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ProWritingAid Review

ByIsidora Alimpic
March 15,2022
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Writing is tricky — it can be a dreaded necessity, a beloved hobby, or both. Writing-checker software can be a brilliant solution in both circumstances. 

Yes, we know. There are so many products to choose from! We think that after you read our ProWritingAid review, you will come to the Goldilocks conclusion, just as we have: This writing and editing software is ‌just right.

Orpheus Technology launched ProWritingAid in 2012 as a tool for professional authors. It was intended to help them perfect their manuscripts. Orpheus has added many features over the years, broadening the customer base to include students, knowledge workers, and bloggers.

When you use ProWritingAid, you often feel as if it’s guiding you beyond the necessary spelling and grammar corrections. This impression is correct. ProWritingAid uses many criteria to judge your work, far beyond issues of grammar, punctuation, and usage. It’s almost like ProWritingAid reviews your text with the goal of getting it published in the best magazine or journal.


Free version available. Monthly: $20/month See review for more details.

pros thumb up Pros
  • Free online version
  • Free Premium Trial
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Detailed reports
  • Learning assistance
  • Wide variety of integrations
  • Free resources
cons thumb down Cons
  • Pricey plagiarism checks
  • Incomplete Alliteration Report


ProWritingAid is available in Free, Premium, and Premium Plus versions. To use the free version, just visit the ProWritingAid website and create an account. The paid plans require a bit more deliberation because you have to choose from three payment methods.



Premium Plus










ProWritingAid has academic and business pricing options as well, but more on that later.

ProWritingAid Premium Review

If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, check out ProWritingAid Premium. The additional desktop app and seamless integration with Microsoft Word, Open Office, and other word-processing programs might be just what you need. 

Unlike the free version, ProWritingAid Premium has no limitations. Your text can be as long as you like and you can customize the writing checker to meet your preferences or your employer’s requirements. From browser extensions to desktop software, the premium ProWritingAid option has got your back. 

There’s one more thing we should tell you about ProWritingAid Premium. As you can probably tell, we’re quite impressed with it. But you don’t have to take our word for it: You can test it yourself. Visit the website and you can get a ProWritingAid free trial for the Premium version. All you have to do is request it on and within seconds you’ll receive an email confirmation.

Few spelling and grammar-checking utilities offer free trials of their premium services, so we recommend that you take advantage of ProWritingAid’s generosity. The trial lasts seven days, and if you dislike the program you can delete your ProWritingAid account and easily uninstall all the add-ins and applications. If you happen to fall in love with it as we have, it’s just as simple to purchase a full license.

ProWritingAid Premium Plus Review

The Premium Plus package includes both ProWritingAid Premium and a plagiarism checker. Technically, the plagiarism checking feature is present in both the Free and Premium versions, but it isn’t actually available unless you pay to unlock it. 

A Premium Plus license includes 60 checks per year. When you look at the individual pricing packages for plagiarism checking and compare them to the 60 checks you get with ProWritingAid Premium Plus, you’ll see that this is not a terrible deal. Keep in mind that a ProWritingAid plagiarism check is limited to 2,000 words. 

# of checks










With a monthly subscription, Premium Plus costs $48 per year more than Premium. The included 60 plagiarism checks cost you $0.80 each, which is not much of a deal. The annual subscription is better. Premium Pro costs just $10 more than Premium annual, so each plagiarism check costs less than $0.17. That’s a good deal.

Prices for Businesses and Schools 

You can get a ProWritingAid discount for bulk purchases:

– 3-4 licenses: 10% off

– 5-9 licenses: 15% off

– 10-15 licenses: 20% off

– 16 or more licenses: 25% off

Students are eligible for a 20% discount, and if you have unique requirements for your academic institution or business, you can contact ProWritingAid to get a quote.

Businesses can book a demo by filling out a short form at the ProWritingAid website. Orpheus Technology will arrange a trial based on your organization’s specific needs.

Money-Back Guarantee and Payment

You’ve made your payment, clicked the ProWritingAid download button, and…you’re having second thoughts. Don’t worry. ProWritingAid has a 14-day money-back guarantee. Details are spelled out clearly on the website.

The three main things you need to know about ProWritingAid’s payment process are: 

– The process is extremely simple.

– You can pay using a credit card or PayPal.

– Security isn’t an issue – your payment information is secured using 128-bit SSL encryption.


You’d be hard-pressed to find checker software that analyzes your work as meticulously as ProWritingAid does. ProWritingAid reviews your work, and in addition to underlining and correcting it, compiles detailed reports for you.

Style Report

Writing style can mean different things to different people – and it’s the same with editing software. Other programs classify style with punctuation and grammar checking. ProWritingAid’s style editor covers those areas and many more, providing detailed reports that pinpoint:

– Passive verbs

– Lengthy subordinate clauses

– Over-reliance on adverbs

– Hidden verbs

– Repeated sentence starts

– Emotional tells

Grammar Report test

If you’re looking for one of the best grammar checker programs out there, you should definitely give ProWritingAid a try. Aside from its basic grammar checking service, ProWritingAid’s grammar editor includes advanced checking based on the experience of ProWritingAid’s expert copy-editing team. 

Overused Words Report

We all tend to overuse certain favorite words without even noticing them. When words like “very” and “just” show up in our writing too often, they make our statements seem less convincing or give off the impression that we weren’t creative enough to think of more effective adverbs. ProWritingAid will review your text and help you eliminate these problematic words and phrases.

Clichés and Redundancies Report

Clichés are an excellent way to lose your readers’ attention. Avoiding them and coming up with unique ways to express your ideas results in much better work. Another thing you want to steer clear of is clutter. In all kinds of writing, less is almost always more. Most words are self-explanatory and don’t require appendages. ProWritingAid won’t let you forget any of this.

Sticky Sentence Report

The ProWritingAid review of sticky sentences is our least favorite. At times, the suggestions were really useful, but we felt that sometimes ProWritingAid was overzealous in removing our “glue words.” Glue words are the words that connect the main words in a sentence, and sometimes deleting them results in out-of-context utterances.

Readability Report

You don’t want people scratching their heads in confusion while reading your words. The readability check analyzes and highlights sentences in different colors according to their level of reading difficulty. 

Repeats Check

ProWritingAid underlines and counts words and phrases that you’ve repeated too many times in your text.

Sentence Length Report

This report is one of the reasons ProWritingAid is sometimes called the best editing software for writers. Sentence variety helps keep your readers engaged. ProWritingAid gives you detailed graphs of your sentence lengths so you can manage this important aspect of your writing deliberately.

Pronoun Report

If your writing is overly saturated with pronouns, the pronoun check will let you know. It underlines pronouns so you can decrease their number and make your writing more dynamic.

Transition Report

ProWritingAid presents the number of transitions in your text as a percentage. The goal is 25%. If your score is below that, you should add more transitions for the sake of improving your text’s clarity and cohesiveness.

Consistency Check

Proofreading and editing software usually doesn’t include tools that deal with consistency issues. Luckily, ProWritingAid does. It underlines inconsistencies in:

– Spelling 

– Hyphenation

– Capitalization

– Punctuation

This check also ensures that you stick to either American or British English. 

Pacing Check

The pacing check can be especially helpful to professional authors, since it identifies slow-paced sections that readers might find dull.

Contextual Thesaurus

The ProWritingAids thesaurus doesn’t blindly churn out synonyms. It takes the surrounding words into account and provides suggestions that are relevant and appropriate in context.

Dialogue Tags Check

This is a great feature in editing software for writers who are struggling with bringing characters to life. ProWritingAid excludes the unavoidable “said” and “asked” dialogue tags, but identifies all the others, thus encouraging you to describe to readers how your characters feel instead of just telling them.

Diction Report

Wordy expressions are often confusing, so those who have a tendency to use them will benefit from this aspect of ProWritingAid’s assistance. A box below the highlighted words will even show you a possible replacement.

Alliteration Report

Perhaps in the future, this ProWritingAid review of alliterations will contain more information or useful suggestions. Currently, it doesn’t do anything except count the alliterative phrases in your document.

Homonym Check

The homonym check highlights every word that has homonyms so you can double-check to make sure that you’re using the right one and not its sound-alike.

Acronym Check

ProWritingAid lists all the acronyms and initialisms in your text, pointing out the ones that have been: 

– Introduced

– Introduced multiple times

– Introduced after their first appearance

– Misspelled

– Inconsistently written 

House Style Check

No proofreading and editing software can cover every possible issue that a writer might want reviewed. ProWritingAid’s House Style check remedies such circumstances by letting you add your own rules. It’s mostly applicable to users who have noticed a pattern of repeating the same mistake over and over. Companies can also use this tool to enforce a writing style specific to the company.

Plagiarism Report

As we’ve mentioned, you must pay extra, one way or another, to use this feature. If you do, you’ll find that you have access to a powerful plagiarism scan that compares your work to more than a billion web pages and articles. The ProWritingAid plagiarism review tells you to what extent your content matches someone else’s work. The results are shown in percentages and you are provided with a link to the original source. 

All of these reports can be viewed in one summary report, but if you’re short on time, you can turn on real-time writer assistance that includes style, spelling, and grammar checkers. 

We did encounter one minor inconvenience: It can take a few seconds for the editor to analyze all the information and produce a report. Aside from that, we were very impressed with the fact that every ProWritingAid editing software review is accompanied by explanations and sometimes even accompanying videos. Overall, ProWritingAid’s toolkit leaves very little to be desired.


You can always use ProWritingAid’s online editor by logging into your account at However, ProWritingAid offers integration options that make accessing this software faster and more convenient:

Browsers: ProWritingAid has browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. It integrates with Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, and many other websites.

Google Docs: Once you’ve installed the plug-in, it will show up in your add-ons menu.

Microsoft Word and Outlook: The plug-in is supported only on Windows.

ProWritingAid desktop app: The app is available for both Windows and macOS. It works with Scrivener, Microsoft Word, Open Office, Rich Text, HTML, and Markdown.

Content Management and Helpdesk Systems: You can get plug-ins for TinyMCE, Froala, ContentEditable, TextArea, ProseMirror, Quill, WordPress, Redactor, and CKEditor. The price is $10 per user per year, with a 10-user minimum.

Free Resources

ProWritingAid’s website contains a number of handy resources free of charge. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, some of these might help.

Word Explorer: Type a word and find definitions, synonyms, rhymes, quotes, or pretty much anything related to it.

Books Download: Most of the books are free only for ProWritingAid Premium users.

Collocation Dictionary: ProWritingAid claims to have the biggest free collocation dictionary on the internet, and we’re inclined to believe it.

Word Cloud Gallery: You can make your own word cloud, study word clouds that others have made, or play a word cloud game. 

Writing Quotes: Keep scrolling through them until you find one that inspires you.

Writing Prompts: If you’re the type of writer who gets motivated by challenges then ProWritingAid’s prompts might do the trick for you.

Grammar Guide: The grammar guide can help you find the answers to all of the most common grammar and writing style questions.

Similar products/software

Our ProWritingAid cost-benefit analysis is unsurprisingly positive. And how can it not be? ProWritingAid includes tools needed for all types of writing. It feels almost as though you have a devoted writing assistant sitting right next to you and helping you compose anything from emails and academic papers to blogs and books.  

Honestly, we don’t know how we ever got by without it.

How good is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid ranks among the best checker software applications currently available. It provides myriad services concerning grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style along with explanations and suggestions designed to improve writing skills.

What is the best writing editing software?

You won’t go wrong with ProWritingAid, Grammarly, or Ginger. All three are reliable and safe to use. Grammarly is the most expensive, followed closely by Ginger. ProWritingAid is the most affordable.

How to use ProWritingAid with Word?

After you’ve installed the plug-in and provided your license details, you should be able to see a ProWritingAid toolbar at the top of your Microsoft Word document window. Just click on any of the reports to begin the editing process.

Is ProWritingAid better than Grammarly?

In terms of precision and accuracy, ProWritingAid is very similar to Grammarly. The key difference is that a ProWritingAid review is much more detailed than Grammarly’s. Another important factor to consider is that ProWritingAid costs substantially less.