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Ginger Software Review

ByDamjan Jugovic Spajic
March 15,2022
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Due to the global nature of today’s labor market, many of us work and communicate across national borders. And much of the content we consume is in English, a secondary language to most. Hence, there is a huge need for English editing and proofreading tools. 

Enter our Ginger Software review. Next to Grammarly, Ginger is one of the most popular and widely used grammar checkers out there. Besides checking and correcting your grammar, Ginger can rephrase your sentences, provide word definitions, translate into different languages, and analyze your errors. Ginger Software comes with a free plan that covers your basic grammar check, while advanced features come with the paid Ginger Premium package.


Monthly subscription: $20.97/mo Annual plan: 40% discount See review for more details.

pros thumb up Pros
  • Great alternative to Grammarly
  • Robust English learning features
  • Dictionary and translator included
  • Good free plan
  • Advanced sentence rephrasing capabilities
cons thumb down Cons
  • No integration with Google Docs

Ginger Spelling and Grammar Check 

The core feature of this software is its spelling and grammar check. Be it emails, blog posts, translation, or just chatting, the use of proper English is important. Bad grammar and punctuation can lead to embarrassment and bad first impressions. Let’s dig into our Ginger grammar software review.

At its base, Ginger’s grammar checker functions pretty identically to Grammarly’s. As you type, the program will immediately highlight any misspellings.

Based on AI and contextual grammar technology, Ginger not only marks wrongly spelled words, but it also offers corrections or substitutes for highlighted words, and even helps restructure sentences. These features offer a huge advantage to Ginger that other integrated grammar checkers don’t have. Microsoft Word, for example, only provides basic corrections.

Other than spelling corrections and punctuation checker capabilities, here are some of the the grammatical mistakes the software corrected in the course of our Ginger editing software review:

– Subject-verb agreement

– Singular/plural nouns

– Consecutive nouns

– Misused words

One of the most robust features of the Ginger grammar checker is its Contextual Spelling Correction. This cutting-edge technology spots parts of sentences that need changing and provides corrections that fit the context and meaning of the sentence. Even when the sentence has multiple mistakes, Ginger will find corrections/replacements and allow you to make changes with one click. Thanks to the advanced patent-pending technology Ginger relies on, changes do not distort the original meaning of the text.

According to customer Ginger software reviews, the contextual spelling correction makes all the difference, correcting phonetic mistakes and wrong verb conjugations on the fly as well.

On top of all of this, Ginger gives total sentence restructuring advice. However, during our trial, we didn’t receive any alternative sentence structures – but maybe we’re just too good.

The spelling and grammar checking tool isn’t just for those doing the writing. Editors and proofreaders can safely rely on Ginger to quickly go over and correct whole articles by copy-pasting them into the program. Of course, as tests for our review of Ginger software, the software can’t always correct everything – no software can, at least not yet. Still, it corrects most mistakes, especially the most common ones, greatly reducing your workload.

The spelling and grammar checker can be used either in the software itself or added as an extension/plugin to Chrome, WhatsApp, Slack, Gmail, or Twitter.

Sentence Rephraser

Next up, we have the Sentence Rephraser. This tool is much more than a simple spell checker or sentence restructurer. It, besides performing these functions as well, provides well-written variations of your sentences. It adds idioms, synonyms, and well-known phrases to enrich your text.

During our Ginger grammar review, this feature proved invaluable. It truly made our sentences way better, even though our original ones were perfectly correct on a grammatical level. This is what separates Ginger from many other spell checkers out there. Making completely grammatically correct sentences is only the first step, as they can still sound too simple, robotic, or unnatural. Idioms and well-known phrases are what add character, and the Sentence Rephraser will help you sound like a native speaker. On top of that, the Sentence Rephraser will also complete fragmented sentences, fill-in missing words, correct punctuation, and more.

In our Ginger grammar checker review, this feature could be used both in the software itself and via the various plugins. The tool is activated by clicking the Quill icon, after which it’ll recommend rephrased variations of the highlighted sentence.

Personal Trainer

Ginger’s software also comes with English-teaching capabilities. The Personal Trainer tool analyzes the mistakes you make during writing, detecting areas in which you struggle the most, and gives you personalized feedback. Similarly to how Grammarly sends you reports on your most common mistakes but going one step further, Ginger allows you to practice on your own sentences so you can completely overcome a specific language hurdle.

In the course of our Ginger Software review, the software was pretty effective in spotting our most-common mistakes. This included misused words, misspellings, verb conjugations – you name it.

The Personal Trainer can be booted up from the software or app. Besides giving you access to lessons based on your mistakes, you can also practice on most-commonly problematic topics. These include split/merge words, pronouns, tenses, articles, and so forth.  The trainer takes you to several examples with several variations of a sentence offered, where you need to choose the correct answer.

When we were testing out the Trainer for our Ginger software online review, there was a scoring system in place as well. This serves to give you an overall feel of your language mastery – both by analyzing your previous writing and by scoring your practice test results.

Will Ginger help you learn and master English completely? No, but it can certainly help you improve – especially on small, recurring mistakes we all make. Just don’t expect it to replace Duolingo.

Text Reader 

Ginger Software also comes with a Text-to-Voice feature attached. With this Ginger software premium feature, a human, non-robotic voice can read out loud any text from documents, emails, and websites. The reading is carried out in perfect native English. This has several purposes – to help you hear whether the sentence sounds right and to get you familiar with proper pronunciation for each word. With this, you can be assured that your text will have a natural flow.

The Text Reader comes with several customizable options. The text can be read by a male or female voice either in an American or English accent. Furthermore, we noticed that in our Ginger review, the software had various settings – we were able to set the speed and volume of reading. We also noted that the word that is being read will be highlighted so you can easily keep track.


While Ginger’s grammar checker and editing capabilities are for the English language only, the software does feature a translator. This free integrated translator currently covers 40 different languages. It can be used either within the software itself or downloaded as a separate entity. This tool proves valuable as an alternative to Google Translate when you need to quickly translate something for work correspondence, or if you need to look up a word you didn’t know.

During our Ginger translation software review, the translation feature proved somewhat capable but faced some difficulties depending on the complexity of the sentences. Furthermore, the translation software had some problems with apostrophes, so instead of ‘Let’s’ it would show ‘Let's’. While the translator is surely a great addition, it’s definitely not the software’s strongest point.


Another feature that will help you find your footing when communicating in English is the dictionary. With it you can quickly find explanations and definitions for any word you come across. As you’ll see in many Ginger grammar checker reviews, the dictionary does not only provide simplistic, short explanations of the word you’re checking. Instead, it also provides full definitions, coupled with synonyms and other forms of the word – nouns, adverbs, and adjectives.

We loved having a comprehensive dictionary at our fingertips since it allowed us to quickly construct more complex and better sentences when typing. Also, if you’re editing and/or translating an article, the dictionary feature is a lifesaver. Additionally, you can save dictionary definitions and consult them for later use.

Website Features

Many of Ginger’s features, like the free grammar checker, can be found and used on its website. Generally, almost every Ginger tool can be tested on the website, allowing you to immediately see the software’s effectiveness before paying/downloading it. Besides the online grammar check, Ginger Software’s site is a treasure trove of tools and articles aimed at helping you get better at English.

First up, there’s the ultra-useful Writing Center. Here, you can find advice on writing resumes, cover letters, job applications, essays, and lessons in business writing. The Writing center not only explains how each type of these documents/styles of writing should look, but it also shares templates you can use.

During our Ginger software grammar review, these templates were used by installing the Chrome plugin. These templates can then be used to help you format your text. Some features like Essay templates are currently missing but should be arriving soon.

In addition to the Writing Center and the grammar checker, the Sentence Rephraser, dictionary, the essay checker, and other features can also be used freely on the website.

User Interface

Ginger boasts a pretty neat UI design. As you can see in the screenshot below, all the tools like the dictionary and translator can be found on the left side. You’ll be mostly using the write tab, where the auto-grammar checker corrects any mistakes you might make.

What makes Ginger Software possibly one of the best grammar checker options out there is that most tools are just a click away. You can click the quill button to rephrase your sentences. Right clicking gives you access to definitions, synonyms, or the Text-to-Voice feature.

Of course, the smartest way to use grammar checkers is as a plugin for your browser, email, and social media accounts. As a plugin, it performs auto-grammar checks and pop-up definitions for words that you double-click. However, the sentence rephraser and some other advanced features have to be used in the desktop software/app or on the website and are not available from the Chrome plugin.


Any grammar checker is virtually useless without the proper integrations and platform availability. At the time of writing this Ginger Software review, the software was available on Windows and Mac. The app version could be used on Android and iOS, while the plugin could be added to Chrome and Safari. Additionally, there’s the Android Keyboard tool that features predictive writing, grammar checker, emojis, and more.

The most obvious thing missing here is a Google Docs integration. Any grammar checker worth its name absolutely needs this feature, and we hope that Ginger will include it in the near future. When your main competitor is Grammarly, you cannot hope to compete without Google Docs as this is where most essay-writing – or writing in general – takes place these days.

However, the reason why there are many stellar Ginger grammar reviews is its seamless email and social media integrations. You can freely use Ginger with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail, making sure that your English is impeccable across all communication channels.

Ginger Prices

Most of Ginger’s basic grammar and spelling checking features are completely free to use across all platforms. Besides grammar/spelling, you can freely use the dictionary and the basic version of the Rephraser as well as some of the Personal Trainer features.

However, the translator, text reader, full personal training, and Sentence Rephrasing capabilities are reserved for the Ginger Premium plan. The service is subscription-based and can be paid monthly or annually.

The monthly subscription is currently $20.97/mo. While pricey, it’s still cheaper than Grammarly’s $29.95/mo.

The annual plan is currently being offered with a 40% discount – it will cost you only $7.49 per month or $89.88 for the whole year. If you subscribe for two years, the monthly cost falls down to $6.66 – $159.84 in total.


Price per Month





Two Year


Similar products/software


Before summarizing our thoughts for this Ginger software translate review, we have to address the elephant in the room – Grammarly. With Grammarly being the market leader in the grammar/spelling checking sector, anyone looking for alternatives will ask themselves, is it really better than Grammarly?

Grammarly definitely has some more robust features and a broader spectrum of integrations with other services. However, Ginger has more advanced English-learning capabilities, including broader definitions, lessons based on your previous mistakes, the Sentence Rephraser, and the Writing Center. Therefore, we’d definitely recommend Ginger for anyone still in the process of learning English – or just those aiming to improve their skills in a quick and steady manner – while Grammarly is still better for everyday professional use.

Is Ginger Software Safe?

As most Ginger reviews will tell you, Ginger is safe to rely on for daily writing/editing purposes. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on this software – no grammar checker is perfect. You should still go through your writing manually in order to be completely sure.

Is Ginger better than Grammarly?

This is the million-dollar question. As we’ve said in our review, Grammarly is still the superior choice for regular, everyday users, but Ginger has more robust English-learning features.

Is Ginger software free?

Yes, Ginger software has a completely free plan that includes core grammar and spelling checking features. However, the advanced features such as the translator, Personal Trainer, and Sentence rephraser are only available in the Premium plan.

Which is the best grammar checker software?

As our Ginger Software review has shown, it definitely has the hallmarks of being one of the best grammar checkers out there. The other great alternatives are Grammarly and Hemingway Editor.