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Sage | Reviews by SmallBizGenius

ByDanica Jovic
October 11,2022
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Whether you’re an up-and-comer in the small business world or you’ve been in the market for some time, accounting software is a must-have. The benefits are numerous – from accurately calculating taxes to checking your financial history, ready-made accounting solutions are an integral part of running a business. Moreover, most such products come with additional features, like payroll and HR systems, so it’s no surprise that this market is growing every day. 

You may have already heard of popular candidates like Xero and Quickbooks, but even less-known products like Sage have a lot to offer. Sage reviews your books and transactions, organizes your payroll, and provides essential HR tools – all in all, an accounting dream come true. 


30-day free trial. Accounting Start option costs $10 per month. See review for more details.

pros thumb up Pros
  • Cloud-based software solution
  • Automatic invoice-to-transaction matching
  • Customizable invoices
  • Android and iOS app
  • Online payment
cons thumb down Cons
  • Limited features on a cheaper plan
  • Long set-up process

About the company 

Sage is a cloud-based software product primarily designed for bookkeeping and accounting purposes. It’s most suitable for small businesses, but some additions cater to larger companies, too. Founded in 1981 by David Goldman, today Sage is a well-recognized British accounting company. It started as a small project when the founder wanted to automate and simplify his own business’s accounting processes. Forty years later, millions of clients worldwide from various industries use Sage software. In 2018, the company launched Sage Business Cloud Accounting, a flexible Sage online accounting software for small businesses, formerly known as Sage One. 

Sage software products

Sage offers various software and services for small businesses and startups, but it’s also a popular software solution for medium-sized companies. As soon as you enter the Sage website, you’ll find a list of products made to cater to businesses of various sizes. Sage offers various cloud-based products to help medium-sized companies do their work more efficiently. For instance, Sage Business Cloud X3 is a comprehensive business management platform: The product comes with accounting, financing, and inventory features, so it practically covers all the essential aspects of running a business. 

Laudable as this may be, getting Sage for small business management is still a more popular solution. 

It comes in two versions – Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Sage 50cloud Accounting. As mentioned, Sage Business Cloud Accounting is the former Sage One, while Sage 50cloud Accounting is software formerly known as Peachtree. The main difference between the old versions and the new is the connection to the cloud. However, only Sage Business Cloud Accounting is fully cloud-based, while Sage 50cloud still needs a desktop installation to run.

Sage 50cloud is a popular software option, widely used for small business needs. Thanks to its robust set of accounting and payroll features, you can find numerous positive Sage 50 reviews. Nonetheless, this robust software system requires powerful desktop computers and tech-savvy users to set it up properly. It’s also available only for Windows machines. Still, Sage 50cloud Accounting contains many useful tools aimed at inventory and payroll management and payroll. According to client reviews, it is most suited for professional accountants, as it does require some skill for proper use. 

The company’s latest addition is Sage Business Cloud Accounting. It includes several software options for managing invoices, cash flow, taxes, and payroll. Furthermore, there’s Sage HR, formerly CakeHR, a comprehensive HR platform available to small and medium businesses alike. 

This glance into the world of Sage software will mostly be a Sage Business Cloud Accounting (Sage One) review.

Ease of use 

Ease of use is crucial for any accounting software. Although Sage is widely implemented by professional accountants, it’s primarily designed to simplify bookkeeping tasks for small businesses. Hence, it should be simple to use even if you don’t have an accounting degree. 

Unlike Sage 50cloud Accounting, a computer program that you need to install on your desktop, Sage Business Cloud Accounting is based entirely online – you don’t need to download anything to your computer. However, you need to set up all the necessary parameters before you start using the software regardless of which version you chose. At least according to Sage accounting software reviews, this process doesn’t pose much of an issue. 

To get going, you first need to log into your Sage account and create your business profile. The setup wizard will automatically ask you for your company name, address, business type, and tax information. Sage software has an online accounting dashboard where you can fill in the remainder of the required and optional information, depending on your specific needs. 

User Interface and performance

The Sage computer system design is modern and appealing: Thanks to its easily navigable interface, you will not have a problem getting around to everything you might want to use.

Adjusting the financial settings might take a while, but don’t stress – it’s not overly complicated, just detailed. Sage reviews praise the clear and neatly organized accounting dashboard, with all features displayed transparently for even the less experienced users.

Usability and performances 

Unlike the Sage 50cloud Accounting system exclusive to Windows users, Sage Business Cloud Accounting can be used on any device and OS you want. The main benefit of using Sage for Mac is mobility – you can manage accounting tasks and employee payroll wherever you go. Whether you work remotely or need to take a business trip, your finances remain at your fingertips. Moreover, Sage accounting tools integrate seamlessly with any Apple device you opt for. 

Sage accounting reviews show that clients are generally satisfied with its performance. The system works smoothly, although the speed depends on the strength of your internet connection. On the other hand, since all files are stored in the cloud, you can rest assured they will be safe and regularly backed up, waiting for you to find a better connection. 

Sage mobile app 

Another thing that Sage clients like about this product is its robust mobile app. You can do accounting on the go via the Sage app regardless of your phone or tablet choice – it’s available for both iPhone and Android devices. 

Sage accounting software features 

The Sage accounting toolkit will eliminate as many complications as possible from organizing your invoices and payments, managing accounts, and completing transactions. After all, this software is optimized for streamlining and automating finance management to make more time for users to focus on business growth.

Track expenses 

The first feature we need to mention is expense tracking. With an admin account, you can create transactions and organize them as you wish. The software uses machine learning technology that automatically matches transactions with invoices to reconcile them faster. Thanks to this, the Sage accounting system minimizes errors and reduces time spent on data entry. 


Creating invoices is another useful advantage this software offers – all you need to do is provide the payment details. Should you want to customize invoices to match your business, Sage lets you add your brand name and company logo to them. And if you’re doing your business internationally or have special offers, there’s the option to create invoices in different currencies and make discounts. The software also allows for status tracking, so you’ll know when your clients received and viewed the invoices.  


One major plus in terms of payment organization with Sage is the option to connect your accounting system with Stripe, speeding up the whole process. In our Sage payment solutions review, we also checked the quality of integration across different platforms. Thanks to the built-in payment feature, you can see the payment details over the phone. On top of that, the Pay Now button lets your clients pay their bills via mobile as soon as you forward them your invoices and set a due date.

AutoEntry feature

Sage has one more useful feature to make your accounting tasks simpler. The AutoEntry tool – as the name would suggest – automates data entry. Capture all your invoices and receipts with your mobile phone and upload them to the cloud – the AutoEntry tool will extract the financial data from the images, and voila! No need for manual spreadsheet work.

Sage HR software 

Sage business software products are versatile. Aside from accounting software, Sage also offers modern and easily navigable HR software. Sage HR, formerly known as CakeHR, contains essential HR tools that will help you organize your team members and boost your workers’ productivity. The software is cloud-based and available on all platforms – Mac laptops, iPads, Android phones, iPhones, etc. Whether you manage a small number of people or have many employees, Sage HR will help you run your team no matter where you are. 

Sage HR is suitable for small businesses employing both office and remote workers: One central platform lets you see each worker’s profile. For the purpose of our Sage accounting review, we checked the basic HR functionalities, like leave and performance management. They both work without hiccups, although the limitations on options and tools are a bit jarring. If you are looking for a more developed system, check out some other accounting software providers, too.


Sage lets you try out its software with a 30-day free trial and see whether it is a good fit for your business or not. After that, you can choose between two pricing models, depending on your needs and whether you think the Sage accounting software cost matches its benefits. You will need to provide credit card details for paying the monthly subscription.

The Accounting Start option costs $10 per month. It’s a simple accounting solution for those who need basic account software tools. You can create and customize invoices and also get the expense tracking so you can automate transactions.  

If you want to expand upon that offer, there’s the Accounting plan. You can get the first six months for free if you agree to their special offer, but the regular Sage price for this plan is $25 per month. Aside from the Account Start basic functionalities, this plan includes more features for managing your cash flow. You’ll be able to create estimates and quotes easily, record bills from your clients, and more. 

The AutoEntry feature is available only with the latter pricing model. 

If you want to purchase one of the Sage business solutions, you just need to go to the company’s site, choose a product, find the Pricing menu, and choose one of the plans, redirecting to the Shop page.

Similar products/software

Customer support 

Our Sage accounting software review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the company’s customer service. Overall, we were satisfied with Sage’s customer support. Agents are very friendly and polite, but more importantly, they respond quickly and provide accurate information. You can contact Sage agents via phone, or you can fill a form on the company’s site. Besides agent support, you can also inform yourself about Sage products by reading articles and guides. The Blog section includes numerous articles and documents that describe each product’s purpose and usage. Moreover, Sage has a Forum where its users can ask questions and share their software experiences. The forum is active, and Sage representatives respond regularly. 

As almost any Sage software review will tell you, clients are delighted with the company’s customer service. Most of all, they praise the agents who respond instantly, while many users are also satisfied with the extensive knowledge section.

The company puts lots of effort into providing its clients with high-quality service. Hence, you’ll be asked to rate the website and talk a little about your experience with the software.

Is Sage any good?

Yes, Sage is a reputable software provider, established in the early eighties. It started as a small company that provides accounting software solutions for small businesses. Today, millions of clients use accounting software from Sage to manage their finances. 

How much does Sage cost per month?

The accounting software is available in two options – Accounting Start and Accounting. The Accounting Start costs $10 per month and is suitable for those who need only the essential accounting tools. The Accounting plan is $25 per month, and it includes more tools for managing invoices and statements, as well as the AutoEntry tool.

Is Sage better than QuickBooks?

This question has no easy answer: Sage is an excellent choice for experienced accountants, but QuickBooks is suitable for laypeople, too. Sage reviews also claim that the software is not easy to set up, and in comparison to QuickBooks, it has a less attractive interface.