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Business Anywhere Review: Everything You Need To Know

By Harsha

May 25, 2023

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As you may have guessed from the name, Business Anywhere assists entrepreneurs and digital nomads in founding and running their businesses wherever they are. It helps customers register a limited liability company or corporation, receive mail, notarize documents, and handle any paperwork.

Keep reading our Business Anywhere review to learn more about the platform’s services, prices, and more.



  • Price starts at $37 + state filing fees
pros thumb up Pros
  • ⦿Affordable starting package
  • ⦿Simple business formation process
  • ⦿Robust virtual mailbox security
  • ⦿Wide recognition of notarized documents
  • ⦿Free registered agent service for the first year
pros thumb up Cons
  • ⦿Not BBB accredited
  • ⦿Limited number of receiving virtual mailbox locations

Business Anywhere Services

Business Anywhere’s online platform offers four services to its clients: registered agent, virtual mailbox, online notary, and business registration. The company offers competitive pricing, and its fees are transparent. Let’s see what each service entails in detail.

Business Anywhere Company Formation

The registration of your new LLC or corporation on Business Anywhere is simple. It can be completed from your computer or smartphone, and takes just several minutes.

The service is available in all 50 US states. All you need to do is create an account on the website, fill out a form, and choose and pay for your business registration package (we’ll get to them in a bit). Business Anywhere will upload the related documents you’ve submitted and send the certificates to your dashboard as soon as your business is formed.

Business Anywhere Pricing

  • Package one: This package costs $37 plus state fees, which can range from $50 to $800. Some features of the basic Business Anywhere package are the free registered agent services and registered address for the first year, legal mail scanning, automated compliance, and annual renewals. Filling takes one to two weeks, and the renewal cost is $147 plus state fees.
  • Package two: This package costs $297 plus state fees. With it, you get all the features of package one and some others, such as tax ID (EIN) application filling, operating agreement customization, and a 30-minute consultation. The filling usually takes two or three days, and the renewal price is $147, in addition to the state filing fees.
  • Package three: For the price of $497 and state fees, you get all the package two Business Anywhere products, plus a virtual mailbox with a physical address (in Florida, Wyoming, New Mexico, or Arizona), unlimited mail (personal and business), and mail and package forwarding on top, as well as some other features. The renewal cost is $397 plus state fees.

Registered Agent Services

The registered agent handles correspondence and receives tax notices and legal documents on their clients’ behalf. The Business Anywhere registered agent service is available for as little as $149 annually, if bought separately or renewed after the first year.

It is among the top registered agent service providers; if you opt for it, you’ll enjoy various Business Anywhere customer benefits, some of which are:

  • The company’s staff will keep your business compliant by filing paperwork before any deadlines. They will notify you when you need to take personal action to avoid penalties for missed due dates.
  • You won’t have to deal with spammers, since Business Anywhere won’t reveal your personal details publicly.
  • You can be location-independent since Business Anywhere will receive legal documents for your business, scan them, and upload them onto your dashboard. Thus, you’ll never need a physical address to keep your business going.

If your business operates in more than one US state, note that you can appoint Business Anywhere as your statutory agent.

Virtual Mailbox Service

When Business Anywhere gets your physical mail, it scans and uploads it to your dashboard, so you can use the Business Anywhere virtual mailbox to review all correspondence.

Once you create an account, choose your postal mail address at a physical location in Arizona, Florida, Wyoming, or New Mexico. You can receive and forward packages from your current location in the US or abroad.

If you’re getting this service without a business formation package, you’ll find three pricing plans on Business Anywhere’s website:

  • Package One (up to two recipients): $20
  • Package Two (five recipients, at most): $30
  • Package Three (up to 20 recipients): $65

Each of these plans provides the following features:

  • No junk mail
  • Unlimited mail and packages
  • Unlimited scans of all your documents
  • Mail scanning and uploading into your dashboard
  • Mail and package forwarding anywhere throughout the world

Clients can access their dashboards from personal computers and mobile phones, among other devices. Your mail goes through a vetting protocol, which is another reason Business Anywhere is among the top companies offering virtual mailbox services.

Notary Service

Business Anywhere’s online notary service can help you organize and notarize your documents from the comfort of your office or home and save money. Once you collect the documents, you don’t need to travel to the nearest physical notary office to get them signed – just upload them via your virtual office, and the online notary will pick them up from there.

You can notarize any number of documents for $37 per document. To do so, you must complete the Business Anywhere registration process, pay for the notary service, schedule the time and date of your appointment, and upload your photo ID.

Then, the notary will contact you to verify your identity via video call. After the online meeting, you have to wait for notarization and Business Anywhere to upload signed documents into your dashboard.

Some benefits Business Anywhere’s notary service provides are:

  • Robust security
  • Fast turnaround times
  • 24/7 document upload and appointment scheduling

Business Anywhere Pros and Cons

Let’s now quickly review the main Business Anywhere advantages and disadvantages.


  • Availability in every US state
  • Excellent security and uncompromised privacy
  • Affordable virtual mailbox services starting at $20
  • Registered agent services for as little as $149 a year
  • Money-saving online notary services for $37 per document
  • Seamless company formation services from $37 (plus state fees)
  • Free registered agent service with every business registration package for the first year
  • All virtual mailbox packages feature identical services; the number of recipients (between two and 20) is the only difference between them.


  • The business isn’t accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • Physical addresses are available only in Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, and Wyoming

Who Is Business Anywhere Best for?

Business Anywhere caters to location-independent entrepreneurs, and allows them to run their businesses from the comfort of their homes.

Business Anywhere is also popular among budget- and environmentally-conscious customers, since using the platform reduces transportation costs and the use of printed materials.

Business Anywhere vs. Competitors

Now, let’s quickly review how Business Anywhere compares to its chief competitors.

Business Anywhere vs. Inc Authority

Both Business Anywhere and Inc Authority allow you to form an LLC and a corporation. Inc Authority may be the superior option if you intend to form an LLC since you can register a new business free of charge, apart from state fees. Plus, it typically processes requests within 24 hours and offers excellent accounting and tax services.

Still, Business Anywhere stands out in any other regard. For example, it provides virtual mailbox and notary services, unlike Inc Authority. And if you need any additional features Inc Authority’s basic plan doesn’t offer, you’ll need to pay from $399 to $799, depending on the plan.

Business Anywhere vs. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is another option for small businesses in need of assistance with their paperwork. This company’s registered agent services cost $125, and there’s an option to register your business on your own with the company’s free guidance.

On the other hand, Business Anywhere’s services are more comprehensive. If you keep renewing your contract with this company, you’ll probably never have to contact anyone else to take care of your business admin needs.

Bottom Line

You will enjoy various benefits if you register an account at Business Anywhere. The application process is simple and quick, and the company offers competitive and transparent fees for all its services.

As its client, you can register a business, notarize documents online, have all paperwork scanned and uploaded to your dashboard, and have a registered agent take care of official notices and deadlines.

If you seek to lower expenses and simplify business procedures wherever you’re working, you’ll probably like Business Anywhere.


Is Business Anywhere legit?

Business Anywhere is a legitimate company that allows you to register an LLC or corporation and notarize documents that will be accepted everywhere, among other services. Plus, it offers services in every US state.

Is Business Anywhere safe?

Business Anywhere’s security measures include a vetting protocol for your mail, so you’ll only receive correspondence that’s been confirmed as safe. Moreover, Business Anywhere never shares or sells its clients’ information to anyone.

How much does Business Anywhere cost?

Business Anywhere charges $37 to $497 (plus state fees) for business registration, $149 yearly for a registered agent, and $20 monthly for a virtual mailbox. You can also notarize documents for $37 per document. Check our Business Anywhere review for further details.

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