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Flippa Review

ByBojan Jovanovic
March 15,2022
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Founded in 2009, Flippa started as a spin-off website from a much older site called SitePoint. It was conceived as an online marketplace for digital property, mainly websites and domains. Since its humble beginnings, Flippa has brokered more than $140 million in sales, including Facebook’s predecessor FaceMash.


Free to use. See review for more details.

pros thumb up Pros
  • Transparent pricing
  • Low fees on domain sales
  • Easy to use
  • Huge marketplace
  • Several advertising tools available
  • Allows you to sell mobile apps
  • Business evaluation tool
cons thumb down Cons
  • Doesn’t do background checks on sellers

Nearly every single Flippa review praises the platform from the user experience side. A lot of similar marketplaces have a complicated onboarding process and usually don’t give you an estimate of your website’s market. That’s a big problem when a product is being put up for sale. Flippa already has an integrated tool for that.

You’re not selling directly to Flippa, nor buying from it. Instead, this website is a peer-to-peer marketplace for sellers and buyers to connect. Companies and individuals put up their digital property for sale, either at a fixed price or through an auction, and then anyone can make a bid.

Now that we’ve answered the question, “how does Flippa work?”, let’s see what we can sell through it. The marketplace accepts websites, domains, and mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Whether you want to sell or buy websites online, you’ll need an account, but if you want to just browse the listings, you can do so without registering. 

Every listing shows an estimate of the site’s monthly revenue, age, and industry. If you’re a registered buyer, you’ll be able to see detailed information about the product’s financial history and more. All in all, it offers a good buyer experience with clear and concise information.

Pricing and Fees

For buyers, the Flippa marketplace is completely free to use. When you decide to sell something on it, you’ll be met with several layers of monetization. The company earns money through commissions after a product is sold and by charging flat fees on listing products, boosting the auction visibility, and with other optional services. Luckily it’s all very transparent, so it’s possible to plan any budget accordingly.

Listing Fees

The first step to getting your website, domain, or app sold is, of course, listing it on the marketplace. When you’re selling through Flippa, you’ll be immediately charged a small fee depending on the type of product you want to sell. These fees are nominal and fixed, so there are no shenanigans with percentages depending on how much a professional estimates the actual value to be. You put a commodity up for sale, you pay a fee, and that’s it.

There are certain things to know, though. The lower fee for websites is only valid if the website is based on a template and isn’t a very complicated product. While the pricing page doesn’t explain this too well, we’ve learned that this counts for landing page websites and projects without any scripting beyond the simplest stuff.

Flippa’s pricing for mobile apps, on the other hand, doesn’t take into account how well established an app is. You can sell a brand new app or a very old app and the price will be the same.

Finally, there’s a small requirement for domain names. The domain you’re trying to sell must be either parked or currently unused. Active domains cannot be sold through this marketplace.

Here’s the pricing based on the type of product:

Type of digital good


Starter/Template website




Mobile app


Established website


Success Fees

The second layer of Flippa fees kicks in once your auction is successful and it’s time to transfer the product to the lucky buyer. This time, the final sale value is the only thing being considered, not the type of product. Flippa takes a commission as a middleman, but the good news is that the fee as a percentage gets lower if the product is sold for more money. You can find the full breakdown in the table below.

If you prefer not to go through the whole ordeal by yourself, you can hire a website broker through Flippa. In that case the success fee is a flat 15%, no matter what price your website manages to fetch.

Success rate


Up to %50K






Partner broker


Upgraded Listings and Promotions

When you list a site for sale at, you’re competing for the attention of potential buyers among many other sellers. You might need your auction to stand out in a way, to draw eyes away from the competition and towards you. That’s why Flippa offers several boost options – one-time promotions that will help you reach more buyers fast. 

First up is Premium Boost, a simple campaign that enhances visibility. Your product will be promoted through search results and webpages, but the exact pricing varies depending on your asking price.

Not sure how to sell on Flippa the fastest? Get the Marketing Boost, a package that includes all the features of the Premium Boost but with extra benefits. You’ll get promotions across social media and partner websites, and even a featured blog post on Flippa. If you have a webcam, there’s also an option for holding video interviews in this tier.

If you want to go all out and sell in style, there’s the Ultimate Boost. This package includes everything we’ve mentioned so far, with the addition of a homepage banner and a short ad in Flippa’s daily newsletter.

At Flippa, domains can also be promoted through the weekly newsletter alone. The newsletter is delivered to more than 100,000 people who are regularly buying websites and domains, so it greatly increases the chance of getting a sale done.



Premium Boost


Marketing Boost


Ultimate Boost


Newsletter Boost


Additional Services

Oftentimes, people who buy and sell websites want a little privacy. After all, not everyone wants the world to know when they buy something for a million dollars. Flippa offers a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and confidential listing service. As a seller, you’ll set up an NDA that each potential buyer has to sign before they can see all the details about your ad.

You can also purchase an optimization service. Once Flippa reviews your listing, you’ll get professional guidance on improving your listing’s ranking, and you’ll be advised as to whether you need to adjust the price. It’s not an expensive service, but it can vastly increase your listing’s visibility.



NDA & confidential listing


Optimization report


Flippa Refund Policy

Just like many other marketplaces, Flippa also has a money-back guarantee, but you have to be quick to make your decisions. Once you list your apps, domains, or sites for sale, a clock starts ticking down from 24 hours. If no one comes to buy a website from you in that period of time and you decide to pull down your listing from the Flippa app, the company will issue a full refund for all the fees you paid for that listing.

Flippa Application Process

Online Application

Putting up your website or domains for sale takes just a few minutes. Once you click on the ‘Start Selling’ button, choose the type of product you want to sell and provide a link to it. You’ll then be required to provide more information: business name and location, contact information, monthly visits/downloads, and last month’s revenue and expenses. This will help buyers get a better understanding of your business.

Before you get to make money with Flippa, you’ll also need to provide some form of documentation. You can either connect Flippa to QuickBooks – if you use that service in the first place – or fill out everything by hand.

Valuation Tool

If you’re not sure how much to ask for your business, you can use a quick valuation tool. A chatbot will ask you several questions, mostly those that you’d have to answer anyway when creating a listing. Finally, you’ll get an estimate of your business’s worth. Of course, this isn’t set in stone, but it’s a good starting point.

Flippa VIP Program

Are you selling websites worth more than $2 million each? Be sure to connect with Flippa’s account manager and ask about the VIP program. Once the team of professionals evaluates your business, you’ll be able to list your website for sale. The exact fees vary, of course.

User Reviews

Flippa has a 3.9 rating on TrustPilot, with 55% of users giving it five-star reviews. Customers like how streamlined the process of listing a website can be, the big buyer network, and the friendliness of the customer support team.

However, for a lot of people on TrustPilot, buying through Flippa is a completely different story. The company does little in the way of verifying its listings. As we’ve previously mentioned, a buyer can just input whatever information they want when creating listings, which has unfortunately led to more than a few buyers getting burned. Right now, 26% of user reviews score Flippa with just one star, which isn’t a great image for a company to have.


Now that we’ve gone through all the features, fees, and advantages of Flippa, let’s see how it stacks up against similar marketplaces. We’ll focus on two of the major Flippa competitors – marketplaces many people choose as their preferred place to buy and sell sites. These are SEDO and FE International, two companies with a long tradition in online brokerage and some of the top choices among marketplaces.

Flippa vs SEDO

SEDO has been around for 15 years and is mostly geared towards selling domain names. The company has a lot to brag about: more than 2 million registered users, 3,000 domains sold on a daily basis – it’s quite an impressive marketplace. It is THE place for buying and selling domains. If you’ve carefully read through our Flippa review, you might’ve noticed that the service is not limited to just one type of commodity. SEDO, however, is pretty much all about domains, so you’ll still need to go somewhere else if you want to sell an app or website.

Flippa vs FE International

FE International is for “the big boys.” This is a very serious website marketplace aimed at companies selling big, well-known, established websites. If you go through the listings, you’ll notice that the price range is usually in the hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars. Flippa prices are usually much lower and the marketplace has found its audience among more common folk. If you’re selling a big website and want a fast turnaround, FE International is a good choice. It’s a premium marketplace for premium products only.


With the caveat that not all listings are created equal, Flippa is still a great marketplace whether you’re selling or buying domains, websites, or apps. It offers highly competitive prices, a strict but fair refund policy, and an unbeatable user experience. Just as every user review of Flippa has mentioned, it’s easy to put up your digital products for sale and it’s not hard to see why so many website owners have entrusted their properties to this broker.

Can you make money on Flippa?

Yes, you can make money on Flippa if you’re selling through it. This is, first and foremost, a website marketplace, so if you’re planning on selling your website, it’s a good place to be. Aside from websites, you can also sell a parked web domain or a mobile app. The site does take a percentage out of the final sale price, but it’s not a large margin.

What is Flippa‘s website?

Flippa is a digital goods marketplace. It works on a peer-to-peer basis, meaning that it’s just a platform, a middle-man for sellers and buyers to find clients. Flippa users mostly buy and sell websites through it.

How does Flippa escrow work?

Flippa escrow provides secure sales and purchases. First up, both parties agree on the selling terms. Then the buyer makes a transaction, followed by the seller delivering the goods. Once the buyer confirms that they’ve received what they paid for, the money is released to the seller. It’s a good option for avoiding scams.

How do I sell my domain on Flippa?

As we’ve explained in our Flippa review, selling is just a matter of filing in a simple form. Your domain must be currently inactive and, as Flippa’s experts suggest, the best practice is to create a listing with a fixed, realistic price. You can use a valuation tool on the website if you’re not sure how much to charge for your domain.