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Instant Checkmate | Reviews by SmallBizGenius

ByJames MacMillan
March 15,2022
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Don’t wait to find out the hard way that a known sex offender lives in your area or that someone in your life has a criminal record. Sign up to Instant Checkmate and get an affordable background check service that provides customers with important and detailed information on anyone in the US. Instant Checkmate reviews millions of public records to empower you with the data you need to make smarter decisions. 


Five-day trial for $1. See review for more details.

pros thumb up Pros
  • Highly secure
  • Reverse phone lookup feature
  • Simple to use
  • Mobile app
  • $1 for five days option
cons thumb down Cons
  • Expensive for irregular users
  • Proper checks have more details


With just a few clicks, Instant Checkmate members can find out everything from a person’s address to how much the neighbors paid for their home. The service uses a range of tools to provide you with the most accurate information about your neighborhood, dates, and even unknown callers. 

Unlimited background reports

Once you’re subscribed to the service, you get access to unlimited reports. That means you can use Instant Checkmate to review and look up as many family members and friends as you want. 

You don’t need a lot of information to perform a search. Of course, you can pull a background report if you have someone’s full name, last known address, and age. But even if you don’t have these details, simply enter what you know, and the service will help you narrow down your search. 

All the information comes from public records that are retrieved from federal and state databases. Sure, you can find the information yourself. But this is a time-consuming process, and identifying up-to-date records can be tricky. An online background check service can save you a lot of time and effort.

The search options aren’t limited to individuals. You can enter any address in the country to get demographic data, FBI crime statistics, census info, and even the names of people that live there. Some of the online reviews on the Instant Checkmate service applaud the company for enabling members to learn about neighborhoods that they were looking to move into.

Are you on the receiving end of suspicious emails? To ensure that you’re not being catfished, the Instant Checkmate email search helps you uncover all the information behind an email address. This includes a real name, location history, phone numbers, and other important details.

Reverse phone lookup

To find out who is calling you from an unknown number, sign up for Instant Checkmate’s phone lookup service. This feature for your phone by Instant Checkmate reviews the contact details of any number. You can then do a more detailed search by pulling a background check.  

Interface and useability

Instant Checkmate has a user-friendly interface. You’re greeted with a large toolbar on the homepage that allows you to search up any person in the US. The layout is simple but effective, and you can find everything you need with ease. 

One of the more notable drawbacks is the presence of tons of pop-ups that you’ll have to navigate through before you can conduct your search. But this is a common feature with online background check services, and most Instant Checkmate customer reviews don’t have any complaints about the interface. 

You can use the site to run a search on a friend, relative, or even do a background check on yourself. Simply enter the person’s first and last name and their location (city and state). You can further narrow the search by providing an approximate age, the names of any relatives, and if they have a criminal record. But even if you only have a name, Instant Checkmate reviews public and online records and provides you with a detailed and easy-to-digest report on the target of your search. 

You’ll need to sign up for a paid plan before conducting any searches. The entire process takes around ten minutes to complete, which is a lot faster than traditional background checks that would take several days. 

Of course, there are instances when customers require a quick overview of someone they just met or a few more details about an online date. To vet people on-the-move, you can use the Instant Checkmate app. 

Just like the desktop version, the app lets you run everything from background checks to reverse email lookups. You can search by name, phone number, or email address. The reports display details about a person’s education, their phone numbers, names of relatives, criminal records, social media profiles, and other useful information.       

The mobile app has an excellent easy-to-use interface, and user reviews of the Instant Checkmate app are overwhelmingly positive for both Android and iOS devices. 


Instant Checkmate takes your privacy very seriously. For starters, you can rest assured that the person you’re inquiring about is never alerted about your search. You’ll remain anonymous throughout the entire process with your personal details safely tucked away. 

The service relies on a 128-bit encrypted connection and reliable Norton protection while conducting the searches. Moreover, it encourages members to use the site in order to identify online scammers. During our reviews of the Instant Checkmate website, we were also pleased to see a 100% privacy guarantee on the site’s checkout page. 

These security measures certainly contribute to a high level of customer satisfaction. The site takes a lot of pride in having secured more than 70,000 five-star reviews. Most of the complaints relate to a lack of transparency when it comes to pricing and the company’s renewal policies.       

But despite some of the negative feedback, Instant Checkmate still has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Positive Instant Checkmate reviews on BBB are very important in many industries. This is a badge of honor for most companies, as it shows customer approval and that clients trust the service. 

Customer support

Customer support is another area where Instant Checkmate deserves acclaim. The polite and knowledgeable agents are available from Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. PST. You can reach the support team by telephone or via email. 

If at any point you decide to remove your personal information from the website, you turn to the OneRep automated removal tool. In addition to providing you with an Instant Checkmate opt out option, OneRep reviews and monitors the web to ensure that your data doesn’t pop up again.  


Whenever you subscribe to anything, you want to be sure that you’re getting a quality service in exchange for your money. That’s why Instant Checkmate offers a five-day trial for just $1. By claiming this special offer, you’ll get access to unlimited background reports that include everything from criminal records to speeding tickets.   

When the trial ends, you’ll be charged $34.78 per month. Bear in mind that your membership gets renewed automatically every 30 days unless you cancel your subscription.   

The one-month Instant Checkmate pricing plan is slightly more costly than what you would get with some of the competition. But you can sign up for the three-month plan instead, which is a genuine bargain at only $83.47.   

Also when you consider the grueling and time-consuming process of trying to dig up public records yourself, this price is perfectly acceptable. Of course, at the end of the day, you need to tailor your purchases to your unique set of needs. Many online reviews for Instant Checkmate point out that the cost is only worth it if you don’t need regular background check reports.

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Bottom line

If you’re looking for immediate access to accurate information about people in your life, Instant Checkmate is an ideal solution. The unlimited reports justify the somewhat higher price, which you can reduce by subscribing to the three-month plan. 

For us, the intuitive interface is more impressive than what we found with some of the competitors. In addition, the customer support team and the security measures are extraordinary. Moreover, we like the range of features, including unlimited reverse phone lookups and email checks.  

Instant Checkmate negative reviews are hard to find, and it’s widely regarded as the best online background check service on the market. Since the site offers unlimited reports, we recommend it to those who plan to make regular searches. If you only need one or two searches, it’s better to use an alternative service that offers one-time reports.

Is Instant Checkmate legitimate?

Many people are unfamiliar with online background checkers which is why questions of legitimacy often crop up among new users. Having carefully checked through many reviews of Instant Checkmate and tested the service ourselves, we can confirm that it’s perfectly legitimate.

Does Instant Checkmate notify the person?

No. You can rest assured that you’ll remain anonymous when you use Instant Checkmate to conduct searches. Some people avoid background check services because they fear that the person they’re inquiring about will find out. But that simply isn’t the case with Instant Checkmate.

Where does Instant Checkmate get its information?

The Instant Checkmate website reviews publicly available sources, including federal and state databases. Some information also comes from online profiles like social media accounts and dating sites. You can rest assured that the information you get from your searches with Instant Checkmate is obtained legally and is publicly available information.

What does Instant Checkmate tell you?

Instant Checkmate reviews a variety of sources to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information on anyone in the US. You’ll get the most comprehensive data available, including addresses, phone numbers, names of relatives, criminal records, and much more.