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RingCentral Review

ByJames MacMillan
March 15,2022
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The way we work is changing. A growing number of employees and businesses are having to adapt to the concept of remote work. These new realities are fueling the demand for effective communication tools, with many companies turning to premium VoIP service providers like RingCentral. But our RingCentral review reveals that this platform is used for more than just voice communications. In addition to video conferencing and faxing, RingCentral has a range of other capabilities.


RingCentral has four different packages. See review for more details.

pros thumb up Pros
  • Excellent video conferencing capabilities
  • Enhances communication between staff members
  • Improves customer service
  • Affordable and easy to use
cons thumb down Cons
  • Limited basic package


RingCentral Calls

RingCentral’s VoIP phone system is easy to set up and allows you to make calls from both your desktop and mobile devices. Perhaps most importantly, you can retain your current business number and transfer all of your contacts to your RingCentral account. Our RingCentral business telephone review gives this feature top marks because it paves the way for a seamless transition to RingCentral. You don’t have to get a new number or worry about missing calls from clients and colleagues. 

There’s also a wide variety of options for making and receiving calls. You can do it online or through your mobile carrier. With the latter, you don’t need an internet connection, which minimizes the prospects of any disruptions in your daily communications. Since this is a business number, you can manually set working hours so that you don’t receive unwanted calls when you’re enjoying time away from work.  

Another part of our RingCentral phone review relates to the toll-free option that the platform offers. This helps your business by allowing customers to phone you free of charge. Depending on the package you subscribe to, you can have anywhere between 100 and 100,000 toll-free minutes. You can purchase extra minutes if you exceed the allocated number. 

During our review of RingCentral, we were also impressed with the fact that users can create a local number prefix with more than 200 options available. This makes it possible for your business to transcend geographical distances, as clients can dial their local area code to reach you. It’s a personalized touch that customers are certain to appreciate.

Also, if you’re based in California, a prospective client in Alabama is more likely to pick up the phone if they see a local number. You can even put on your best Southern accent for maximum authenticity. 

Video Calls

Video conferencing is experiencing a surge in popularity with an increasing number of people working from home. Our RingCentral Video review examines the platform’s capabilities in what is becoming a highly competitive field. 

We’re glad to say that this video conferencing solution is easy to use and doesn’t require the installation of any software. To get started, just click on a link or a meeting URL. You can arrange meetings with colleagues and clients with relative ease, and all communications are secure.

While researching our RingCentral video conference review, we also learned that you can invite up to 200 attendees with licenses available for up to 500 users. Furthermore, webinars can be organized with up to 10,000 attendees. These numbers are sufficient for most businesses.   

In addition, there are various options that enable you to customize your meetings. Desktop sharing is available so you can make your presentations clear to all participants. You can also share both cloud-based and local files, websites, and much more. Other perks worth mentioning in our RingCentral meeting review include the option to add polls, emails, and Q&A.

Moreover, participants can be split into groups to complete assignments or engage in training sessions and icebreaker activities. This brings participants closer together and compensates for the fact that the meetings and conferences are being held online. 

Our RingCentral review gives the platform’s video conferencing capabilities top marks. In short, the platform is well-equipped and perfectly capable of hosting all types of meetings and conferences. All of the customizable features are highly beneficial to all participants and add to the overall experience. 

A review of RingCentral call recording is equally important, as the program gives you the option to record your meetings and calls. This is a standard feature, enabling you to review important meetings and pick up key bits of information that you may have missed during the initial discussion. 

You also have the option of allowing the webinar recording to be distributed among all other attendees, which can enhance their overall experience and help them brush up on everything that was discussed. The host has control over who can record the meeting and who can receive a copy.


RingCentral Glip is another function that enhances team collaboration. Our RingCentral Glip review found that the function can be utilized to add users to the RingCentral service. You can then chat, hold video conferences, and record calls for free.  

Glip also shows the availability of your contacts based on their activity while giving you quick access to your task list and calendar. Its messaging feature is a useful addition, enabling quicker interactions between colleagues. This can be done from any of your devices. You can even use the RingCentral mobile app to review anything that’s being shared while you’re on the move. 

Through the messaging service, you can attach files, links, and other information that your colleagues can receive instantly. With notification options available, this is a faster method than  writing emails. You can create different messaging groups so that all teams and departments have a forum where they can post relevant information without having to speak to each individual member.

While compiling our RingCentral review, we also discovered that the messaging service doesn’t only cover internal communications, but also extends to customer service. Today, many customers prefer to communicate with support agents via live chat because some don’t like talking over the phone, and emails can often have longer response times. As such, clients will appreciate being able to have a quick informal chat over the message feature with a customer service representative. In short, this tool will help enhance your organization’s customer service experience.

RingCentral Omnichannel

Another important aspect of RingCentral is its omnichannel program. A quick RingCentral omnichannel review reveals that this engagement platform ensures smooth communication with your customers through multiple channels, including email, live chat, telephone, SMS, and social media platforms. 

Thanks to the level of integration, your support agents can deal with customer inquiries quickly and effectively. 

Not only does it make things easier for your staff, but the availability of so many channels also improves the customer’s overall experience. By signing up for RingCentral, your contact center reviews can improve significantly.


To properly review RingCentral, we needed to examine the site’s efficiency, design, and visual order. This is a cloud-based operating system, so no software installation is required. Your average employee shouldn’t have any difficulty with operating the system. All of the program’s functions are clearly displayed, and you can easily switch between devices to optimize the way you work. 

Our RingCentral app review concluded that the application fits seamlessly with the system. It offers you flexibility with calls and allows you to use different devices. You can keep your old business phone number and make the switch to RingCentral’s cloud program in a matter of minutes.

Customer Service

During our RingCentral customer support review, the company’s team got back to us within mere minutes after we got past the automated control feature. After that, it took between one and two minutes for each question to be answered via live chat. In addition to the quick responses, we found the agents to be highly knowledgeable. Users subscribed to the standard package, as well as those who choose the more expensive plans, are entitled to 24/7 customer support. 

Pricing Plans

After conducting a thorough review of RingCentral’s features, interface, and customer service, it’s time to check out the price tag. RingCentral has four different packages: Essentials, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate. 

The list below includes a brief overview of the packages, highlighting the key features in each one, and a pricing table follows.


  • Up to 20 users
  • Unlimited calls within US and Canada
  • 100 toll-free minutes
  • RingCentral app available


  • Unlimited users
  • Up to 100 attendees in video conferences
  • Audio conferences unlimited
  • 1,000 toll-free minutes
  • Unlimited internal fax 
  • 24-hour customer support


  • Up to 200 attendees in video conferences
  • 2,500 toll-free minutes
  • Automatic call recording
  • Hot-desking for shared phones 
  • Analytical reports


  • 10,000 toll-free minutes 
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Status reports and alerts




$19.99/month per user


$24.99/month per user


$34.99/month per user


$49.99/month per user

Our RingCentral reviews of the company’s pricing structure begins with the Essentials package. Although this is a relatively cheap option, it doesn’t seem to offer great value for money as it lacks in features. 

For starters, the 100 toll-free minutes aren’t sufficient for most businesses, and you’ll soon go over your cap and be charged extra. So if toll-free calls are something you want to make use of, then avoid the Essentials package. This option is better suited to small businesses looking to upgrade their phone system. 

If you’re willing to fork out an additional $5/month per user, you can upgrade from the Essentials package to the Standard one. In our RingCentral standard plan review, we concluded that this is an excellent and worthwhile upgrade. The extra features you receive are far more substantial. The package includes an unlimited number of users, a video conferencing option, 24/7 customer support, and 1,000 toll-free minutes. It’s a wonderful package for small and medium-sized businesses looking to modernize their communication systems. 

But the Premium package is widely regarded as the company’s most popular plan, with features that take your organization’s communications to another level. During our RingCentral reviewer, we arrived at the conclusion that the 2,500 toll-free minutes are adequate for most medium-sized businesses. The hot-desking feature can also come in handy as companies won’t have to pay for a telephone for each employee. 

The Ultimate plan is similar to the Premium subscription with a few notable upgrades. It has a few aces up its sleeve, including unlimited storage capacity, additional toll-free minutes, as well as status reports and alerts. 

Another important factor that we need to mention in our RingCentral review is that the price of the package goes down if you add more users to the subscription. The Ultimate package for example drops from $49.99 to $42.99 per user if there are more than 100 users. This means that cost-effective deals can be worked out for larger firms. In addition, the price drops by a further 33% if you pay annually instead of monthly. With these offers on the table, RingCentral guarantees competitive prices. A short free trial is also available, but due to the nature of the technology, you’ll only get 50 minutes for up to five users.

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The inevitable conclusion of our RingCentral review for 2022 is that the platform can significantly improve your organization’s communications both internally and externally. All of your calls, emails, messages, and video calls are integrated into one system. 

RingCentral appears to have made significant strides in a number of areas in recent months. This is especially true when it comes to the video conferencing feature, which is witnessing a surge in popularity due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to excellent call and messaging functions, our RingCentral office review found that most people were subscribing to the platform for video calls.        

Given the long list of features on offer, we feel that the price is right. If you want your company to make a leap into the future and develop its digital communications, sign up for RingCentral.

Is RingCentral safe?

RingCentral reviews confirm that the platform considers security a top priority. It uses seven layers of security software to protect its cloud-based system. The network is constantly monitored, putting any safety fears about RingCentral to rest.

What is RingCentral used for?

RingCentral is a VoIP service that helps you enhance your company’s communications both internally and externally. The cloud-based program integrates communication tools such as calls, messaging, video chat, and faxes into one online system. Our review of RingCentral rates the platform among the top providers, as it enhances the efficiency of communication between staff members and improves customer service capabilities.

How much is RingCentral monthly?

There are four different RingCentral plans: Essentials ($19.99/month per user), Standard ($24.99/month pre user), Premium ($34.99/month per user), and Ultimate ($49.99/month per user). The packages include a range of different features. You’ll get a 33% discount if you pay annually instead of monthly. Our RingCentral review found that you can definitely get your money’s worth due to the unique way in which the platform streamlines your communication technology.