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Our Mission

We started SmallBizGenius with the aim of providing a space where small business owners can get up-to-date, accurate, and reliable information. Efficiency is the name of the game: unlike their larger counterparts, small businesses are often crunched for time and resources. This is why we focus on offering to-the-point content on a broad range of topics budding entrepreneurs can benefit from.

What We’ve Noticed

The information age has brought with it unprecedented data accessibility. While today anyone with an internet connection has the opportunity to play publisher, this democratization has its downside. Editing and fact-checking seem to have fallen by the wayside. In the collective cyberspace they share, truth and factual inaccuracy can become hard to distinguish.

During our never-ending hunt for credible and scientifically backed information, we’ve come across an alarming number of (often reputable) websites reposting half-truths, quoting outdated statistics, and even mistyping figures. Going down the proverbial rabbit hole of references all too often leads us to a broken link or a dead end in the form of a sourceless article. Even worse, unscrupulous authors can distort statistics by taking them out of context or presenting them without mentioning a critical caveat. Similarly, in the case of product and service reviews, information can often be unreliable and biased, influenced by a website’s financial relationship to the company in question.

What We ve Noticed
Why This Is a Problem

Why This Is a Problem

While this might seem like an insignificant by-product of mass-produced online content, when it comes to small business, the wrong information can come at a cost. Rather than paying to test a product with their target market or hiring a team of advisors to take care of financial issues, small businesses often rely on publicly available resources. The information they find is critical to how they start their venture and how they make decisions down the track. If they base these decisions on inaccurate information, the consequences can be dire.

What We’re Doing About it

We understand the importance of providing accurate and insightful information. That’s why our team at SmallBizGenius has made it our mission to offer an informed take on popular topics related to small business. We produce top-quality content in accordance with these three principles:

Finding Relevant Topics

We focus on issues we know our readers are interested in and will benefit from. As such, the research begins long before we write the first word of any review or post. We pinpoint the questions people are asking and identify the topics they want to explore.

Extensive Research and Fact-Checking

Only fact-checked, current, and verified data from reputable sources is acceptable. We are thorough in our research and transparent about our sources.

In-Depth Data Analysis

Statistics aren’t much use without some broader context. We go beyond reporting information; instead, we dissect its origin and analyze what it means and for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Similarly, when writing reviews, we look at the product or service through a small business lens and highlight providers especially suited for small business use.

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