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LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Reviews and Recommendations

ByVladana Donevski
March 15,2022
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LinkedIn is possibly the best place to hunt for prospective clients. Still, a simple search on this network won’t necessarily yield the list of perfect candidates we were hoping for. Don’t lose hope, though: Looking for a simpler solution will probably introduce you to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, with some reviews to boot. In short, this tool is a sales professional’s dream come true.

Let’s dive right in and see how LinkedIn Sales Navigator can save your time and nerves while helping your sales skyrocket.


Price is determined by your budget and team size. Read review for more details.

pros thumb up Pros
  • Contact prospects via InMail
  • Great Search Capabilities
  • Save leads on prospect lists
  • Prospect update notifications
  • Personnel status reporting
  • Accurate lead suggestion
cons thumb down Cons
  • No export list option
  • Navigation needs improvement

About the Company

By now, everyone has at least heard of LinkedIn, the social network aimed at connecting professionals of all trades, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably on it. It allows people to share business opportunities outside of traditional meeting settings. LinkedIn currently counts over 650 million members, which is quite a crowd.

Since its founding, it’s become a multi-purpose tool, and plenty of companies found happiness with a LinkedIn paid sales solution. They use it to find new clients, employees, and leads within its large community through a streamlined process. But when the basic search options run out of steam, the Sales Navigator really shines. Let’s see how.

What are the Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

If you ever took LinkedIn up on its offer to try LinkedIn Premium for free, you might already be familiar with some of the handy set of features LinkedIn Sales Navigator brings to the table.

One of the most worthwhile LinkedIn Sales Navigator features is its upgraded search tool, including many valuable advanced filters. 

With it, you can filter your search results by keyword, job title, company size, or even years of experience, for example. The capability to cut through the noise and come up with a tailored list of people or companies you need is admirable. You can also save up to 1,500 leads from your search results within custom lists. 

Making Connections

The so-called lead and account alerts are something many LinkedIn Sales Navigator reviews mention in a negative context. However, they’re an excellent way of maintaining connections and staying up to date with your prospects’ activities. Knowing when a potential employee on your list makes a job change or when a company you’re tracking starts hiring can be crucial, and this feature will make sure you have that knowledge.

And to help you act on it, the Sales Navigator Professional version comes with 20 InMail credits per month – perfect for taking the first step to establishing communication!

Furthermore, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool allows for simple CMS integration: Salesforce, HubSpot, Oracle CX Sales, SAP, or Microsoft Dynamics can all join forces with it to make lead handling even more effortless. 

To sum things up, this tool is the easiest way to filter through LinkedIn’s 600+ million users to find job prospects or clients. InMail credits will help streamline communication, the notifications will keep you up to date – all the help a sales professional needs to close a deal.

Is There a Sales Navigator App?

If you need help on the go, all you have to do is install the Sales Navigator app: Find new prospects, start a conversation, and keep in touch with the news in our out of the office. 

The app holds a remarkable score of 4.8 on the App Store and 4.3 on Google Play. The reviewers state that they find it immensely useful, but most also mention areas that should be improved, mostly in terms of design and UX. For example, one significant objection is the lack of iPad compatibility.

A couple of other things could stand to be improved, as well. The main concern is that LinkedIn Sales Navigator has no ‘Export leads’ option. In addition, teams targeting larger companies have issues with the notification system spamming them with too many updates they can’t put to good use. The price can also pose a problem for smaller companies who can’t invest as much into lead generation but possibly need it the most.

You might also be wondering about the difference between the Sales Navigator and a LinkedIn Premium account. After all, the elements seem pretty much the same, but the price difference is astronomical. Let’s take a closer look.

LinkedIn Premium vs. Sales Navigator

The target user makes all the difference: LinkedIn Premium was created for individuals who need more business profile options. The two Premium tiers aim to help people find employment and businesses to expand their networks. Both levels include a minimal amount of InMail credits and a couple of perks. 

Sales Navigator, on the other hand, has three powerful plans designed for sales personnel. The higher tiers – Sales Navigator Team and Sales Navigator Enterprise – entail a considerable amount of InMail messages, 25 Out-of-Network profile unlocks, and much more.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers a helping hand that reduces the absurd amount of time spent on market research, poorly aimed pitches, manual update tracking, etc. The notes feature allows you to write down highlights and reminders to yourself relating to a specific person or a company, so you always know why they’re there in the first place.

The best part about all LinkedIn premium plans, including those for Sales Navigator? You can test them for free. If you’re not sure it will get you more leads and ultimately more customers, give the LinkedIn Sales Navigator free trial a go. It might turn out to be a game-changer, or you’ll find out it’s all too overwhelming. Either way, it’s worth a shot.

Let’s see what kind of packages you can expect and what exactly you will be getting within each of them.

What are the Available LinkedIn Sales Navigator Plans?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator comes in three different account types:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise

They all have the same essential features, so the following stays the same regardless of the Sales Navigator license you have:

Each tier grants access to advanced search filters, and there are no limits on the number of searches you can perform. You can save unlimited accounts, but you can only save up to 15 searches as a list each week, and the results will display 2,500 profiles per page. You can also take advantage of infinite lead recommendations and act on them on the go via the Sales Navigator app.

However, the plans have differences, so here’s a quick overview:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional Review

This package gets you 20 InMail credits and a maximum of 1,500 saved leads each month. This first tier of LinkedIn Sales Navigator costs $64.99 per month, billed annually for $779.88.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team Review

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team is meant for teams, as the name would suggest. Its main features are a tad advanced, so if you are looking to get it for your sales personnel, here’s what you should know:

  • Up to 10 users can test it out to see whether this product will benefit them as a team or not.
  • There is no limit to the number of team members who can access your Sales Navigator account.
  • Each team member can save up to 5000 leads.
  • The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team tier grants each member up to 30 free InMail messages.
  • Your team members can unlock 25 profiles outside their network each month.
  • This tier lets you take advantage of detailed usage reports.
  • Integrate Salesforce effortlessly, and sync Salesforce accounts you own or are a member of.
  • Through TeamLink, you can view your teams’ connections and find prospects there.
  • If you or your team members are struggling with this new tool, you can always rely on the LinkedIn Sales Navigator training.
  • Finally, if you purchase ten or more accounts for your team, LinkedIn will assign you a dedicated relationship manager for handling any potential issues, and you become eligible for loyalty discounts.

This tier costs $103.33 per month charged as one annual payment of $1,240.00 per license – quite the investment.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise Review

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise plan is the highest tier, and businesses of all sizes will find themselves in good hands with it. 

For this variant of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the price is determined by your budget and team size. There’s no fixed figure, but LinkedIn will help you arrange something that suits your needs. Its main advantage is the TeamLink Extend feature, which lets you add as many team members as you need without having to pay for full accounts.

The Enterprise plan also offers many features big companies might find interesting, such as the Single Sign-On option and Employee Directory Integration. You will also get 50 monthly InMail messages per employee, as well as LinkedIn Elevate Alerts.

What Do the Users Say?

Overall, LinkedIn Sales Navigator reviews are positive: The users are happy with the amount of new insights they receive with it, and they appreciated its help with finding the right people to target, as well as its aid in lead generation.

If you’re wondering, “Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator worth it?” the answer is another question: “How much do you value new leads and deals?”

Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator work?

Yes, if you’re trying to acquire new leads or land a deal and close it, this tool works. One of the main benefits of using Sales Navigator is taking advantage of its powerful search tool to find the right people or companies to reach out to. Prospect suggestion enables you to find valuable new leads. What’s more, you can utilize the free InMail credit to contact them and possibly close a deal. In short, it can save your sales team hours of work and improve their win rate.

What does LinkedIn Sales Navigator do?

Simply put, LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps your team make more sales. As mentioned in this LinkedIn Sales Navigator review, it makes guessing and manual lead generation a thing of the past. With the advanced search, you can zero in on the right prospects and contact them directly via InMail. The notifications and notes will help guide the process of making a long term connection, which should ultimately lead to repeated sales. Put into numbers, Sales Navigator helps you increase your pipeline by 15%, heightens win rates by 17%, and enlarges deals by an astonishing 42%. For many entrepreneurs, this justifies the Sales Navigator cost.

What is the difference between LinkedIn and Sales Navigator?

The main difference is that LinkedIn benefits job seekers and marketers alike. On the other hand, while it can be useful to different niches, Sales Navigator is something a B2B sales department would benefit from the most. If you are looking to expand your lead pool, you know how difficult it can be to do so manually on LinkedIn. With Sales Navigator’s advanced search, you can hone in on the right candidates to approach. Keeping up with your contacts also requires a lot of effort, so getting notified about their updates and adding notes is a huge-timesaver, according to several reviews of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

How many miles do you get with LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Every LinkedIn Sales Navigator account comes with a 100-mile maximum search radius. These limits are based on your postal code, and the allotted mileage is wide enough to yield sufficient useful results.

Do I need Sales Navigator?

If you are a sales agent, or a sales manager looking to improve your team’s output, Sales Navigator is the tool to get, or at least consider. It will reduce the time typically spent on looking for leads and creating pipelines. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing can be a significant deterrent, but this tool will save you much more in the long run. It also removes the common hit-and-miss risk when trying to find the right person to contact. The free InMail messages will certainly cut through the inbox-noise your contacts are already dealing with, and the notifications about your prospects will help your team create and maintain connections that pay off.

Is Sales Navigator a CRM?

Sales Navigator is not a CRM, but you can integrate it with some of the most popular CRMs. Currently, it works with Salesforce, HubSpot, Oracle CX Sales, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics. Many LinkedIn Sales Navigator reviews cite Salesforce integration issues, so we’d advise you to try the free version first. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is focused mostly on lead generation, new prospect suggestions, and ensuring you’ve got the right contact to reach out and start a conversation.