site’s visitors too.

Email marketing 

Not only does Site123 allow integration with almost all social media channels, but it also has helpful email marketing tools. The system allows you to create a mailing list effortlessly by using templates. It will even send newsletters to your contacts for you. 

eCommerce tools 

If you are looking for the best website builder for eCommerce, don’t look any further. Site123 specializes in providing excellent tools that can help you build and manage your web store. In addition to clothes, books, or furniture, Site123 helps you sell digital goods. With this website maker, you’ll also get inventory management tools so you can track orders and update your page when a product is out of stock. You can create coupons, categorize products by brand, mark non-taxable products, and much more. 

Restaurant menu 

This builder is great for creating a website for your coffee shop, restaurant, or bar. You can make a simple yet appealing website by choosing from Site123’s restaurant menu templates. You can even announce opening hours and your eatery’s location so customers can find you fast. 

Musician tools 

In addition to being the best website builder for online stores, Site123 is a rare platform with tools to help musicians promote their business. The system allows them to share music with fans and even distribute it via direct download. Performers can even publicize tour dates and sell tickets online. The template has room for press releases, published articles, images of musicians, and more. 


Site123 has pricing plans for different purposes and users. 

The Basic plan is for personal use. Advanced is the most popular for startups and small businesses. The Professional plan is great if you’re running a webshop, while the Gold plan is the most scalable, giving you the permission to use all Site123 features. Each is billed on a monthly basis, but you can select the duration of your subscription. The longer the subscription, the lower your monthly payment. 

Each paid plan includes the following: web domain registration for one year, domain name connection, and the removal of the Site123 tag from your site. With higher-tier pricing plans, you can also remove the Site123 floating tag. 

Site123 Pricing Plans 

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10 GB

30 GB

90 GB

270 GB


5 GB

15 GB

45 GB

135 GB

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Before you subscribe to Site123, you can try its service for free. You get 500 MB of storage, 1 GB of bandwidth, a subdomain, and basic features for building a site. 

You can also try a full subscription. The company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

In a Site123 vs Wix comparison, Site123 delivers lower prices. The price for its low-tier plan is $7.80 per month, while Wix’s basic plan costs $13 with less storage and bandwidth. 

Site123 allows you to use wire transfer, Visa, and Mastercard to pay your subscription, and you can use e-wallets like PayPal as well.

Customer Support 

Site123 is one of the simplest web builders on the market. Even the least experienced users and technophobes can create websites easily. If you need help anyway, take comfort in knowing that Site123 support is always available, fast, and knowledgeable. We contacted Site123 agents via live chat to talk about the company’s pricing models. Not only did the agent send us a list of prices, but he also helped us to choose the plan that fits us best. 

Site123 can also be proud of its comprehensive user guides, articles, and FAQ. The Support Center section of the company website is loaded with texts that can teach you how to use SEO tools, set up a domain, manage eCommerce, and more ways to make your online business more successful. The company even has its own YouTube channel where you can watch short instructional videos.

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Bottom Line 

We have few Site123 complaints. Clients love the user-friendly dashboard and site-management features. Everything is easy to use, but if you want help you will find the company’s polite customer-service agents are always available. For small businesses, entrepreneurs, creative workers, and gig workers, this builder is a great option. 

If your business starts growing, the builder’s options might become limiting. This great website builder doesn’t offer scalable packages. The most comprehensive package is limited to 270 GB of storage and 135 GB of bandwidth. Moreover, the system’s SEO support is minimal. If your business takes off, you might outgrow your Site123 website.

But if it does, there’s an excellent chance you’ll have Site123 to thank for your success.

What is Site123?

Site123 is an intuitive and easy-to-use website builder that helps people easily create websites.

Is legit?

Site123 has been in operation for five years, offering customers a simple builder, domain name service, web hosting service, and other products related to website management. It’s legit.

Is Site123 free?

You can use Site123 for free, but with limited storage and bandwidth. With the free version, you don’t get access to all of the company’s products and tools.

What is the best website builder 2022?

That depends on your needs. There are many excellent website builders that can help you create your own website from scratch. Site123 is excellent for users who are not tech-savvy and want to focus solely on content creation. Site123 gives them fully functional templates and themes that they can customize. Site123 reviews your website name and offers you available domains so you don’t need to bother with this task. And the company provides cloud hosting services, meaning that it covers everything you need to set up your website.