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Ecwid | Reviews by SmallBizGenius

ByJames MacMillan
March 15,2022
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If you’re planning on starting an eCommerce venture, it’s always a good idea to get a helping hand along the way. Although selling products online has been growing in popularity for years, it can still be tough to get your foot in the door. From building a reputable website to optimizing your SEO, there are plenty of hurdles to overcome in your dash to eCommerce success. Ecwid is a platform full of tools that will help you find your footing and rise up against the competition.

Keep reading our Ecwid reviews to learn more about how this is the platform for you.


Three pricing plans Sell directly through Facebook, Instagram or other social networks Excellent shopping cart feature

pros thumb up Pros
  • Integrates with your current website
  • Merges well with social media sales
  • Channel your sales into Etsy, Amazon, and eBay
  • High functioning dashboard
  • Mobile app for flexible use
cons thumb down Cons
  • Lower tiered plans can be limited
  • High level support only available on pricier plans

What is Ecwid? 

Ecwid is a platform that you pay for on a subscription basis to help you build your eCommerce business. It differs from your typical eCommerce tools – such as Shopify or 3DCart – in that it’s designed as an add-on tool to your already existing website. Essentially, if you have a website that does not yet have an online shop or shopping cart, the Ecwid add-on reviews your website and allows customers to buy products from it. Not only does it add a shopping feature to your website, but it integrates well with various social media platforms so you can boost your sales across different online channels. This is all operated from a single dashboard, which helps simplify your eCommerce website greatly.


Ultimately, if you’re looking to monetize your website by selling products, you want to try to sell as much as possible. This is where Ecwid can help.

Shopping Cart

The Ecwid shopping cart reviews your brand and aims to get it working across the board. It starts this off by aiming to boost your website’s shopping credentials. You simply sign up for Ecwid and attach your website. It then provides you with the apparatus to expand your website by adding an Ecwid shopping cart feature to it. With this, customers can select products on your website and add them to their carts. There is an interesting drag-and-drop feature that is integrated within the Ecwid shopping cart that allows an Ecwid customer to review things that they wish to purchase in an easier manner.  

Social Media

One of the standout features for us is Ecwid’s integration with social media channels. Many people don’t actually browse the internet with the intention of buying a product. Instead, they find many of the products that they end up buying through adverts on social media. The two key social media platforms that Ecwid uses to help boost your sales are Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms have their own stores built into them, so not only do you find greater advertising opportunities with them, but you can also sell on these platforms directly instead of asking customers to make their way to your website.

This is more convenient for the customer, as they do not need to click on an unfamiliar site; they can simply make a purchase via Facebook or Instagram. The integration of social media platforms is one of the highlights of many reviews on Ecwid, as it can boost your sales and the accessibility of your business tremendously. 

Advertising is also offered on both Facebook and Instagram, as well as through other platforms such as Pinterest and Snapchat. These platforms are particularly great for targeting a younger demographic with your products, but keep in mind that an older demographic can also be targeted on Facebook, which is heavily used among all age groups. 


The higher-tiered versions of Ecwid allow you to sell your products through different marketplace channels on one streamlined system. You’re given access to Etsy, Amazon, and eBay to sell your products. You may be able to set up individual accounts to sell your products without Ecwid, but the integrated ordering system that comes with your Ecwid account allows you to manage your orders more effectively.

Integrated Management

Ecwid makes managing your business easy and enjoyable. You can keep track of your inventory, manage orders, accept payments, and perform a wide range of other tasks. Ecwid reviews all of your products and syncs them together under one roof no matter what platform they’re being sold on.

Mobile app

There are two types of Ecwid apps that you can use depending on your level of subscription. One to control your store and one for customers to use to shop in your store. The one that allows you to control your store is incredibly useful when working on the move. Your control panel will be integrated with your mobile device so you can receive instant updates and make changes from the app. The app for customers to access your eCommerce business is also brilliant for boosting sales. Ecwid reviews app functionality often and the blueprint for the interface that it has is attractive for customers to use, which of course, encourages purchases.

Interface and User Experience

When you first arrive at the Ecwid website, you may notice that it is very flashy and a bit annoying. Thankfully, you’ll be met with a calm view once you escape the homepage. You can sign up for the Ecwid free plan and start building your website as soon as you’ve registered. There is a useful Ecwid tutorial video for you to watch to help you get used to the website, which is always a great thing to have when you’re getting to grips with an unfamiliar program.

You’ll be presented with the Ecwid dashboard, from which you have control of your website’s functions. From here you’ll be able to track page visitors, page sales, and Ecwid product reviews through the analytics feature. On the left-hand side of the page you’ll also find the rest of the tools that you use to control the functions of your website. Everything is well-explained and clear in its purpose. Why not have a go for yourself? It’s free after all.

The user experience for the customer is also excellent. Your website’s interface will integrate harmoniously with whatever device your customer is using. If they’re shopping on their mobile, customers will often have to leave a website if it’s not optimized well enough. By allowing Ecwid to control your interface, you can ensure that you will retain customers by having a synchronizable and easy-to-browse site.

Customer Support

Ecwid reviews the level of customer support you receive as being dependent on which of the plans you pay for. Don’t be too dismayed that there is only advanced customer service for higher-paying clients, which is often the case with similar software packages. For instance, if you’re signed up for the Free package, you’ll receive only email for customer support. To be honest, this is not unreasonable: why would a company use its full resources on someone who doesn’t contribute to the costs of paying for its services? Users can enjoy the free eCommerce platform package and consider opting for a paid subscription should they want it. 

Those subscribed to the Venture package will receive live chat support on top of email support. Telephone support is available for those on the higher paid packages. This is not the normal telephone support that you would receive from most companies. You’ll need to let the agents know your issue beforehand and then schedule a call. This gives them time to understand your issue before you call, but it can be tiresome if it’s an urgent problem.

One aspect we really like is that Ecwid has reviews to help you grow your eCommerce business. You’ll find blog posts that will guide you on how to use some tools that you may not be used to, such as developing a brand on Instagram or making the most of WordPress. They provide you with an abundance of information on how to optimize their programs to boost your eCommerce website. 

There are also helpful video guides. Those subscribed to the higher paid plans are also entitled to one-on-one custom development sessions where members of Ecwid help you develop your website’s design and features. Two hours of support are available on the Business plan and 12 on the Unlimited. Overall, the customer support system is okay, but you may find a couple of issues on the lower paid plans or if you need quick phone support.


There are four distinct Ecwid plans for you to choose from: Free, Business, Venture, and Unlimited. You can save on two months’ worth of costs if you choose to pay for your package upfront. They all come with distinct levels of different features, but here are the most noticeable differences in the packages.


# of Products




















The first thing we take note of when looking at Ecwid pricing is that the company doesn’t bother you with a free trial; it gives you a free plan right off the bat. This is excellent, as you’re not limited by time constraints to try to get an eCommerce website up and running in a week, like you would with other services. 

Instead, you have the chance to build your website up slowly and only opt for the paid plans should you feel like it’s the next step in growing your business. There are big limitations to sticking with the free plan, but this is to be expected since it doesn’t cost anything. The free plan isn’t designed for long-term use, and if your store starts to pick up a bit, we’re sure you’ll advance to a paid plan to make the most of the benefits. 


The first of the paid-for packages as part of our pricing reviews is the Venture package. This is designed for those who are starting to get a bit more serious about their eCommerce business. You’ll have tested the waters and know that profits and business success loom on the horizon. Along with expanding your product range by 90 items, you’ll also have the option to sell digital goods of up to 25 GB per file. You can also expand just beyond your online store’s website as social media sales can now be incorporated, along with social media-based advertising. 

You’ll also be given access to the Ecwid app for reviews and eCommerce business management. Add to this customer support and you’ll be receiving a pretty great service for a good price. However, we would say that the Venture plan does feel a bit restrictive in some aspects as a product filter search is only available on higher paid plans, as are other features that may be essential for you. 


Going beyond that, the Business package allows you to sell your products through marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. The flexibility of the tools you have at your disposal also increases. You’ll have the authority to create wholesale pricing groups, dimensional shipping rates, a multilingual website, and up to two staff accounts. You’ll also receive extra customer support options. The Ecwid prices for this level are satisfactory for the level of service you receive. 


If your eCommerce business has moved beyond selling products from your garage and you’re now running a functioning business, you may want to look into the Unlimited plan. You’ll receive an unlimited number of staff accounts. This is great if your eCommerce business has turned into a fully fledged operation that has hired multiple people. As well as the management app, you’ll also have the option for your store to have its own unique app for you to sell your products on. As we found in our Ecwid review, the app is a great way to improve and diversify your points of sales given that sales through mobile devices are continuously growing.

All in all, the priced plans are fair for what you receive, and they are better than most of what the competition has to offer. Although there is a free plan, if you’re running or planning to run a serious eCommerce business, opting for a paid plan is essential.


Building a successful eCommerce enterprise is no mean feat. It takes a long time to build a functional shopping website, then even longer to develop its reputation as a prominent online store. There is a huge amount of marketing required to get people clicking away on your website. Our review of Ecwid confirms that this platform is an all-in-one tool that can take away many of the stresses of running an eCommerce enterprise and help you grow it faster.

Many similar programs build the website for you, thus owning your domain. This essentially locks you into their program, which can make it quite difficult to change providers in the future if you’re not happy with them. When you sign up with Ecwid, it integrates its software alongside your website, meaning that you still own your domain. Its tools allow you to sell across multiple platforms in addition to your own website, which can multiply the way customers access your store. The pricing structure is fair and it is worth making your own reviews for the Ecwid free version to see if a paid version can aid you in your growth.

Is Ecwid safe?

Ecwid is indeed a safe piece of software that can help improve your eCommerce business. Businesses must always be vigilant about security. If your site develops a reputation of having a buggy shopping cart system, that can destroy your business. When shopping online, customers are often very careful to purchase from a website that appears to be legitimate, as they don’t want to risk their personal or banking details being compromised. While researching our Ecwid review, we found that this program is a way to enhance security through its PCI DSS credentials and its commitment not to store payment details.

Is Ecwid any good?

We regard Ecwid to be a great way to boost your eCommerce business if you already have a website. The program will integrate well with your website, allowing you to have an Ecwid shopping cart feature and giving you sales and advertising options across various social media channels. If you read our review – and other reviews of Ecwid – you’ll soon come to the conclusion that Ecwid has a lot to offer.

What does Ecwid cost?

There are four stages to Ecwid’s pricing plans. There’s the free version, the Venture plan ($15/month), the Business plan ($35/month), and the Unlimited plan ($99/month). Note that you can save on two monthly payments for each package if you choose to pay for them upfront annually. Take a look at this and other Ecwid reviews to discover the greater differences between packages.