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Grasshopper | Reviews by SmallBizGenius

ByJames MacMillan
March 15,2022
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Every small business owner needs to keep in touch with customers in a professional and straightforward manner. In order to achieve this, you need to separate your work from your personal life with a dedicated business phone number. The Grasshopper phone system is the ideal solution for all those who wish to enhance their communications with clients.   

This virtual phone system is designed to work on your existing mobile or landline and includes features like custom greetings and call handling. Online Grasshopper reviews applaud the software’s affordability and efficiency.


Solo plan starts at $29/month 1 phone number 3 extensions

pros thumb up Pros
  • Functions well on mobile
  • Easy to set up
  • Clear interface
  • Offers various types of phone numbers
  • Superb call forwarding options
cons thumb down Cons
  • Poor customer service
  • Occasional audio quality problems


We’ll take a closer look at some of the features Grashopper products offer.

Grasshopper App Review

Grasshopper specializes in VoIP services, and its app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. One of the key benefits of using Grasshopper is that you can access your business phone system from anywhere. Simply set up a Grasshopper VoIP service that forwards calls to your mobile device. That way you don’t have to be glued to your office landline or get a business-only phone.  

When a call comes through, you’ll be notified that it’s business-related and not personal. You just open the Grasshopper virtual phone, review who the caller is, and answer. This allows you to prepare yourself to sound professional. 

If you’ve ever used your personal number for your business, you know you can be bombarded by calls at all hours of the day. In order to avoid this, simply open the Grasshopper mobile app to review your settings and restrict business calls to your working hours. An automated message can be created to let your clients know when to call back. Such features reduce the level of stress related to running a small business. 

You can also make use of the Grasshopper desktop app, which integrates data installed on the mobile app with your desktop, so you can make calls from the computer’s VoIP system. From the Grasshopper desktop app, you can make virtual phone system reviews of your settings as well as read and send text messages. The availability of both the desktop and mobile apps allows you to make Grasshopper VoIP phone calls from anywhere. 

Business Phone Number 

When subscribing to Grasshopper, the first thing you’ll have to do is pick a business number. Grasshopper gives you a range of options, including toll-free and vanity numbers, or number porting. In our Grasshopper phone review, we’ll go over the different types of numbers to help you identify the best option for enhancing your business communication system. 

A vanity number allows you to request an easy-to-remember sequence of numbers. Many subscribers use phonewords such as 1-800-CAKEDELIVERY. While making you appear more professional, this also makes it easier for customers to contact you and remember your business. Vanity numbers are known to increase sales, and potential customers respond more favorably to a vanity number.  

Toll-free numbers are also available through Grasshopper. Any online Grasshopper toll-free number review will tell you that this option helps enhance your company’s professional image. In addition, customers are more likely to call your number if they aren’t being charged for the calls. However, some small-business owners have complained about the sound quality when clients dial their toll-free number.  

Grasshopper telephone reviews confirm that you can also get a local number when you sign up to use the software. This means that if you are selling products in one part of the country and operating from another, you can set up a local number in the state where your clients are based. It gives customers the impression that they are buying from a local seller, which can help reinforce your credibility. They are more likely to call or pick up the phone if they see a local number. 

Grasshopper reviews everything that you already have access to and allows you to use your existing number. This helps you avoid the trouble of having to inform all of your business partners to change your contact details –  a request that many choose to ignore. In other words Grasshopper’s flexibility protects your business. 

Business Texting

Grasshopper also offers a texting service to its customers. You can use the Grasshopper app to review your text messages on both desktop and mobile. This form of communication is becoming more popular, and a growing number of people prefer to contact businesses through text rather than making calls. By texting, you are essentially communicating with customers in a manner that they prefer. You can use texting to answer customer service questions or send confirmations.

Call Forwarding

Our Grasshopper review of its VoIP services reveals another important feature. Call forwarding allows you to redirect calls to another line. The feature is fully customizable, and you can set up your own call forwarding rules by deciding how long the phone rings before the call is forwarded to another device. You can even customize the lines that the calls are directed to and have customers listen to a recorded message about your business while waiting for someone to pick up.   

Voicemail Transcription 

Not all of us have the time or patience to listen to a flood of voicemail. That’s why Grasshopper automatically transcribes the voicemail that you can then receive via email. This is easily accessible through the Grasshopper desktop app. You can also use your Grasshopper mobile app to review your voicemail.

Virtual Receptionist

One Grasshopper feature that stands out is the virtual receptionist. This is an outsourced program where callers can be directed to an actual receptionist who isn’t based in your office. The receptionist answers the call, greets the customer, takes questions, and transfers them over to you if necessary. This can be tremendously useful if your company takes on a high volume of calls and you don’t have the time or the manpower to handle it yourself. It also saves you money, as you don’t have to employ your own receptionist. By signing up for Grasshopper, your customer service can also improve with the help of an outsourced receptionist.

The cost of the service depends on how many minutes of calls you want the virtual receptionist to take each month. The service is provided by Ruby Receptionists, which supports thousands of businesses. This adds a degree of professionalism to your firm and helps you build a reputable organization. 

In addition to Ruby Receptionists, automated attendants can also be added to your Grasshopper subscription. They’ll answer the calls, ask questions, and then direct them to the appropriate extensions. This is a useful service because it protects your staff from a barrage of calls, and it also channels all the callers to the right department. These are some of the features that make Grasshopper one of the best virtual phone system providers out there. The software ensures that your callers aren’t being bounced around from one staff member to another. In addition, the custom-recorded greetings will let each customer know that they’ll soon get through to someone.

Setup and Interface

While researching our Grasshopper review, we found the installation process to be easy and straightforward. Simply choose your plan and phone number, install the app, select your preferred settings, and you’re ready to make and receive calls. Signing up for Grasshopper’s most basic package can be completed over a cup of coffee. 

You’ll need to put in a little more work if you choose multiple phone numbers and extensions, but you can figure it out fairly quickly. It’s important to note that Grasshopper doesn’t require any additional hardware. Everything can be installed onto devices that you already own. Our  Grasshopper mobile app review underscores the reliability of the software and shows that it functions smoothly with the rest of your system. 

The app separates your business number from your personal number, so there should be no confusion about who is calling. Grasshopper notifies you if you have an incoming business call so you know to act professionally. It’s really easy to take and redirect your calls.

Customer Support

Grasshopper customer service reviews aren’t all positive. Some users had a difficult time understanding support agents and said they were unable to provide satisfactory solutions to the problems faced by customers. But the customer support team is available 24/7 regardless of which package you are subscribed to. Other VoIP providers only offer this level of support if you are subscribed to their most expensive packages. 

Grasshopper’s website also includes detailed instructions on how to set up your Grasshopper phone system and review  your settings. In short, most problems that you encounter while using Grasshopper are easily manageable. There is a detailed FAQ section that can help you fill in the gaps, so contacting customer support may not even be necessary. 

Grasshopper Pricing

Grasshopper has a comprehensive pricing system that helps the company stay competitive.





1 phone number 3 extensions



3 phone numbers 6 extensions


Small Business

5 phone numbers Unlimited extensions


As you can see, Grasshopper phone pricing is pretty straightforward. When you sign up for a package that gives you more than one phone number, you can combine a variety of toll-free and local numbers in a way that suits your needs. The extensions allow you to forward calls to as many devices as you want. The price of each package drops by 10% if you choose to pay annually. 

You should choose the package based on the size of your business, as all the pricing plans have the same number of features. Throughout our Grasshopper review, we arrived at the conclusion that this is an honest pricing system, since you’re not lowballed with a reduced package if you don’t require extra phone numbers or extensions. 

Add-On Purchases

There are a number of add-ons that you can include in your Grasshopper plans.

Call Blasting: Customers can contact up to 15 of your extensions to reduce waiting times.

Voice Studio: Your greetings are recorded by professional voice actors in English or Spanish.

Ruby Receptionists: Calls outsourced to a virtual receptionist who forwards them to you or your employees.

International Calling: Customizable international calling plans.

Extra Numbers: Purchase extra phone numbers.



Call Blasting


Voice Studio

$75 for 250-word script

Ruby Receptionists

Consult receptionist provider

International Calling

Depends on plan/country

Extra Numbers

$10/month per number

The Grasshopper phone service cost is perfectly reasonable. But when compared to some of the competition, the software falls short in terms of available features. Still, the business VoIP phone service makes up for these shortcomings by keeping the Grasshopper cost low.

Another downside relates to the fact that Grasshopper comes with no additional hardware and runs concurrently with the system already installed. This means that you’ll be paying for Grasshopper in addition to your existing phone bill. This is fine if you and your employees are using mobile phones. However, Grasshopper doesn’t offer great value for money if you plan to run it through business landlines that you are already paying for.

There is a seven-day Grasshopper free trial to help you to decide if this is the right software for your company. The trial includes one phone number, three extensions, 100 minutes, and 100 texts. Grasshopper also has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide you aren’t satisfied with the service during the first month.

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Following our Grasshopper VoIP review, we’ve concluded that this is an ideal small-business phone service. By incorporating a business number with your personal phone, you can save yourself the trouble of buying a new phone and manage everything on one device. In addition, you won’t have to purchase any hardware to run the service.

As part of our Grasshopper review, we advise against using the service if you operate a larger business or you already have a decent communications infrastructure in place. However, if you are running a small business, we definitely recommend giving Grasshopper a try. The system is easy to install, set up, and operate. Moreover, the price is right and there is a long list of features. This certainly explains why Grasshopper is widely regarded as the best virtual phone system for small businesses.

How much does Grasshopper really cost?

Grasshopper has a simple price plan that is suitable for small businesses. The Solo package, featuring one number and three extensions, costs $29/month. The Partner plan is $49/month and includes three numbers and six extensions, while the Small Business plan costs $89/month with five phone numbers and unlimited extensions. Numerous Grasshopper phone service reviews praise the software for being effective and affordable. 

How good is Grasshopper?

We hold Grasshopper in very high regard. It’s an ideal solution for small business owners who wish to enhance their communication services. You’ll have a virtual business line installed on your personal phone, which you can access from the Grasshopper phone app. This allows you to do business from anywhere while helping you separate your personal life from your work. You can also make use of custom greetings and call handling features. If you’re running a small business, you should definitely check out Grasshopper reviews to get a better sense of the software’s efficiency.

Can I transfer my Grasshopper number?

Yes. If you have an active Grasshopper subscription, you can easily transfer your Grasshopper phone number to another provider.