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GoToMyPC Review

ByDanica Jovic
March 15,2022
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GoToMyPC promises to boost productivity by giving you access to your computer wherever you are. If that access is unreliable or incomplete, the software could reduce productivity by requiring you to troubleshoot problems or work around missing features. Is this program a help or a hindrance? Read our GoToMyPC review to find out.


Prices start at $35 for Personal plan

pros thumb up Pros
  • Mobile apps for iOS, Android, Kindle
  • Fast, secure connection
  • Excellent remote printing
  • Mouse and keyboard sharing
  • Supports multiple monitors
  • Advanced security measures
cons thumb down Cons
  • No audio sharing
  • Outdated interface
  • Expensive

About GoToMyPC

Launched in 1998, GoToMyPC has changed hands several times. Since 2017 it has been published by LogMeIn, a Boston-based provider of software products that support remote work. 

GoToMyPC lets you access your computer hardware and software from any computer or mobile device via the internet. You can open, edit, delete, and copy all the display files, folders, applications, and resources on your work computer, for instance, while sitting at your home PC. You can even access and control PCs via smartphone. GoToMyPC makes it simple.

GoToMyPC lets you access sensitive content without the risk of using external drives or email. With GoToMyPC file transfer, you can share valuable files on connected computers without worrying that data will go astray.

In addition to fast, secure file sharing and synchronization, GoToMyPC has plenty of handy features to make remote access just like being there. We tested the software on various devices. Read on for the results.

GoToMyPC Installation 

Here is a quick rundown of the installation process.


One of the things we like best about this software is the straightforward, quick installation process, which gets you up and running in minutes.

Before starting the installation, ensure that the PC or laptop you’ll be accessing supports GoToMyPC’s system requirements. To check, go to, navigate to the FAQ, and read the Requirements section. The software is available only for newer releases of Windows and macOS. Linux users will be disappointed to hear that they cannot install GoToMyPC on their computers. 

Of course, you’ll need the permission of your company to download GoToMyPC and install it on your work computer. You need physical access to your work computer to install the software.

Installation and Setup 

To make GoToMyPC work, you must install server software on your work computer. The server handles communication between the host computer and the central GoToMyPC broker.

Whether you want to install GoToMyPC on a Mac or Windows PC, the simple process takes only a few minutes. After you create an account and log in to GoToMyPC, you simply click on the GoToMyPC install button. A pop-up window will inform you when it’s time to reboot your computer. Then you log in to your GoToMyPC account again, give a nickname to your work computer, and create an access key.

You are now ready to make a connection between your work computer and a remote PC or laptop. Log on to the GoToMyPC website, select your work computer’s nickname, and click Connect. GoToMyPC will prompt you for your access key, and in a moment you’ll be able to access the GoToMyPC remote desktop. 

User Experience 

GoToMyPC is one of the simplest remote-access software products on the market. The web interface means you don’t need to install special software on the remote computer. The server and the GoToMyPC website handle everything else.

The user interface is well-organized, with a menu bar just where you expect it at the top of the screen. It displays GoToMyPC options that you can use to adjust the appearance of the work computer on your remote desktop. For example, you can change the screen size or the size of desktop icons. GoToMyPC reviews user comments carefully and has used that feedback to make navigation painless. You can smoothly move the work computer’s mouse cursor, type text, run programs, and access files. 

GoToMyPC employs a drag-and-drop system for transferring files from one device to another. If you need to share several files at the same time, you can use a bulk transferring tool. Reviews on public websites suggest that the drag-and-drop system doesn’t always work smoothly when moving files from a remote computer to a Mac, but we had no trouble in our tests.

GoToMyPC automatically terminates the connection if you are idle for 15 minutes or longer. This is a welcome security feature but it can also be inconvenient.

GoToMyPC Apps for Mobile Devices

The web interface works great when you’re accessing your PC remotely from another PC or laptop, but you’ll need an app if you’re using a mobile device. The GoToMyPC mobile remote app lets you control the work PC’s mouse and keyboard with clever touchscreen substitutes. If the small screen renders text on your work PC illegible, just zoom in on a portion of the screen.

If you want to connect your iPhone with the work computer, you’ll need to be sure you have an iPhone 5 or later. The app works on iPad 2 and later versions.

Or you can use GoToMyPC for Android devices so long as you are running Android 4.2 or later.

You can also connect your Kindle with your Mac or Windows work computer.

The mobile apps work perfectly on all three platforms, allowing you to use standard touchscreen gestures to manipulate the work computer’s screen. 

GoToMyPC Features 

GoToMyPC has a variety of basic features that you can find in most remote-access software products plus a few unique abilities. Here’s a quick tour. 

File Transfer and Synchronization

For most users, file transfer and synchronization is the most important feature that any candidate for best remote connection software must have. That makes sense – when you want access to your work computer, what you generally want is access to files and data.

We were quite satisfied with GoToMyPC’s file-transfer feature. It lets you send any type of file regardless of size. Just drag it from its current location to its desired location – there’s nothing to it.

In addition to the drag-and-drop interface, you can go to the Tools menu and select the Transfer and Sync Files option. This is a very convenient way of transferring multiple documents.

On your screen, you’ll see a file transferring and sync window. On the left side of the screen are PC files, while the right side displays the client screen. GoToMyPC software lets you browse through files and folders, transferring the ones you choose by clicking on the Transfer button. 

If you work with files and documents that are regularly updated, file sync is what you need. With this feature, you always get the freshest version of the document, regardless of which device you are using. 

Guest Invitation

A Guest Invitation feature is available with some pricing plans. It allows you to invite other users to access the GoToMyPC desktop. You simply type the email address of the person you want to invite. If you have already used this tool, you’ll get the list of recently invited users – a handy touch. Or you can use the GoToMyPC iPad app to review the contacts and email addresses you want to add. You can even include a message and set an expiration time for the invitation. The software will notify you when your guests accept the invitation. 

GoToMyPC lets you set the level of control for each invited user. You can permit them to use the keyboard and mouse, to access files, to delete information, and so on. A chat window is also available so you can communicate with other users easily.

GoToMyPC with Multiple Monitors

Countless GoToMyPC software reviews praise the software’s ability to display multiple monitors when a multiple-monitor system is accessed from a laptop, PC, or mobile device. This is a valuable feature for designers, artists, and anyone else who needs to keep multiple apps running at the same time. If you have two monitors at work, you can easily see both of them on your home computer. An arrow allows you to switch from one monitor to the other.

Remote Printing Tools 

If your work PC is connected to a printer, you can easily print documents from your home PC or mobile device. The printed documents will be waiting for you when you get back to the office.

Real-Time Diagnostics recently released a new feature – a real-time diagnostic tool that lets you control the quality of the internet connection linking your remote system and the PC you are accessing. A dashboard displays upload and download speed, bandwidth usage, memory status, and other information from both of the linked computers. If there is a problem, you will be notified about it. Moreover, you’ll get instructions on how to resolve the problem and achieve excellent performance. The diagnostics dashboard is included with all versions of GoToMyPC.

GoToMyPC Pricing Plans 

GoToMyPC offers three pricing options. They differ primarily in the number of users and host computers you want to connect. 

In addition to the paid plans, you can test-drive the software with a GoToMyPC free trial that gives you full access to all of its features for seven days. 

GoToMyPC subscriptions are discounted by 20% if you order them directly from the company website. 

The Personal plan is designed for one computer and one user, and it costs $35 per month. 

The Pro plan is good for small teams of up to 50 users. Its price is $66 per month. 

The Corporate plan starts at $140 per month and it is suitable for larger teams. 

Our GoToMyPC software review would be incomplete if we didn’t include a list of details about each plan:





Unlimited remote access

End to end encryption

File transfer & synchronization

Remote printing

Mobile apps

Free 24/7 support

Real-time diagnostics

Administration of accounts & users

Central billing for users

Switch users option

Monitor usage

Comprehensive reporting

Remote deployment

Dedicated account manager

Wake on LAN

Manage group features and security

More than one administrator

In-session reboot

GoToMyPC Security

GoToMyPC costs might seem a bit expensive. It is true that many GoToMyPC competitors charge less. We think the slightly higher price is justified by the quality of GoToMyPC’s software and support. Add the protection tools and high-security measures that this software employs, and the prices come into focus as reasonable.

GoToMyPC uses 256-bit encryption to protect the communication link between machines. That means all the files, documents, and activity you conduct remotely is encrypted beyond the hacker community’s ability to track or decode.

While conducting research for this GoToMyPC review, we found additional security measures.

Connecting a remote device to your work computer requires that you know at least two passwords: the personal password you use to log in and the access code for your work computer. The access code is known only to you. GoToMyPC doesn’t store this code on its servers.

GoToMyPC also protects your computer from unauthorized logins by putting a limit on the number of login attempts.

You can also create one-time passwords. After you complete the session, the one-time password is deactivated.

Final Thoughts

We agree with the many users who have written online GoToMyPC user reviews in online discussion groups: Remote printing is the best feature this software possesses. Users love doing printing jobs without having to travel to the office.

We think GoToMyPC’s intelligent support of tablets and smartphones is an outstanding feature. We are going accustomed to doing more and more work with our mobile phones, and GoToMyPC makes that not just possible, but easy and fun.

Thanks to its superior security measures, GoToMyPC is an excellent alternative to cloud storage for individuals and companies that work with sensitive content. Encrypted communications, one-time passwords, and other security measures make GoToMyPC a uniquely secure solution.

How to use GoToMyPC?

The software is easy to use, but if you are less skilled, you can get help from GoToMyPC technical support agents. You’ll also find a rich FAQ page on the company’s website. It contains lots of helpful information. The company even runs a YouTube channel with videos that explain how to install and use the software.

How much does GoToMyPC cost?

The one-user price for GoToMyPC starts at $35 per month. The Pro plan costs $66. It can accommodate up to 50 guests and two host computers. The price for the Corporate plan starts at $140 per month, but the price your company pays will be negotiated after you explain your needs to GoToMyPC’s sales consultants.

Is GoToMyPC secure?

GoToMyPC uses the latest technology to give its customers safe and secure services. Reviews of GoToMyPC confirm that this is one of the most secure software solutions on the market. You won’t find a single customer review complaining about a breakdown in GoToMyPC’s security measures.

What is the best software to remotely access a computer?

Most remote-access software products include basic features like file transfer and synchronization. Users like these products because they can share documents with other users without using public clouds or physical USB drives. Remote-access software is more convenient and more secure. If you are looking for a product that is extra-secure while letting you share and sync files from any device you want, GoToMyPC is one of the best choices. We recommend that you read our complete GoToMyPC review to get a clear picture of what this product offers.