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GoodSync Review

ByDanica Jovic
March 15,2022
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Owned by Siber Systems Inc, GoodSync is a reliable software solution for individuals and businesses looking to synchronize and back up their files. Our GoodSync review focuses on the sync and backup features while identifying numerous other tools you can purchase through the site. The thousands of satisfied customers, the software’s compatibility with most platforms, and its use of P2P sync technology accentuate the quality of the service.


One-time payment: $29.95 See review for more details.

pros thumb up Pros
  • GoodSync review
  • P2P sync
  • Excellent customer support
  • Free trial
  • Paid plans include unlimited number of sync/backup tasks
  • Military-grade encryption
cons thumb down Cons
  • Complex
  • Limited backup options
  • Poor UI design
  • Cloud storage not included

Software Compatibility and User Interface 

When searching for the best backup and synchronization software, users are interested in solutions that are easy to install and integrate with their operating system. Any additional gadget, like a mobile client, is a bonus, but compatibility and usability are the first things to look at. 

We installed GoodSync on our Mac and tried to synchronize folders from two external hard drives. Here’s what we found.  

Platform compatibility

Like most other modern software, GoodSync is compatible with almost all major operating systems, including macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. As soon as you click on download, GoodSync will identify the device you’re using and offer you the right version of the software.

GoodSync is a good solution if you’re working on two or more devices, making it easy to access your files at all times. For example, if you use a PC in your office and a MacBook at home, you can synchronize the two devices without manually uploading files onto the cloud. 

GoodSync is compatible with the most popular cloud providers, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Azure, OneDrive,, and Backblaze. It’s also widely regarded as one of the best syncing software solutions for network-attached storage devices. You can install it on Synology, Western Digital, QNAP, and other NAS devices. The installation process is thoroughly explained on the GoodSync website, so there’s no need to stress. 

One of the provider’s main imperfections is the absence of a mobile client for iOS and Android devices. However, you can still sync and back up your mobile phone by connecting the device directly to your host computer. 

Software Installation and Usability 

The installation process couldn’t be easier. Whether you need GoodSync for Mac or GoodSync for Linux, you can install the desktop client in seconds. First, try GoodSync for free and review the software to determine whether it fits your needs. Although the installation is simple and quick, using the software may require the skills of tech savvy users.  

GoodSync can be used to both back up and synchronize files. With the backup option, you’re essentially copying your files from one device to another. This process can involve two computers or one computer and any other connected device. 

When using a backup service, changes you make to files on one device won’t show on the backed-up version unless the two devices are synced. However, with GoodSync, you’re free to make changes on both versions by using the sync option. 

After creating an account, you’ll see two folder icons on top of your screen that are labeled ‘Root Folders.’ Click on the left icon to back up files and the right icon to sync files. To change the function from backing up to synchronization, click on the arrow between the two icons. 

Once you’ve chosen the function for the folders, click on the ‘Go’ button to establish a connection and then hit the ‘Analyze’ button. According to GoodSync reviews and tests conducted by our team, the rest of the backup/sync process is automatic.

User Interface

GoodSync doesn’t invest a great deal of resources in design and its user interface. So if your priority is navigational efficiency, you should consider other providers. 

Familiarizing yourself with GoodSync’s basic functionalities will take more time than with similar backup and sync software solutions. Learning how to use more advanced functions like scheduling backups or storing deleted files will take even longer.  

In a nutshell, GoodSync is the best file sync option if you want to synchronize files from two or more computers without using cloud services. This speeds up the synchronization process by connecting two devices directly in a P2P fashion without requiring intermediaries like the cloud.

Synchronization, Backup, and Restoration Features 

In this section, we explain GoodSync’s elementary functions: synchronization, backup, and restoration. We also touch on additional features in this backup and sync review, including cloud storage and the GoodSync2Go gadget. But unlike other sync software providers, GoodSync doesn’t have advanced collaboration tools. So if you need a program to organize workflow, you should consider other options. 


GoodSync synchronizes your files through different devices in real-time. Your home computer acts as a private cloud storage device, which saves you time, since you don’t need to upload the files to the cloud before syncing them with different devices. You can use the GoodSync Connect feature to transfer files from one device to another. After creating an account, you can use GoodSync on Android smartphones or iPads to access the latest version of your files.

GoodSync is similar to other sync software solutions like pCloud, in that it leverages block-level file sync. It tracks each file to detect changes and uploads only those parts of the file that have been changed. This is a crucial feature because syncing entire files can be very time consuming and especially problematic for those who make changes to numerous files on a daily basis. 

Backup and restoration 

As for backup and restoration tools, we expected more sophisticated options, like event-based backups or the option to get restored files on an external hard drive. That said, GoodSync is not only good enough for personal use, but can meet enterprise data backup needs. 

Most companies handle an assortment of documents that are stored on different servers and devices. In case the company’s system is hit by a malware attack, GoodSync’s backups allow for a quick restoration of the files. 

The software allows you to do both full and incremental backups. During a full backup, GoodSync copies everything on your system, while the incremental backup only copies files that have been modified since the last backup. The software also allows you to schedule as many backups as you want. For example, you can do a full backup once a week and do incremental ones more frequently. 

Much like with file syncing, the software conducts backups in real time while using bandwidth management. If you purchase the GoodSync package, you’ll be able to conduct an unlimited number of backups and synchronizations. But the free version of the software limits you to only three.   

Of course, the software allows you to select the files that you want to back up or restore. In case you accidentally delete certain files or your computer crashes, you can restore the entire disk image or simply choose the folders you want to save.

Additional features 


GoodSync2Go is a portable version of the software that can be installed on devices like USBs or an external drive. It allows you to sync two or more devices and is a convenient tool in case you aren’t able to install GoodSync on your computer. It’s compatible with all devices except those that run on Windows, and there is a 30-day free trial period. 

GoodSync Explorer

GoodSync Explorer gives you remote access to your files on any device or cloud storage account from a single interface. It allows you to organize and share your files quickly and securely. 

GoodSync Storage

GoodSync offers its own proprietary cloud storage. You can choose the amount of storage that you need and use it for free for the first 30 days. The service allows you to upload, synchronize, and share files with others. Like with some of the best file synchronisation tools, you can control upload and download speeds. You can then leave the software to work in the background while you focus on more important tasks.

Pricing Packages

GoodSync offers both personal and business packages. Users who want the Personal plan will have to dish out a one-time payment of $29.95. With this option, you can synchronize and backup an unlimited number of devices. However, the plan allows you to create only one account that you can use on different devices to access the GoodSync interface. It also includes GoodSync Connect, mobile phone support, and automated detection of modified files.

Unlike other reviews of GoodSync personal v10, our review is focused on the newest version of the software. And while there have been numerous technical advancements, you still don’t get GoodSync cloud storage for free. In fact, 10 GB of space will cost you $9.99. This is considerably more expensive than most other cloud services. For example, Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage and 100 GB for $1.99/month. 

The starting price of the business plan is $39.99/year. The plan includes sync and backup services for one workstation. The more comprehensive plan costs $499/year and includes full server support.

GoodSync Support 

Reliable and fast customer support is another one of GoodSync’s assets. The company provides toll-free support via a ticketing system for all users. If you sign up for one of the paid plans, support agents are available to help with your enquiries 24/7.

The GoodSync website is also equipped with FAQ, installation guides, and a variety of articles. Moreover, you’ll find several useful sections on the site’s support page, including Installation, the GoodSync Control Center, and GoodSyncAccount. Meanwhile, the GoodSync Manual page offers a good starting point for those who aren’t familiar with GoodSync Personal V11.


Almost every company relies on computers and clouds to store their most valuable information. That’s why modern businesses need reliable software to backup and protect their files. GoodSync uses AES-256 bit encryption to protect your documents from any potential threat.

Similar products/software

Bottom line 

GoodSync is arguably the best file synchronization software for those looking to sync and backup files on multiple devices. It enables quick synchronizations through a variety of devices, including PCs, external drives, and mobile phones.

With this software, you don’t have to upload files onto the cloud. The files are synced directly between two or more devices. However, some users will find the lack of cloud storage problematic. Our GoodSync review identifies a GoodSync cloud service that you can buy separately. Unfortunately, it’s considerably more expensive than Google Drive.

What is GoodSync?

GoodSync is synchronization and backup software that allows users to synchronize files stored on different desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. It also supports all major NAS devices as well as cloud storage solutions. It uses P2P technology, so you don’t need to upload files to the cloud before syncing them on different devices.

Is GoodSync free?

GoodSync is among the best free file sync software solutions on the market. The free version is available for 30 days, and during this time you can sync as many devices as you want. However, the number of sync/backup operations that you can perform is limited.

Is GoodSync safe?

GoodSync has invested heavily in its security system to provide one of the safest software solutions on the market. It uses the latest security technology to encrypt your files.

How much does GoodSync cost?

The latest version of GoodSync’s personal plan costs $29.95. This is a one-time payment and  allows you to synchronize and backup an unlimited number of devices. Additional features like cloud storage and GoodSync2Go will cost you extra.

What is the best file sync software?

GoodSync is undoubtedly one of the top software solutions for fast P2P file synchronization between devices. But if you’re looking for software with more powerful backup features, we suggest you check out providers like Carbonite or Zoolz.

What is GoodSync Connect?

GoodSync Connect is a feature that allows you to create your own private cloud without third-party servers. It significantly reduces backup time and storage requirements by identifying parts of the file that have been changed, and it also improves security by applying AES-256 bit encryption.

How do I use GoodSync?

Unfortunately, GoodSync is not particularly easy to use. Before using GoodSync, make sure to read the guides that are available on the website. You can also get in touch with customer support agents or simply read our GoodSync review.