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Rocket Lawyer | Reviews by SmallBizGenius

ByDanica Jovic
October 11,2022
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Founded in 2008, Rocket Lawyer is an idealistic online project intended to deliver affordable legal services to everyday people. Based in San Francisco, the company has helped more than 20 million people lease real estate, get divorced, manage employees, negotiate sales, plan their estates, and start businesses. Rocket Lawyer reviews at the Better Business Bureau and elsewhere confirm that clients appreciate its fast service and ease of use.


Monthly subscription fee: $39.99. See review for more details.

pros thumb up Pros
  • Intuitive document builder
  • Fast application process
  • Quick legal advice
  • 7-day free trial
  • Live chat support
  • Rich library of legal forms and documents
cons thumb down Cons
  • Expensive pricing plan
  • Credit card required for free trial

Rocket Lawyer has a rich library of legal documents and forms for all sorts of legal help in all 50 states. Whether you want to create a contract for a loan, make an agreement with your business partner, or protect your intellectual property, Rocket Lawyer can help you out.

Among its services, Rocket Lawyer helps individuals establish LLCs, C corporations, S corporations, and nonprofit organizations. We’re going to focus on incorporating a new LLC.

Rocket Lawyer Pricing

Rocket Lawyer has a two-tier pricing system based on whether you have purchased a subscription to its services. Non-members can purchase services a la carte. Prices are high but not as high as hiring a lawyer. Most customers prefer to purchase memberships. A monthly subscription fee of $39.99 opens the door to hundreds of services that require no additional payment.

Rocket Lawyer is not the most cost-effective way to start a company if you’re paying for services a la carte. The Rocket Lawyer filing service costs $99.99, and if you need a registered agent, that service will cost you $150 per year.

If you’re a Rocket Lawyer member, the company will file your LLC registration paperwork at no charge. (You must still pay taxes and fees in the state where your LLC is registered, of course.) Registered agent service is discounted too.

Unlike some companies that provide LLC formation services, Rocket Lawyer doesn’t offer multiple price and service tiers for setting up an LLC. However, it provides all the same optional services as other companies.

For example, you can have obtain your new company’s Employer Identification Number, which functions as its tax ID number. That costs $59.99. You can buy the $99.99 Corporate Kit and Seal package, which includes stock certificates, an embossed corporate binder, a corporate seal, and sample business forms, or opt for the seal only for $59.99.


Member Price

Non-Member Price

File LLC paperwork



Registered agent



Employer ID number



Corporate seal



Corporate Kit and Seal package



Rocket Lawyer pricing is further complicated by the presence of free trial memberships. Create an account and use Rocket Lawyer for seven days. If you are satisfied, you can become a paid member and continue to use the company’s services. If Rocket Lawyer doesn’t seem like a good fit for you and your business, you can unsubscribe and owe nothing.

One of the things that you’ll love about the company is its pricing transparency. The website features a neatly organized price list for all products and services. 

We are focusing on the services you’ll need when establishing an LLC. When you evaluate prices, keep in mind that setting up a company is just one of the services Rocket Lawyer provides.

Membership Plan

Rocket Lawyer’s paid membership plan is designed for clients who have an ongoing need for assistance with legal issues. For $39.99 per month, you’ll be able to create as many legal documents as you want. From a bill of sale to a patent application, Rocket Lawyer has got you covered – at no extra charge.

The subscription also includes 30-minute telephone consultations with lawyers who are experts in different aspects of personal, family, intellectual property, and business law. If you need additional assistance, Rocket Lawyer will help you find an affordable attorney in your area. 

According to numerous reviews of Rocket Lawyer, clients appreciate the website’s easy-to-use document wizard, which allows them to create personalized versions of various business and legal documents. Whether you need a bulletproof residential lease or a letter to discourage aggressive collection agents, generating documents is a breeze. There is no charge to members for unlimited use of this service.

Starting an LLC

When you enlist Rocket Lawyer’s help in starting a limited liability company, the company quickly creates and fills out all the paperwork you need:

  • Limited Liability Company Worksheet 
  • Buy-Sell Agreement
  • Business Plan 
  • Single Member Operating Agreement 
  • Founders’ Agreement
  • LLC Operating Agreement

The most important document for your LLC business is the operating agreement. It’s a legal document that defines how your company is going to be run. It sets the duties and responsibilities of each member, so this document must be created properly and on time as part of creating the company.

Rocket Lawyer files these papers in the proper state offices for you, and in a matter of days or weeks the state will respond that you have formed a company. If your state offers an extra-charge expedited approval process, Rocket Lawyer will give you an opportunity to accept or reject it.

Next, decide if you need Rocket Lawyer registered agent service.

Every US state requires corporations to have registered agents. The registered agent signs for mail from the IRS, creditors, business partners, courts, and government agencies. You can be your own registered agent, but most entrepreneurs prefer to pay a small annual fee for this service.

The Best Features 

Whether you are a Rocket Lawyer member or you purchase services a la carte, you will enjoy access to some of the company’s best and most popular services.

Easy-to-use document builder

Rocket Lawyer’s document builder helps you identify and personalize the services you want. For example, when you indicate that you want to start a company, you are invited to specify which state you live in and whether you are interested in Rocket Lawyer LLC formation services or you’d rather start a C corporation, an S corporation, or a nonprofit organization. You are asked if you are the sole owner or you have partners. The document builder uses your answers to a series of questions to generate the paperwork that is filed with the state as part of your LLC’s incorporation process.

Rocket Lawyer app

Although the Rocket Lawyer website is designed to work great on mobile devices, the company distributes free apps for Android and iPhone users. According to Rocket Lawyer Incorporated reviews, many clients are so excited about the ability to access documents wherever they are. 

The apps install quickly and smoothly. They allow you to create documents when you are out of the office, access all your files, and ask legal questions.

Ask a Lawyer 

A Rocket Lawyer membership includes free phone support from lawyers. A 30-minute consultation is entirely free for members. The company also allows you to send as many questions as you like to a lawyer. 

Based on Rocket Lawyer LLC reviews, many clients use this option because it saves time with quick answers to multiple legal questions. If you use the service just a couple of times per year, you’ve paid for your Rocket Lawyer membership.

You submit questions by visiting the Ask a Lawyer page at the Rocket Lawyer website. You can explain your problem in as many as 600 words. You can ask questions about any topic, including your LLC.

This service is free for members. Nonmembers pay $49.99 per question.

Digital signature with Rocket Sign

Another great feature: Rocket Sign. Rocket Lawyer costs for this service: no charge. Rocket Sign is a protocol that lets you sign legal documents online. It verifies the integrity of the document so you can share it with other people, including co-signatories. You can save a lot of time and money with this feature.

Customer service 

Our review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Rocket Lawyer support. In order to give you accurate information about the company and its services, we consulted with the customer-service team several times. They answered all the questions we put to them, and they were really polite.

The Help button is next to the Rocket Lawyer sign-in button. You can get support via the site’s FAQ list, online chat, telephone, and email.

Refund policy

Rocket Lawyer’s refund policy guarantees the return of your money if you are not satisfied with the company’s services. 

The company also has a de facto one-month Rocket Lawyer free trial. If you cancel your subscription within 30 days of signing up, you’ll get a complete refund. The only thing you need to do is call the Rocket Lawyer contact number and explain why you are not satisfied with the company’s services. 

There are some limitations to the Rocket Lawyer Refund Policy. Of course the company will not refund any filing fees that it paid to the state government or regulatory agencies on your behalf. Also, the company will not give you money back just because you forgot to unsubscribe on time. If you sign up for a seven-day free trial, you’ll get charged for a subscription at the end of the week unless you explicitly cancel. Don’t forget to unsubscribe from the site. Most of the negative Rocket Lawyer reviews at the Better Business Bureau and other sites were written by people who forgot to unsubscribe at the end of the one-week trial.

The Rocket Lawyer application process

Thanks to its intuitive document builder, Rocket Lawyer enables a smooth and simple application process for all its customers. Clients who used Rocket Lawyer document builder for the first time agree that it is well-organized and uncomplicated. Regular clients are satisfied because document creation goes fast, and the builder is available on all types of devices. 

There are a few simple steps to follow to complete your LLC application. First, you need to choose a type of business you want to establish and the state you are coming from. Second, you need to provide the basic information (name, address, email) of the person who should be contacted if Rocket Lawyer staff members have questions. 

Rocket Lawyer customer reviews agree that the most comprehensive section is where you provide details to customize your incorporation order. 

Once the paperwork is complete, you can review it if you like, then submit your order. Rocket Lawyer takes it from there.

User Reviews

We carefully reviewed customer evaluations at the Better Business Bureau and other websites. In general, clients say they are satisfied with Rocket Lawyer services. They praise the company for ease of use and excellent customer service.

We also found a few negative reviews – almost all from clients who signed up for a free trial and then forgot to unsubscribe. 

Rocket Lawyer reviews complaints and answers all questions quickly. This company takes care of its clients.


Before signing up for Rocket Lawyer, it’s worth checking out the competition. How does Rocket Lawyer compare with industry-leading companies like ZenBusiness and LegalZoom?

ZenBusiness vs Rocket Lawyer 

ZenBusiness is one of the most popular companies in the LLC-setup business. It offers three pricing plans. The first-tier plan costs only $49, which is a great bargain. In addition to preparing and filing documents, this package includes the first year of registered agent service. The price doesn’t last. A ZenBusiness registered agent will cost you $119 per year after the first year.

LegalZoom vs Rocket Lawyer

LegalZoom is among the strongest Rocket Lawyer competitors. Clients praise this company for its pricing plans and responsive customer service. Over the past two decades, the company has served thousands of clients. LegalZoom’s LLC incorporation package costs $249, and it includes a year of registered agent services.

Similar products/software

Bottom Line 

Rocket Lawyer is a reputable company that has helped millions of people with personal and business legal advice. 

The company’s services are a great value if you have an ongoing need for legal services and consultation with attorneys. Otherwise it is hard to justify the $39.99 monthly subscription price or the a la carte prices of LLC paperwork and registered agent services.

Rocket Lawyer reviews on Reddit point out that this subscription will definitely save you money if you have an ongoing need for legal help, as most entrepreneurs do. But it is less affordable if all you want is to incorporate your business.

There is no doubt that Rocket Lawyer makes creating an LLC a breeze. Whether it is the right service for you depends on your need for ongoing legal services.

What is Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer is an online business that helps individuals who need affordable legal services, including the establishment of LLCs, S corporations, C corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

Is Rocket Lawyer legit?

Yes. The San-Francisco based company has helped more than 20 million people with legal advice and documents. According to Rocket Lawyer reviews, the company is the best choice for those who find it cost-effective to contract for low-cost legal assistance and advice.

Which is better: LegalZoom or Rocket Lawyer?

Both companies provide excellent services, but neither is better. LegalZoom’s application process can take up to 30 days. If you are looking for fast services and a simple application process, Rocket Lawyer is better for you.

Is Rocket Lawyer really free?

Rocket Lawyer offers a seven-day free trial. To use this service, you must provide credit card details. During this period, you can use all of the site’s services, then subscribe or cancel the service. If you forget to cancel the subscription, the company will charge your credit card. Most Rocket Lawyer complaints come from people who forgot to unsubscribe.

Are Rocket Lawyer forms legal?

Yes, Rocket Lawyer forms are completely legal. The company’s attorneys update them frequently to keep them synchronized with changing laws all over the United States.

How to cancel Rocket Lawyer?

If you want to cancel Rocket Lawyer services, start by logging in to your account. Go to the Rocket Lawyer dashboard and click on Account Settings. That’s where you’ll find the Cancel button.

If you’d rather, you can contact the company’s customer support agents and ask them to help you.

The process is slightly different if you’re using the mobile app. Rocket Lawyer reviews say the simple process is described clearly within the app.