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ByJulija A.
June 29,2022
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As modern technologies advance, different products and services are making our lives more streamlined. This advancement also impacts how we deal with legal paperwork, and it is now possible to get the legally binding document you need online while saving money and time. Legal Templates is one such provider that can help you get the necessary documents for a low price.

Make sure to read our review if you want a legal document without hiring attorneys.


Helpful resource center A seven-day free trial ​​The monthly plan starts at $7.99 prepaid annually or $39.95/month

pros thumb up Pros
  • Over 160 legal documents available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Detailed explanation of each form
  • Offers free preview and sign-up
cons thumb down Cons
  • Limited time to access paid documents

With more than 10 million created contracts and legal documents over the past seven years, Legal Templates has become one of the industry leaders. Founded by Carnegie Mellon graduates with headquarters in Wilmington, this company strives to simplify the process of obtaining legal documents. One of their goals is eliminating long waiting lines and enormous legal fees that are inevitable with more traditional approaches.

Legal Templates offers inexpensive and automated services, so the customers will get their desired documents quickly and avoid the hefty attorney fees. Although some people doubt these documents’ validity, they are perfectly legitimate. The team comprises legal experts who ensure that each document is valid and legally binding. 

Legal Templates provides various templates, from business and real estate to personal and family forms. Customers can obtain documents for wills and prenuptial agreements, among other forms. 

The Legal Templates website is designed to be easy to use and offers a variety of features to make creating and using the templates easy. Once you’ve found the right template, Legal Templates provides clear instructions on how to fill out the document and what information you will need to include. 

You’ll have a chance to make an informed decision, as you can read about the services on the website under Resources. Legal Templates offer also includes guides that thoroughly explain a particular service, detailing the specifics from the legal point of view. It’s important to note that the guides are well written, so even those not that well-versed in legal terminology can easily understand everything they need to know about a certain form or a document. 

When looking for a document, you can simply start browsing or use a search bar until you find the one you want. You’ll begin by filling out the form with the necessary information, such as your name and other personal details. There is no need to sign up immediately, so you can just breeze through it and see what it looks like. Later in this Legal Templates review, we’ll explain how to successfully fill out a form and download a document.

You’ll be able to skip steps and return to them whenever you want. If you want to pause without losing all the information you’ve already filled out, you can simply leave it, and a draft will be saved for you to continue later. In the upper part of the website, a header will show a bar to remind you to finish your form. 

Once done, you’ll be prompted to sign up and see how much the service costs. Legal Templates offers a free trial, which might be more convenient for some users. 

Legal Templates will not charge you for viewing and filling out the forms. You will also be able to create an account for free, but if you want to download your document, you will have to pay. 

After registering for the seven-day free trial, you’ll be charged $7.99 or $39.95 monthly for a yearly and monthly subscription, respectively. You can cancel the service anytime. 

If you only need this service for a single document, you can get access to it for $19.95 - $59.95, depending on the document. For example, the Legal Templates Lease Agreement will not cost the same as the Roommate Agreement document. 

Whether you choose a monthly, annual, or single-document plan, you’ll be getting your legal document in MS Word and PDF. One of the drawbacks when paying for a single document is that you’ll lose access to it after two weeks. 

If you’re after a legal document, go through the Legal Templates website and see if it offers the particular one you need. You’ll have a chance to familiarize yourself with each service before you download it. 

Although some competitors have a more robust offer, the Legal Templates deals are still pretty solid. The offer is organized into three categories:

  • Business forms
  • Real estate forms
  • Personal and family forms

All of the forms are further arranged by the state. We will present a couple of forms you can find on Legal Templates so that you can take a glimpse into the website’s offer.

Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement or “prenup” is a type of contract that defines both parties’ financial and property matters after the marriage ends, either by divorce, death, or separation. 

After you create a LegalTemplates account and find the Prenuptial Agreement option, you’ll fill out the form and have a chance to preview the document. When you click Download, you’ll see the price of up to $59.95 if you decide to purchase a single document. There are also two remaining plans to choose from. 

Finally, you can enter your payment information and finalize the download after signing the document. You’ll have unlimited access to it fo,r fourteen days.

We had a chance to preview this document, and we can confirm that all the necessary information was neatly covered, with the entire process taking only a few minutes. 

Roommate Agreement

A Roommate Agreement is a contract signed between tenants who share a home to define house rules and shared expenses. This form costs $29.95, and the procedure for filling it out is the same as with any other form offered. After choosing the payment plan, you’ll sign and download the document.

Although some Legal Templates users weren’t completely satisfied with the service they received; the business has managed to establish a pretty good reputation. The complaints from the past mainly revolved around the membership plans, with some customers claiming the company billed them even though they canceled their subscription before the free trial expired.

Be that as it may, their Trustpilot rating is excellent (4.8), and most comments praise the service quality and how easy it is to use the website. 

You can reach Legal Templates customer service by phone and email from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM EDT. They will answer your questions and help you have the best possible experience while using the website. 

Bottom Line 

Overall, Legal Templates is a great resource for legal documents and templates. The site is user-friendly and has various documents available. The prices are reasonable, and the customer service is pretty good. 

The Legal Template resources can be precious for customers looking for no-fuss, quick service that is reasonably priced.

How do I cancel my Legal Templates subscription?

If you want to cancel your Legal Templates subscription, you’ll have to call their customer support and ask them to unsubscribe you, or you can ask for a refund. Make sure to ask for a confirmation email.

Do Legal Templates cost money?

Yes, there are three available plans and a free trial. The monthly plan starts at $39.95/month, the yearly plan will bill you $7.99 a month, and the price of a single document ranges from $19.95 to $59.95. Our review used the current prices, but they might be subject to change.

Is a signed PDF legally binding?

If signed electronically, your PDF is legally binding since electronic signatures are valid in the United States.